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20 Deep House Essentials to choose from – Dirty Disco 315.

Kono Vidovic July 15, 2019 505 1

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Whether you like them all or just a few of them, in this weeks music podcast #315 i curated and mixed together 20 deep-house essentials to choose from. With my weekly refreshed Dirty Disco Spotify playlist you can easily specify which tracks you would like to add to your own music library.

20 deep house essentials - Dirty Disco 315

20 Deep house essentials.

Every week i curate a new selection of in my opinion essentials that you should check out and are worth listening to. Whether you are a DJ who is in search for new inspiration for new music to add to your own DJ sets and playlists. Or when you are another type of music professional that is looking for new talents that you can sign to a label. Or when you are just here for music listening pleasure as a music lover and who likes to have me as a music companion. 

Highlighted releases.

Among the 20 deep house essentials are always a few that i like to highlight here in the music blog-post. Not because they are better than the others in this weeks music selection but just because all the artists that i play deserve just a bit more exposure and this is a great way to do that. We’ll talk more in a bit on how you can support the music you like to listen to directly.

First let’s take a proper look to what artists and tracks are among the 20 deep house essentials that i selected for this weeks music mix.

20 deep house essentials - Kassian, Marc Brauner, Frits Wentink

Kassian – Kassian Versions 01.

The first highlighted EP that i would like to talk about is the new and first release on his own new imprint ‘Kassian Versions’ With the debut vinyl only series ‘Kassian Versions 01’. Clearly produced by Kassian. 

This new EP is part of a forthcoming vinyl only series which includes 3 deep disco house bangers. A beautiful deep house essentials influenced with disco samples that are dancefloor ready. If you like 12 inches and love to dig for rare vinyl. This is def a must have since the EP is a vinyl only release, so no digital formats are available. It’s handstamped and limited to a certain amount which won’t be around for long. So be fast to grab one. This one will be released on 30-7-19 and can be pre-ordered here.

20 deep house essentials - Dirty Disco 315

Ewan Jansen – Perfect Strangers EP.

If you look for this australian producer on the internet, you will see that there is much talked about his music. This makes perfect sense when you know that Ewan Jansen has been making music since the 90’s and is responsible for many great releases and shaping the sound of the australian house music landscape. 

With releases on legendary record labels like Mike Grant’s Moods & Grooves and Chez Damier’s Inner Balance his vinyl releases are most-wanted among many electronic music lovers who like to pay a lot for these releases.

Recently label owner Jimpster came across Ewan Jansen his music and wanted to sign him for a release on Freerange records. Now we are finally here with this great new EP released on the Freerange imprint ‘Perfect Strangers’ by Ewan Jansen which defines that real deep house sound with tracks as: Take U Away, Logarithm, Chika Kozo and the main title track Perfect Strangers.

All tracks are a must have and must listen to when you like deep house that goes beyond the standard terms of deep house. And therefore a great addition to this weeks 20 deep house essentials in Dirty Disco 315.

20 deep house essentials - Munk, Ewan Jansen, Tom VR

Aleksandir – ARS003.

While i’m writing to you about deep house the list with essentials only gets deeper and deeper as we arrive at another very great release on Artesian Sounds. From all the tracks in this weeks 20 deep house essentials this new EP by Aleksandir is giving me real goosebumps.

The ARS003 EP includes 3 new tracks that go way beyond the deep. Firstly we have the track: Hear Me Though which brings a laidback deep house chill vibe with a very dope breakbeat that gives the track that extra energy dimension. The easy going pads, the deep stabbing synth along with the well arranged percussion makes it a real pleasure to listen to.

Next there is: Hard To Explain, that also brings a laidback deep house sound but goes much deeper and really gives me the goosebumps. The track includes a 4×4 kick along a rolling hat pattern that boost the energy in it. The deep vocals and deep synth make sure you won’t get away without having goosebumps.

They same goes for the 3th track on the ARS003 EP by Aleksandir: Gaseous Love. The track is a bit similar to Hard To Explain but differs with the grooving bassline, the piano and smooth light off-beat percussions. Once the vocal comes in you know that this is another goosebumps creator that goes way beyond the deep.

More to listen to.

Since last week Dirty Disco is listed in Spotify as a Podcast. Which makes it even easier for you to listen to the weekly episodes. You can follow (subscribe) to the Dirty Disco music podcast in Spotify and never miss out on a new episode.

Like i written in the earlier alinea’s these featured tracks that i highlighted here in the blog-post are not better than the rest. The full selection is well worth listening to. Among the 20 deep house essentials there are so much more great productions by great artists. For example make sure to check out the new Saudade track by Dutch producer Tom Trago. Or his namesake Tom VR with his Packard Sawmill Echoes EP on Lionoil Industries. 

What about the great new deep house ep by Marc Brauner – Sad But Ambitious on the Houseum Records label. Or Andhim with Duno EP. all great releases that deserve extra exposure and are must listen to’s. 

That is why there is the Dirty Disco electronic music podcast and blog. Even though we don’t have enough time to write blogs about all the separate releases, we do include them in our weekly music podcast and in the weekly refreshed playlist on Spotify. 

This is my contribution to the music scene and to create a music platform that curates real music that is made with a lot of passion and away from the commercial scene. These artists are just like me and you in it for the love of music and can use some extra support.

Supporting the artists, the music you like and the DJ that curates and play them.

You can directly support the music and artists that you love without buying all the tracks and EP’s separate. With signing-up to my Mixcloud select channel you can instantly support me and the artists that i play. Next to that you will receive many benefits that are all explained here in this blog that i wrote earlier.

If you don’t want to support us through a monthly subscription fee with all these benefits. You can always choose to just donate once and choose your own amount for donation. Just click here to make a donation.

Full #315 tracklist.

Munk – Hot Medusa (Kai Alce remix)
Dom Bird – Anikulapo (Giovanni Damico Afro Dub Mix)
Andhim – Duno
Tom VR – Snare Dream
Tour-Maubourg – Ba-Rah-Kuh-Da
Marc Brauner – No Title Yet
Marc Brauner – In A Dream
Tom VR – Norwood
Ewan Jansen – Perfect Strangers
Frits Wentink – Filthboi69
Ewan Jansen – Chika Kozo
Aleksandir – Hear Me Through
Ewan Jansen – Take U Away
Kassian – Making Love
Kassian – Montana
Ewan Jansen – Logarithm
Aleksandir – Hard To Explain
Aleksandir – Gaseous Love
Tom VR – Packard Sawmill Echoes
Tom Trago – Saudade (Main Mix)

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