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Now You Deep Disco House Yourself Mix – Dirty Disco Radio 266

Kono Vidovic July 9, 2018 379

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It’s another day in paradise. I just came back home at the official Dirty Disco studio from a busy but fun weekend. After being in Rotterdam & Belgium i’m back with you for a new music session where i curated a lot of new music in. So let’s get busy and Deep Disco House yourself with this new podcast episode of Dirty Disco Radio 266.

Now You Deep Disco House Yourself in Dirty Disco Radio 266?

What’s up with the titles? Yes i know, it looks like i’m losing myself a bit here. But think of it, after doing 266 shows and every time just calling your show Dirty Disco Radio # with the additional number get’s boring am i right? And once you think of that, in the philosophy of online marketing i have been doing this totally wrong all the time. This is just one of the reasons why i want to build DDR up from the ground, maybe under a new name, maybe not. But still figuring out and finding time for that.

But to get back on the titles. Yes i figured i might as well just use more important keywords in my episode titles. So that you can better understand what vibe a specific episode brings, before you even hit the play button. This time it’s time to Deep Disco House Yourself. What do i mean with that? Nothing much, just go ahead, press play, enjoy the show and the music that i play and Deep Disco House yourself. Just do it! Get in harmony with the music, become one and enjoy the beauty of it. That’s all! Just approach it from your own perspective, this is the same way we listen to music, even though it is a universal language, everybody interprets music in a different way and has their own feelings and emotions. Beautiful isn’t it?

So what’s up in this episode?

A lot of new music, like always. Kono Vidovic in the mix, like always. Me hosting and doing some shout out’s. I’m sorry if i did not mentioned you, maybe next time. Or just hit me up on Facebook or by E-mail. So that you are fresh on my mind when i record a new show. You can also always specific ask me to do a shout out to somebody. I’m looking back on the So’Whappy FEstival in Rongy where i played this last Sunday the 8th of july. I had some real good times and met a lot nice people! Big shout out to them as wel!

It’s all about the music.

That’s right. Dirty Disco Radio is about music, a promotional platform where music talents and music lovers meet. New music is presented to you, musical you most likely would not find otherwise. Let me be your guidance and curator in new music. In this episode you can expect new music from: Bondax & Andreya Triana with their new single “Real Thing” on Recur recordings. More music by The Revenge from Roar meets Dirt Crew Vol 3. Armless Kid, Classonix, Codie Currie, Sebb Junior and much more. If you want to know exactly which tracks i’m playing. Just check out the track-list here below.

Deep Disco House - 13th hour vol 1 Deep Disco House - Dirty Disco Radio 266 Deep Disco House - Dirty Disco Radio 266 Deep Disco House - Dirty Disco Radio 266 The Revenge - Roar Meets Dirt Crew Vol 3 Bondax Ft Andreya Triana - Real Thing (Recur Recordings)  Deep Disco House - Dirty Disco Radio 266 Deep Disco House - Fouk - Mating Call - Outplay Records Deep Disco House - Crossovers & Alley Loops

Track-list – DDR 266

Bondax – Real Thing Ft Andreya Triana
Future Four – Connection (I Cube Rework)
Hotmood – Voyage to the Onda
Pablo Valentino – Children on Coltrania
JVXTA – When We Kiss
The Revenge – Searchlight
Christophe Salin – Astra Perle
Fouk – Just Feel Good
The Revenge – Times Get Tough
Neue Grafik – Chateau Rouge
Sebb Junior – Greatest Feeling
Christophe Salon – Dreams Sometimes Come True
Classonix – Indigo Mystics
Demuir – Lets Get in It
Codie Currie – Ace, at the Point of Collapse
Fouk – Mating Call
Lpm – Mirage (Mangabey remix)
Alva – The Wall
DJ DRE – Flora
Ricky Razu – Reaching Out
Armless Kid – Jojo On The Moon

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