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Deep FM – 10 Year Anniversary, a celebration and a whole new look and feel.

Kono Vidovic January 4, 2015 28

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Deep FM – 10 Year Anniversary, a celebration and a whole new look and feel.

The new year 2015 has started and one of the best dance radio stations around Deep FM is having her 10th anniversary.

Deep Fm has been around since 2005 and has moved fast between the thousands what!? maybe even millions of online radio stations that are out there, in those 10 years they managed to be one of the leading electronic music radio stations around. These first 10 years they have been focusing on the dutch listeners but with that being said and being so popular these days they also have a lot of listeners from around the world. Because of their unique trademark and high quality radio shows, with some of Netherlands finest Dj’s bringing the best in electronic dance music they are always on spot with knowing what to play and what people want to hear.

And now with their 10 years of existence they are celebrating it with a whole new appearance, a brand new website look and feel, focused on the future of Internet, social media and interactive minded. The website really looks amazing, it’s displaying boxed filled with the content you need, like the player, program info, the track that is playing and all of the other boxes display social media messages that are about Deep FM, which makes it an interactive website giving the listeners and DJ of Deep FM a chance to communicate through those social media messages on the website and. This way you can listen to the music and stay updated about and join all of the news straight out of the community at the same time.

The website is also high responsive and works perfect on all devices, Desktop, smart-phone, or tablet.

New audio look.

Next to the website also the jingle package of the radio station is updated, the audio designers from Fast4ward did a great job on this, they are sounding very now, very fat, wide and in front of you, and the jingles illustrate exactly what Deep FM stands for, high quality.

Program schedule.

Next to all of this Deep Fm also changes their evening / night schedule. New in the schedule is Club Millennium, which is a show hit-mix with tracks from years around the millennium (2000’s). Mixed and arranged by Gertjan Kuipers, in the past he was responsible for the Top 1000 Megamix at radio Veronica.
After 4 years of absence DJ Faro is back with with his weekly show Faro In The Mix, in the past DJ Faro was also hearable on ID&T radio.
Forward Moving Energy hosted by the Architect will be responsible for the harder styles in Electronic dance music, this will happen on Saturday nights. And with this the wish of many fans goes in fulfillment.

Agency & Events

And finally The Deep FM Agency has revived. It was there for a while Deep FM always gave the possibility to book any of her DJ’s at any occasion, but now it’s back with a brand new mission together with the brand new look and feel of Deep FM, also the agency is renewed, all of the available Deep FM Dj’s are on the list and you can check it out here. And now next to bookings it’s also possible to get your party hosted by Deep FM and arrange your event.

My motto for 2015 is stay positive, keep it clean simple & fresh. With that being said Deep FM and i are definitely one the same level.

The complete schedule can be found on deep.fm.

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