Daniel Williamsen – Like This Groove

Here at Dirty Disco we love music! no matter where it’s from if it’s good it’s good right? that’s the number 1 rule when it come’s to making music. It’s good when it’s good!

And to be honest we found something good on our Soundcloud stream today, something we really like, otherwise we wouldn’t post it here right?

I’m talking about this new unfortunately unreleased track from Dutch talented producer Daniel Williamsen – Like This Groove.

The track is a very laidback deep sounding groove, where a combination of a deep chord progression with a strong male vocal telling you that he like’s this groove. The drums and percussion are giving that extra bit of energy together with the bassline to give you that groove.

For now we don’t know where this track is going, if it’s going to be released soon, maybe on an e.p. with some remixes or not, we really don’t know! when we know we will make sure you know too. 😉 In the meantime make sure to follow Daniel Williamsen on his social accounts, and see if you can catch him playing very soon somewhere.

Here is an extra from Daniel Williamsen, his latest mixtape full of UK, Garage, House tracks that will take you to an higher level.


Daniel Williamsen on Soundcloud.

Daniel Williamsen on Facebook.


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  1. […] to anounce that the track has been posted at the Dirty Disco Radio Blog! Check the article here: https://dirtydiscoradio.com/music/daniel-williamsen-like-groove/ and the track here (I´m very curious to see what you […]

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