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Celebrating 13 Years of Local Talk Records: An In-Depth Music Interview With Soul Renegades.

Kono Vidovic March 9, 2023 189 4 5

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It’s hard to believe that Local Talk Records is celebrating thirteen years in the music business. Throughout the years, the label has released some of the best house music out there and is almost weekly featured in our electronic music podcast. This anniversary compilation is a testament to that statement. In this interview, we speak with Soul Renegades about their new release on Local Talk and their journey as producers.

Main Artwork - Local Talk 13 Years Part1

Local Talk 13 Years Later Part 1.

It’s been 13 years since Local Talk launched their record label, and their mission remains unchanged: spreading the amazing musical personality of artists and producers they admire. To celebrate this milestone, they’ve compiled a celebratory collection called ‘Local Talk – 13 Years Later: Part 1’. With a wide range of genres like classic house and Detroit soul, it’s an exciting showcase of the talent that has enriched the Local Talk catalog during its first decade; familiar faces like Soul Renegades, Nico Lahs and Laroye as well as newcomers like Alex Attias make an appearance on what is sure to be one of 2021’s most cherished compilations. Time to start your party with this deep house gold!

13 years local talk

Introduction to the interview.

Craig Smith and Ricky Reid are the Soul Renegade’s. Both these Scottish dudes have some heavy Discogs gold in their wake, also both with some killer sides that include the notorious 6th Borough Project, and the James L’Estraunge Orchestra outside of their joint venture, Soul Renegades. Friends since the early days with each other, and with Swedish House label Local Talk Records. Soul Renegades are back on Local Talk 13 Years Later compilation. We talk to them on the week of the release.

Thanks for taking the time to talk. Where are you guys today and what are you up to?

Where are you both based?

(Craig Smith) Edinburgh (Ricky Reid) The highlands, west coast of Scotland. 

Is there a dedicated Soul Renegade Studio where the magic happens?

We both have our own studio setups, but when we’re recording Soul Renegades project’s we generally get together and work in Ricky’s studio.

Loving your new single on the forthcoming Local Talk 13 Years Later compilation. How far back do you go with the label?

As Dj’s & music buyers From very start. As artists 2010,2021 respectively. 

Why do you think Tooli and Mats have been so consistent? 

We think Mats & Tooli have been at the forefront of all things that have been happening in the underground scene across various genres and we think that’s what has given the label longevity.

How long have you guys been producing? What was your first ever release?

(Craig) I’ve been producing since the mid 90’s (Ricky) Early 90’s.

(Craig) I released ‘Closer to the Source’ released on In demand. 

(Ricky) I played on a lot of things for other people previously, but it would probably be as Soul Renegades when the much loved & missed  Phil Asher signed us to Restless soul.

If you had to put a pin on your sound, what words would you use to describe it?

Emotive, Timeless.

What do you feel has been your most notable release throughout your production career?

As the soul Renegades we would say ‘Now Your Gonna Save Me’ on Restless Soul.

Which of your releases do you feel should have gotten more love?

It’s not Something we think about but possibly ‘Deeper In You’ on Circular Motion from 2009

Who are the artists from the past that inspire the music that you make today?

(Craig) Lonnie Liston smith (Ricky) Herbie Hancock & we both love the arrangements of the late great Burt Bacharach.

Who do you think is making the good stuff today?

(Craig) Ron Trent, Fred, (Ricky) Theo Parrish, Henry Wu.

Talk us through your track – Real Change.

 (CRAIG) I came up with the initial idea with the vocals & drums then I sent it over to Ricky as an idea. 

(Ricky) I loved the idea and worked out the chord progression first then bass and then we passed it back & forth and settled on an arrangement that we were both happy with  and that’s pretty much how it came together.  

What other tracks on the comp do you rate?

All the artists & music on the compilation are ace but we love the energy of the Alex Attias & Sohan Wilson ‘Come Back To Me’ track.

What other projects are you working on that you can share?

(Craig) I’ve Started a new label called Beyond Tomorrow so I have been working on that also I’ve got new music coming with the Revenge under the 6th Borough Project moniker. 

(Ricky) I’m just tying up the loose ends to my second James L’Estraunge Orchestra album & we are working on a Soul Renegades album.

When you’re not in the studio making great music how do you like to wind down?

By Making more music!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about you?

“My advice to you is that it’s rough & tough in this ghetto, a lot of fun stuff going down but you gotta walk tall…” 

Peace & Love Ricky & Craig X

A few final words.

We’d like to thank Craig Smith and Ricky Reid of Soul Renegades for taking the time to talk with us today. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about their music, production process, and inspirations! If you’re looking for some great new sounds, be sure to check out their work on Local Talk 13 Years Later compilation, it’s now available on Bandcamp. Thanks again for reading this interview today!

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