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Kono Vidovic August 24, 2020 284 7 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Introduction to this week's dance music radio show 370 | Dirty Disco
  • fast_forward 00:19:02 – – Danny Scrilla | Sébastien Tellier | Tech Support | Anoraak & More…
  • fast_forward 00:34:15 – – Nu & Afro Disco from: Anoraak | Paper Street Soul | Alma Negra
  • fast_forward 00:44:10 – – Aretha Franklin – A Deeper Love (De SOFFER Remix) *Free DL*
  • fast_forward 00:45:13 – – Discojuice – Discojuice EP | Flankup Recordings Feature
  • fast_forward 00:59:26 – – Appreciation Words | DJ Only | Select Members on Mixcloud
  • fast_forward 01:01:55 – – Discojuice EP feature | Monkey Wrench on theBasement Discos
  • fast_forward 01:18:07 – – Tilman – Selected Remixes Feature | Antioco & Discojuice – Sexy Ann
  • fast_forward 01:34:08 – – 3 Promo tracks by: Discojuice | SofaTalk & Alma Negra
  • fast_forward 01:50:55 – – Rawdio debut on Seven Music + Hurlee Remix on Home EP
  • fast_forward 01:52:28 – – Massivemen – Ces't What (original 1996 version) Digital reissue.
  • fast_forward 02:01:50 – – Dirty Disco 370 | Dance Music Radio Show Outro Speech.

Weekly Dance Music Radio Episodes.

The Dirty Disco dance music radio show is aimed to bring inspiration and listening pleasure to all corners of the electronic music spectrum. Which basically means that whether you are a music lover, a deejay or any other kind of music professional you can find inspiration from my weekly dance music radio episodes.

With my weekly mix selections I always try to meet a few criteria. Bringing you the latest releases from the electronic music scene. Guided with relevant information such as: the release formats, dates, people / labels behind the music. And any other useful or cool to know information that belongs to tracks in the selections.

With that in mind Dirty Disco’s weekly dance music radio shows are unordinary and can’t be heard often. As the selections are always carefully curated, then all tracks are combined together in a 2 hour real DJ mix, see it as a live mix session to create a perfect vibe playing with energy levels and harmonies. And on top of that I will guide you through the curated selection from different angles to provide you with new music and or information weekly. Now that you know this, let’s dive into Dirty Disco episode 370 and see what you should be listening to today. 😉

This week’s episode contents.

Without giving away everything in one part. Here is what you can expect in this dance music radio show episode.

  • 21 new carefully selected tracks that came out or are forthcoming.
  • 7 tracks are next to digital also available as 12” (vinyl) releases.
  • 8 tracks are music promo’s on the current time of recordings and publishing this episode. (see the tracklist on the bottom for release dates).
  • 1 free track to download from within this music blog.
  • Among the selection there are 6 remixes.
  • The DJ mix starts from 90 to 128 beats per minute. And like always the mix is also available here as a DJ only music mix when you become a Mixcloud Select member of me.

With that being said, I would like to welcome Breezychamp and Michal Kochanowicz as Select members. Thank you for your support guys!

Featured music reviews.

Next to the guided mix selection in this week’s online dance music radio show episode 370. Which you can find in the track-listing below. I always try to add a few music reviews in the music blogpost to create more value and give you better insights in some of the releases. These are chosen in no particular order, but i would love to hear your favorites from this show.

Anoraak - Fire Inside | Dance Music Radio

Anoraak – Fire Inside EP | Paper Disco.

The last time I played new music from Anoraak was here in music show episode 354, where I featured Anoraak’s collaboration with Sarah Maison in their track ‘Gang’.

Now Anoraak is back with a new EP on the Paper Disco label which again demonstrates his love for collaborations. As he got together with Luxxury and Lauren Turk for their EP main title track ‘Fire Inside’.

Fire Inside gives you a proper groove movement with a quality skilled bass, funky piano stabs, disco strings and conga’s to keep that rhythm going. Next to Fire Inside I will also play ‘Up To You’ from the EP which is a more Disco Stomping House track with a dope vocal that sets off fire on the dance floors.

Alma Negra - Dakar Disco | Heist Recordings | Dance Music Radio

Alma Negra – Dakar Disco EP | Heist Recordings.

The last time I played music from Alma Negra was here in music show 352 where I reviewed their fantastic ‘Fire’ release on Codek Records. Where you could properly hear their geographical diversity in.

The new release that Alma Negra brings with Dakar Disco on one of my favorite Dutch labels: Heist Recordings. Definitely meets up to their expectations when you enjoyed listening to their prior release. Dakar Disco sets off fire in a whole different way while their diversity resonates through this EP as well.

In this selection I’m playing you two tracks including the main title Dakar Disco which can be explained as a summer mid-tempo Disco groover with filtered guitars, calming chords, dope synth melodies and a live horn section that takes the focus. Get this on digital or on vinyl format here.

Discojuice - Discojuice EP | Flankup Recordings

Discojuice – Discojuice EP | Flankup Recordings.

One of the best parts of being a DJ and music show host is receiving promo’s and hearing music before anyone else does. Especially because your opinion in this process is of great value and contributing to the music scene this way also is as we tastemakers are more important to bring real music to real people instead of algorithms and big commercial marketing budgets.

Therefore I’m proud to once again exclusively introduce you to Italian based producer Discojuice on Flankup Recordings with his digital re-issue of his Discojuice EP. After his successful winter release ‘Dance in Outer Space EP‘ and having released this EP in 2017 as a 12” only. It now gets a proper digital release making it available to more people worldwide. If you love the sound combination of deep, classic and funky house make sure to get your hands on this one here as it will be released on the 28th of August.

Monkey Wrench - Always There

Monkey Wrench – Always There EP | theBasement Discos.

I hope that the feeling is mutual when I say that I can’t get enough from the Valencia based ”Disco” House music label: theBasement Discos.

For the last weeks in a row i have been playing their new releases because simply said all of them are dope! Last week in #369 I reviewed and played you the new EP by Off Point – Loose Points.

Keeping that unique Disco House vibe alive the Bristol based music producers duo Monkey Wrench delivers their latest EP ”Always There” on the Spanish label.

This EP features three original tracks and two remixes by Zeleke and Lore. Tracks on this EP are perfect to enjoy with cool drinks while having beautiful summer nights with your friends.

Free Download: Aretha Franklin – A Deeper Love (De Soffer Remix).

You can always check the special free music page that i maintain here. But I’ll have to warn you. Not all free music downloads are listed on that page. Just like the one I featured in this week’s online dance music radio episode. You can only get it here in this music blog. So make sure to read every blog every week to not miss out on dope new and free tracks.

This week a very dope retake and a one of a kind remix on Aretha Franklin’s – A Deeper Love by Israel based producer De Soffer. Listen to the track and download it for free by filling in your email address here below so i can send you tracks like this every week straight into your inbox.

Track-listing details.

Last but not least the part where I’m saying goodbye and thanking you for listening to this week’s dance music radio show 370. Where i leave you with the full track-listing so you can find all necessary information on all music played. See ya next week!

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelRel DateVinyl?
Danny ScrillaSuede SuitDaybreakCosmic Bridge14-8-2012”
Sébastien TellierStuck In A Summer Love (Young Marco Remix)Stuck In A Summer LoveRecord Makers12-8-20
Tech SupportShit ComputerA Summer Riot IX (Part One) (V.A. EP)Future Boogie14-8-20
Anoraak, Luxxury & Lauren TurkFire InsideFire InsidePaper Disco12-8-20
Paper Street SoulRainCosmic EvangelistCitizens Of Vice14-8-20
Alma NegraDakar DiscoDakar DiscoHeist Recordings31-8-2012”
AnoraakUp To YouFire InsidePaper Disco12-8-20
Aretha FranklinA Deeper Love (De Soffer Remix)Free Download
DiscojuiceInto The BusDiscojuice EPFlankup Recordings28-8-2012”
DiscojuiceWaiting For The BusDiscojuice EPFlankup Recordings28-8-2012”
Monkey WrenchRèverieAlways TheretheBasement Discos13-8-20
Monkey WrenchKill The GrooveAlways TheretheBasement Discos13-8-20
Nu-CleoEnergy ReflectTotal ControlChiwax7-7-2012”
Sebb JuniorKeep The Freedom (Tilman Remix)Tilman – Selected RemixesBandcamp6-8-20
Antioco & DiscojuiceSexy AnnDiscojuice EPFlankup Recordings28-8-2012”
SofaTalkWhile She Sleeps (Ben Gomori’s Elephant Party Remix)20FingersMonologues Records4-9-20
Alma NegraBack In TownDakar DiscoHeist Recordings31-8-2012”
Haruka Salt Ft ToribioDiamond Castle (Felipe Gordon Remix)HarukaMartToucan Sounds7-8-20
RawdioInner VoicesHomeSeven Music11-9-20
RawdioHome (Hurlee Remix)HomeSeven Music11-9-20
MassivemenC’est What (Original 1996 Version)C’est What4Lux Black14-8-20

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