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Dirty Disco 526
Electronic Music Podcast
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Dive into the Heartbeat of Electronic Music with Dirty Disco 526: Exclusive Artist Interviews & Unrivaled Beats!

Kono Vidovic November 12, 2023

Welcome to Dirty Disco 526, where your host, Kono Vidovic, takes you on a two-hour journey into the depths of electronic music. This isn’t just any episode; it’s a celebration of sound, featuring exclusive interviews with some of the most innovative artists in the industry, like Third Attempt, Cosmonection, thatmanmonkz, […]

Dirty Disco 520
Electronic Music Podcast
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Deep House

Dirty Disco 520: The Resurgence of UK Garage Vibes!

Kono Vidovic October 1, 2023

Hello, beloved Dirty Disco aficionados and the ever-passionate global music tribe! Kono Vidovic here, back with another electrifying episode. As we ride the waves of last week’s sonic journey, prepare yourself for an episode that marries the nostalgic beats of yesteryears with the invigorating rhythms of today. Step into the […]

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