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Kry Wolf - DNA
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Deep House

Kry Wolf – DNA. Album Review

Kono Vidovic January 16, 2015

Music Curating My opinion is that nowadays to be a good DJ, and next to the DJ skills such as beat matching, mixing, feeling the crowd and choosing the right records at the right time, you also have to be a music curator. Basically that is what you are doing […]

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Defected presents The Record Room: Joey Negro

Kono Vidovic January 10, 2015

Defected presents The Record Room: Joey Negro In the new Defected video series: Defected presents The Record Room, Defected records put’s the record collection of a well established artist in the spotlight and the story behind it. In this episode you can take a peek in the big vinyl record collection […]

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Luvless – Part Of Me EP

Kono Vidovic December 18, 2014

Luvless – Part Of Me EP When it comes to awesome productions from artists or and record labels from your own company you are always feeling a little bit proud like there is something from your self in it. Off course there isn’t but it’s good to hear music from […]

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TC4 – Top Gun (Free Download)

Kono Vidovic November 28, 2014

TC4 – Top Gun Coming from the West Midlands in The United Kingdom this very talented production duo going under the moniker TC4. Tom Calder & Kate Turley two musicians in heart and soul just released this new single called Top Gun, which has a very big dance club vibe […]

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Nu Disco

Coleman Hell – Heat of the Night

Kono Vidovic November 28, 2014

Coleman Hell – Heat of the Night It’s time for a proper Nu Disco vibe. Check out this track from Canadian in Toronto based producer Coleman Hell – Heat of the Night. It’s a very laid-back but with an energy layered vibe track, the vocals are bringing that laid-back vibe […]

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Bakermat – Teach Me

Kono Vidovic November 25, 2014

Dutch master producer Bakermat is back with a brand new track: Bakermat – Teach Me, If you ask me it’s pure awesomeness pur sang! The track is very up tempo and perfect for dancing. But the main aspect of the track are the vocals, the vibe and the energy in […]

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