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70 Unreleased & Vinyl Only Tracks by Kerri Chandler – For Free!

Updated on 27-12-18. Internet has changed a lot of things. Let’s not dive to deep into that subject, but let alone look at music and how the internet changed the way we listen to and produce music. The time that you went out to your local record store to do some proper crate digging and […]


Garage – State Of The Nation

The Questions I was scrolling through Facebook on a lazy Sunday afternoon, not feeling too well when I came across a shared post regarding Garage music. It was essentially a complaint regarding the lack of progression seen in garage in the recent years. I read it, digested it and then thought, this man has a […]


2016 – What A Year!

The Year Well, where do I even start with this year. It has been one of the most awful years I can think of for the people globally! I almost don’t want to go through it! Terrorism, explosions, the most bizarre year ever for politics, Trump, Brexit the change of Prime Minister in the UK […]


Dirty Disco Radio 168 – Adrian Hardy Takeover!

Dirty Disco Radio 168 – Adrian Hardy Takeover. In Dirty Disco Radio 168 we did something different and have an exclusive premiere for you, this will be the first ever Dirty Disco Radio Takeover, which means that a guest DJ is taking over the complete episode with a full two hour DJ mix, instead of […]


Meal Delivery Services

We as DJ’S, Producers and musicians also have to eat, and it’s not that we just need to eat, we love to eat. In common artists are people that love life, and love to live it in it’s fullest, enjoy every aspect of it before it’s all over 😉 Food is a very important aspect […]


Dirty Disco Radio 164 by Kono Vidovic.

Dirty Disco Radio 164. Welcome to Dirty Disco Radio 164, first of all i have to make my apologies for the fact that i’m not  really there in this episode, the day that i recorded Dirty Disco Radio 164 i had a mega headache which lasted the whole day even now when i’m writing this, […]