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City Guide Athens: A Musical Journey with Lex and His ‘Without You’ EP

Kono Vidovic January 28, 2024 77 12 5

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Hey music lovers and city explorers! I’m your host, and today we’re embarking on a unique journey through the vibrant streets of Athens with none other than the talented Lex, the mastermind behind the mesmerizing ‘Without You EP’ on Delusions of Grandeur. As a native Athenian and an influential figure in the underground music scene, Lex shares his intimate connection with the city that shaped his world view and musical prowess. Join us as we dive deep into the heart of Athens, exploring its hidden gems and Lex’s personal hotspots. This is more than just a city guide; it’s a musical odyssey intertwined with the pulsating rhythm of Athens!

Who is Lex?

I was born and lived all my life in Athens and I have to admit that I am totally in love with it! In my opinion Athens is a stressful city, drowned in concrete with too much traffic but always alive, entertaining, and interesting for the art lovers.  

From back in the 90s Athens has changed a lot. I think that the multiple crisis Greece has experienced in recent years has drastically changed the character of the city. From the temporary development of the 90s to a city with empty shops and from there to the great tourist development of the recent years that has made Athens a playground city for the millions of tourists who are attracted by its vibrancy and charming ‘’ugliness’’. 

City Guide Athens with Lex.

Having been born and raised in Athens, my world view as well as music was shaped to a great extent by my city. In the early 90s, I got to know the club scene of Athens for the first time, which was (and still is) very vibrant. I got fascinated by the world of electronic music so fast and in such a level that I immediately decided to follow and explore the path of music. I guess I owe everything to Athens and sometimes it feels like we culturally grow up together.

What is your favourite place to sit and watch the world go by?

The Acropolis view is always a must in Athens so I would pick the roof tops of Couleur Locale and Apollo Palm Hotel.


What is your favourite music venue?

If we are talking about a real music venue, I would say Athens Conservatoire with big quality events.


The best restaurant in your opinion?

Seychelles with excellent mediterranean food 

SEYCHELLES, Athens – Kerameikos – Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews – Tripadvisor

What is your favourite bar?

Apoteka! Right now it’ s my favorite music bar! Vinyl only DJs and a retro atmosphere.


Top tip for fun small club?

Crust. A basement underneath a pizza restaurant. Perfect for smaller events with some of the best local djs sharing its booth.


Must go for record shopping?

I would say there are two.  Homcore for jazz, disco, ambient, new wave etc, plus some vintage synthesizers.  And Revolt for clubbier music.



When time permits, what is your favourite thing to do in the wonderful city of Athens Lex?

The last years I have moved to the southeast part of Athens, close to the beach, so my favorite thing to do when time permits is hanging around on the beach. A Sunday lunch with friends downtown Athens on a free weekend is something I also enjoy although this is not happening very often.  Also staying home and doing nothing is always a good idea J

A few more words.

And that wraps up our captivating journey through Athens with the extraordinary Lex. I hope you’ve enjoyed this exclusive tour of the city’s best-kept secrets and the stories that make Athens a city like no other. A huge thank you to Lex for sharing his insider tips and personal experiences. Don’t forget to listen to and purchase his latest EP, ‘Without You’, available now on Delusions of Grandeur. This EP is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a reflection of Lex’s journey and the vibrant energy of Athens. So, turn up the volume, let the beats of ‘Without You’ transport you, and keep exploring the endless wonders of music and cities. Thanks for tuning in, and stay groovy!

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