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Croatian Adriatic Beach House Music – Dirty Disco Radio 269

Kono Vidovic July 29, 2018 512 5

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That’s a mouth full! Croatian Adriatic Beach House Music. Is that actually a thing? Well i don’t think so, but could it be a thing? Yes! From now it is. We can call Beach House Music just how we like to call it. Just as we all interpret things differently and all have our very own perspective on things. I just like to be clear on things and therefor i’m going to explain you all about this term in this post and new DJ podcast: Croatian Adriatic Beach House Music in Dirty Disco Radio 269.

Croatian Adriatic Beach House Music.

That’s it. Since i will be leaving you for 3 weeks without a new Dirty Disco Radio episode. I needed to leave you with some proper Holiday vibes for the season. No matter if you are going, went or not going on a holiday. I’m here to give you those vibes. Since i will be heading for Croatia and i will be enjoying the beaches on the Adriatic sea. I called this episode: Croatian Adriatic Beach House Music. I know this all makes no sense at all, or just a little bit. But if you read my other posts and podcast announcements.

Than you have read that i want to name every episode differently. Than just Dirty Disco Radio #episodenumber. Then again, the title need to say something relevant about the radioshow. So therefor i chose this title as Croatian Adriatic Beach House Music. Tells you that i’m playing you beautiful Beach House Music grooves, and i will be enjoying those on the Adriatic Beaches this summer. I might just even visit The Ibiza of Croatia which is better known as Zrce Beach on the Island of Pag.

Zrce Beach

That reminds me of inviting you for a drink. Even better, when and only if you are in Croatia partying in Novalja or on Zrce Beach in the coming weeks. Hit me up here through e-mail or even better and faster on my social channels like the Dirty Disco Facebook page, or my own Kono Vidovic Facebook Page. Invite me for a drink and we might just celebrate together!

So no worries! As i will be back on the 27th with a new episode. To be exactly that will be episode 270. In the mean-time you can always listen to any of the previous shows. There are 269 to choose from and i guess you haven’t heard them all. I you did? Than you should contact me with this news and tell me and show me that you have always listened to every single Dirty Disco Radio episode. You will be my number one ambassador ;-). If not, there is some work for you to be done 😉 Most episodes can be found here. But you can always go to my Dirty Disco Mixcloud channel where you can easily listen to all episodes.

Dirty Disco Radio 269.

It’s all about new music and me playing it for you in a fine two hour mix. So what is there to expect in this one? Like i said a lot of Summer Grooves, Croatian Adriatic Beach House Music Grooves. A lot new tracks on the Better Listen Records Label. I will be playing music from the First Class EP, with tracks from Ari Bald, Folamour, Ethyene and Dorsi Plantar. Also the new Ep ‘Butter Love’ from Sune on Better Listen will enter the mix.

Better Listen Records - Butter Love EP





Next to that two dope new tracks from Frank Fonema, Two Tracks by Jon Sable & Huerta on IDWT Music. A very dope remix called: Perko’s Fircracker Mix on Sergio Mendes – Magalenha. A bit more to the tech side with two tracks from Juju & Jordash, and Kink with a Josh Wink remix. And much much more than that.

Mad Rey Jon Sable & Huerta


Ethyene – Watchin’ U
Sune – Do You Even
Dorsi Plantar – Boogie Sunrise
Gideon Forceman – Listen Up
Frank Fonema – Streets
Frank Fonema – A Message
Sure – That One Day While Couch Surfin’
Ari Bald – First Class
Sune – If Not Now, When
Sune – Butter Love
DJ Psychiatre – I’m Not Special
LT – North Circular
Mad Rey – Brazil Melancholia
Folamour – Oneness
Florian – Keep On
Cassettes For Kids – The More I Want
Jon Sable & Huerta – Housework
Jon Sable & Huerta – Alishan Forest Railway
Sergio Mendes – Magalenha (Perko’s Fircracker Mix)
Juju & Jordash – Bellboy Slack
Kink – Five (Josh Wink Remix)

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