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Deep Dreamy Autumn DJ Mix – Dirty Disco 278

Kono Vidovic October 22, 2018 452

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Here at the Dirty Disco studio Autumn has finally started. So therefor i let my emotions took the lead and create a Deep Dreamy Autumn DJ Mix for you in a new 2 hour mix session in Dirty Disco Radio 278.

Dirty Disco 278.

If you are new to Dirty Disco, let me tell you that I’m back at you every week with a new music podcast episode. Filled with great new releases within the electronic music scene. Every week i curate new music and make a selection that i will mix into a new episode. This week it’s time for Dirty Disco 278, and i found my inspiration this week in the autumn. Let me explain this a little bit to you, so you can understand what’s going on, and why i let autumn inspire me for this weeks music podcast. Depending on where you live on this planet, you know that there are 4 seasons right?

Here in The Netherlands, all 4 seasons are always what they have to be. We had a great summer, and never had so much hot days in a row before. Now two weeks ago autumn started, but fooled us a bit with it’s presence. We still had hot days, pretending it was summer. It even looked like, autumn and spring were skipped this year and we went right away to spring. Clearly our climate control has something to do with this. But this weekend and today, it’s finally that time. It’s really autumn! And with that i mean, that leaves are falling from the trees, wind is blowing, it’s wet because of the rain and moist and it’s cold. So i let these factors do it’s work and created you a Deep Dreamy Autumn DJ Mix.

Deep Dreamy Autumn DJ Mix.

That’s right! A Deep Dreamy Autumn DJ Mix. What should that sound like? If you really want to know, just press play and find out what this is all about. But to give you a little bit of an idea. We are starting of with some easy listening music that goes really deep into your soul. For that i chose the new EP from Nightmares On Wax – Look Up and starting with the On It Maestro (Steven Julien Remix). Following up with music by Bondax, Baaz, Joy Orbison and Khirbet Qeiyafa FT Faith Feloque. All bringing you those Deep electronic / Deep House vibes.

But since every episode is 2 hours long and all tracks are mixed, this is not all. The story of the Deep Dreamy Autumn DJ Mix continues. Here below are some Albums that i want to point out and highlight to stand out a bit from the rest of the music that i play you in this episode. Not because i like them more, but because i want to promote the music that i play just a bit more than just playing them in the Dirty Disco music podcast and publishing a track-list. So i decided to highlight 3 EP’s or albums every week.

Deep Dreamy Autumn DJ Mix - Baaz Earth 2

Baaz – Earth 2.

If you listen to my weekly Dirty Disco music podcast. Than you know that even there is the ‘Disco’ word in the name of the show. That i play a lot of Deep House Music, mostly combined with tracks that contain Disco samples, referring to it as Deep Disco House, and more towards the disco / nu disco and real House Music. This new album by Baaz – Earth 2 is released on the German Office imprint and brings a real unique deep sound. You can call it Deep House, but you can also say it’s a bit more than that. On the album are 7 tracks that bring you a variety of deepness, with some being more Deep House, and others being more Deep Electronica, with a more dreamy touch.

See the full release on the Bandcamp page of Office Recordings.

Bondax - Revolve

Bondax – Revolve.

From a small and real underground producer let’s look into this new album by Bondax. Who are now a bigger name than a few years ago. With that also their sound is changed on the new album. Over the last few years Bondax released a lot of beautiful electronica tracks with there unique signature sound. Bringing them into a place where they are now. In Dirty Disco i played a lot of their music through the years and i always loved their music. Now they are back with a new album release. Bondax – Revolve is released on the Recur recordings label, and brings a grown up sound. You can hear that their sound changed and sort of has grown up. On the album they are working with a lot of male and female vocal singers which makes the total sound of the album a bit more towards pop music.

Check out the full album on iTunes.

B. Traits – People’s Nation.

Another new EP, that perfectly fits in the total harmony in this weeks music podcast. But is really different if you put it next to the above two highlighted albums. Is this one by B. Traits – People’s Nation. The EP is released on In.Toto records and brings a tech / techno sound with two tracks. I’m playing them both in this episode, but my personal favorite is the track ‘Inside My Love’. Mostly because it’s more to the tech-house, than to the techno. People’s nation is a bit more a techno banger, i still think the tracks i fat, other wise i wouldn’t play it. But i don’t play a lot of techno in Dirty Disco, so this is an exception that came on my path and deserved some playing time as well.

Available on vinyl here.

Others subjects in this weeks episode.

Sometimes i like to give a bit of an opinion on things. I don’t do that to often, i like to stay neutral on a lot of things in the show. But this time, i’m looking at the recent DJ MAG DJ Awards that were held during the Amsterdam Dance Event. I would like to congratulate Martin Garrix with his 3th in a row award for being the best DJ of the world. I’m very happy for him, but when we look a bit deeper into the DJ Mag DJ Awards, you will see that this actually is not an award for the best DJ, but more for the most popular DJ, that had the biggest budget for a advertising campaign to target an audience and convert them into votes. 😉

Track-list – Dirty Disco 278.

  1. Auntie Flo – Life Is High
  2. Nightmares On Wax – On It Maestro (Steven Julien Mix)
  3. Metric Systems – Adaptation Dub
  4. Bondax – All Inside (Reprise)
  5. Baaz – Oza
  6. Joy Orbison – 81b
  7. Khirbet Qeiyafa FT Faith Feloque – I Wanna Be… Even If
  8. Baaz – Piece Into
  9. Baaz – Stillike
  10. Wurzelholz – Ah…Oui
  11. Baaz – Ringo
  12. Baaz – Who Am I
  13. Nightmares On Wax Ft Andrew Ashong & Sadie Walker – Look Up
  14. Nebraska – Usin’ Me
  15. Girls Of The Internet – Remember My Name (12” Disco Mix)
  16. Le Hutin – Leroy Sake
  17. Herbert – Our Love (Has Got Me Movin’)
  18. Never Dull – Perpetual High
  19. B.Traits – Inside My Love
  20. Harrison BDP – Fish In The Tank
  21. Addison Groove & Bim Sanga – D Question
  22. B. Traits – People’s Nation
  23. XOA & Wayward – Koto

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