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City Guide Berlin: Exploring Berlin’s Underground Beats with Philippa: Inside the ‘Latent Magic EP’ Journey.

Kono Vidovic December 4, 2023 127 16 5

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Welcome to a unique exploration of Berlin’s vibrant underground scene, guided by the rhythmic genius of Philippa. As we delve into the heart of this eclectic city, we’re excited to announce the release of Philippa’s latest masterpiece, the ‘Latent Magic EP’. This New Zealander turned Berliner has been crafting her niche in house music, with a flair for blending orchestral strings, crunchy drums, and analogue synth basslines. Her new EP is not just a collection of tracks, but a journey through the sounds that define Berlin’s musical landscape. From ‘Hold’ with its lush textures to the genre-defying ‘Latent Magic’, and the energetic ‘There It Is’, Philippa’s EP is a testament to her unique musical approach. Get ready to immerse yourself in the sounds of Berlin as we uncover the magic behind Philippa’s latest release.

Philippa on Berlin 

I have a complicated relationship with Berlin, which I’m pretty sure is not an uncommon occurrence for expats here in general. On the one hand Berlin is an arty, multi-cultural hive of activism and musical divergence, which is great. On the other hand, it can be a challenging city to live in due to various factors such as its historical resonance, five month long grey and cold winters, and lack of immediate access to wild nature, the ocean and so on.

I’ve lived here now for ten years, and it’s changed a lot in that time. Rents have doubled, if not tripled. Further to that there’s quite a bit of upheaval happening where it comes to clubs and bars, for example I know of a few Eckkneipen (corner bars) that have had to close recently, essentially due to gentrification. Kneipen (Berlin’s little bars) are as integral to the culture of the city as London’s ubiquitous pubs – there’s definitely a need to protect them in order to hold onto the specific humming vibe of this city.

I think I consider myself to be more of a resident of the city, rather than thinking of Berlin as home. Berlin is a workspace – an eccentric, gritty engine of a work space. I have access to significant vintage studios out at the Funkhaus, and am privileged to be part of a huge music community. The vibe in general is conducive to an immersive, music-focused living experience. 

City guide Berlin by Philippa

What is your favourite place to sit and watch?

In summer, definitely outside, around the canals in Kreuzberg – the canals are brilliant for kicking back with a Bavarian beer and watching the world go by.

Admiralbrücke – and surrounding area

Your favourite music venue?

Heideglühen It’s a house club built with the classic Berlin festival aesthetic of makeshift wooden buildings and creative nooks and crannies to hang out in. In many ways Berlin clubs are the antithesis of big commercial nightclubs. 

At Heideglühen – they have Soulheide where DJs such as Geology are booked to play rare soul and funk 7”s, and then the house bookings are the best in town. I saw Louie Vega play there earlier in the year, at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon – the club went nuts. The vibe and crowd are really special in this place. One for the heads.

Heideglühen Berlin


Love to know your favourite Restaurant?

I haven’t been eating out a lot recently, since the Pandemic I seem to have gotten out of the habit, weirdly.  But a long-time fav is definitely Oh, Panama in south west Mitte, and its accompanying Tiger Bar. Utterly brilliant casual fine dining.


What’s your tip for the best bar?

A bar that’s owned by a very good mate Mike: Misirlou on Dunckerstrasse, in Prenzlauerberg. I’m a local so it’s my form of Cheers. Great spot – very international crowd, lovely staff, great cocktails. 


And – The Eckkneipe (corner bar) on the corner of Marrianenplatz and Waldmanstrasse. A classic Berlin local – non pretentious, cheap, good beer, all day sun in the summer. This spot is a little keeper and a little like stepping back in time. A long-time fav.


Your fave small club?

Paloma. Tiny and packed. Decent sound systems. Great view of the iconic U1 pulling in and out of the Kotti U-bahn station. Great music policy, super cool staff – and definitely an icon in Berlin’s musical landscape. 

Paloma bar Berlin


What’s your fave record shop?

Cinthie’s Elevate Record Store.


Your fave thing to do in the city when time permits?

Drink beer and wander around (canals, parks, eckkneipen) – there’s a bit of a theme emerging here isn’t there! Also love a decent German beer garden (or Christmas market, for that matter). 

I also have penchant for decent civic architecture – and Unter den Linden with Museum Insel, the gorgeous pink Staatsoper (State opera house – originally built in 1741), the fantastic Staatsbibliothek (state library), the Humboldt Forum, and the Berliner Dom (cathedral) do not disappoint.

City guide Berlin by Philippa

A few final words.

As we conclude our insightful journey through Berlin’s musical heart with Philippa, we’re left invigorated by the city’s rich, diverse soundscape. Philippa’s ‘Latent Magic EP‘ is not just music; it’s a story woven with the threads of Berlin’s vibrant culture. We thank Philippa for this deep dive into her world and invite you to experience the full spectrum of her creativity. Don’t miss the chance to embrace the unique energy of ‘Latent Magic EP’, available now on digital and vinyl. For more of Philippa’s enchanting beats, follow her journey on SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, and Spotify. Thank you, Philippa, for sharing your art and spirit with us!

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