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Top 10 Tracks That Define Cosmonection’s Musical Journey – A Sonic Revelation.

Kono Vidovic November 6, 2023 160 9 5

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Welcome to the pulse of the underground, the heartbeat of the scene, where today, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive session with the man of the hour, Cosmonection. We’ve sat down with this sonic sculptor to delve into his Top 10 Influential Tracks that have shaped his unique soundscape. And that’s not all! Cosmonection is setting the stage for his latest masterpiece, the ‘Sunset Thoughts’ EP, a collaboration with Soren Lyann that’s poised to stir souls and move feet. This new offering from Pont Neuf Records, brimming with solar energy and nostalgic undertones, blends balearic, deep, and afro house into a symphony of sounds. Available on vinyl and digital come October 27, 2023, it’s the perfect prelude to our track talk today. So, as we embark on this journey of rhythm and discovery, keep your senses attuned for a taste of the latest from Cosmonection’s vibrant palette.

Cosmonection © Robin Delanoy (4)

1. John Beltran : Em Trancoso

I’m a huge fan of this guy and his previous aliases (Placid Angles). His music is polished, sun-soaked, and incredibly groovy. It never fails to transport me into endless daydreams.

2. DJ Gregory : Don’t Know Malendro

DJ Gregory is one of the French artists I’ve listened to the most. I’m a huge fan of his label, Faya Combo, known for its sunny vibes. I play this track in particular very often because its groove, guitars, and drums are absolutely perfect for the dance floor. Plus, the main melody takes us on a hypnotic, nostalgic journey.

3. Curtis Mayfield : So In Love

It may not be a club banger, but it’s been with me since the very beginning of my life. I’m a huge soul fan, and I’m deeply moved by tracks rooted in the emotions of love. Curtis Mayfield is undoubtedly one of the vanguards in the genre.

4. Melchior Sultana : Paradise

A beautiful deep house track that my friend Tour-Maubourg introduced to me a few years ago, saying I’d love it. He was spot on. The deep pads, the beats, and the groove instantly hooked me. Plus, the flamenco influence in the guitars, giving it a hint of Balearic, was a major source of inspiration for my latest EP with guitarist Soren Lyann.

5. Marvin Gaye : I Want You

My all-time favorite artist since my childhood, and I listened to him a lot with my father. It’s a love song, much like Curtis’ songs, that fills me with emotions. The introductory part with the percussion and Marvin Gaye is simply incredible.

6. Frankie Knuckles : The Whistle Song 

A timeless classic that truly made me fall in love with deep house. The ethereal pads and the melody send me soaring, while the solid bassline and drums keep me grounded. Undoubtedly, a track that has been a significant source of inspiration for my music over the years.

7. Jose Padilla : Bosaxi

Arguably one of the pioneers, if not the pioneer, of Balearic music. I’m captivated by the blend of influences in this track. The Latin flavor in the drums exudes a sense of endless sunshine and an entrancing groove. The melodies make you take flight. It’s the perfect track for a day by the sea. José is an artist from whom I draw a lot of inspiration for my own compositions.

8. Tour-Maubourg : Déclaration Préalable à l’embauche 

Tour-Maubourg’s first track on Pont Neuf, a vibrant tribute to polished and romantic deep house, greatly inspired me thereafter.

9. Saudade : Sonha 

Another artist from Pont Neuf, with whom I’ve been making music for over 10 years, created this track, a club banger that I’m completely in love with. The percussion groove, the solid foundation that keeps us grounded, and the dreamy pads that lift us up, all make this track truly magical. It has been a significant source of inspiration for my own productions.

10. Ryuichi Sakamoto : 20210310 

One of the artists I’ve been listening to for a very long time, known for breathtakingly elegant melodies and dream-inducing pads. There’s a certain celebration of slowness in his work, akin to the spirit of Erik Satie back in the day. This artist moves me every time I listen to him.

A few last words.

And there we have it, the grand finale of our melodious session with Cosmonection. What a privilege it’s been to unravel the anthems that have influenced the maestro himself. A huge shoutout to Cosmonection for guiding us through this musical landscape, where each track shines a light on the path of his artistic journey.

Cosmonection & Soren Lyann – Sunset Thoughts EP.

But the journey doesn’t end here. Let this be just the interlude to your exploration of Cosmonection’s rhythm-rich world. Dive into the reflective depths of ‘Sunset Thoughts’, the latest EP from Cosmonection and Soren Lyann, released by Pont Neuf Records. Make sure to grab your copy in vinyl or digital format after its release on October 27, 2023, and let these fresh tracks be the soundtrack to your autumnal evenings.

To all our listeners, your presence makes every melody matter. Share the love, amplify the tunes, and subscribe for more deep dives into the world of music. A special thanks again to Cosmonection for sharing this time with us, and to you for tuning in. Don’t miss out on ‘Sunset Thoughts’, let the music take you to that sunset state of mind. Keep listening, keep dreaming, and most importantly, keep connecting.

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