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Deep House Mix – Dirty Disco Radio 274

Kono Vidovic September 24, 2018 490

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It’s good to see you took the time to check out the blog post on Dirty Disco episode 274. Just like doing a new music podcast every week. Also writing this blog post with all the show notes is a great pleasure to do. In this radio-show episode, you can expect the main vibe being a Deep House Mix, but we build it up with a few funky breakbeats and some disco spice before we enter the Deep Zone.

Deep House Mix – Dirty Disco Radio 274.

This week in the 274th music podcast of Dirty Disco, I’m starting off with a few funky beats by Sune with his (available for free) new EP that even now Autumn started, creates those sunshine vibes. Not long after this and through the sound of some Disco spices by Mytron & Ofofo we are going to enter the Deep Zone with some proper Deep House tracks in this Deep House Mix, which is like always available for download. This free download of the main music podcast is available through the website. Just click on the download link, just beneath the player in the header of this page. And for the DJ only version, you have to e-mail me.

Sune - A Girl Sitting In A Glass Wearing A Dress

Sune – A Girl Sitting In A Glass Wearing A Dress EP

This new EP by Malmo & Amsterdam based producer ‘Sune’ is available through his Bandcamp page. Even though you can name a price to support the artist and appreciate him for his music. You can download this whole EP for free. Check it out on his Bandcamp page.

Sune’s his new EP titled A Girl Sitting In A Glass Wearing A Dress, contains 4 tracks, that are all four, Funky flavoured beats, the bring a real sunshine vibe. Perfect for those sunny autumn days that we have ahead of us.

We Like The Deep - Dessous Recordings

We Like The Deep – Dessous Recordings

Right after the funky interlude with music by Sune. We are slowly but steady entering our Deep House Mix with a couple of tracks from the new various artists’ album ‘We Like The Deep’ on the Dessous Recordings label from Berlin – Germany. In this music podcast episode, I’m playing at least 6 tracks from this dope deep compilation album. Names like James Dexter, Vincenzo, Ces’t Moi, Chocky and more, provide beautiful well-crafted Deep House tracks on this sampler. Check it out right here.

Girls of the Internet - When U Go

The Internet Girls – When U Go EP.

I already heard the original track ‘When U Go’ by The Internet Girls a few months ago. And played it often in my DJ sets at my residency. The track is a very warm, soulful and easy listening piece of music. That can even bring a bit of dancing to the dance floor you are up to it. The track reached a special place in my heart and has a beautiful emotional feeling to it. The EP, that also includes the track ‘Running’ and remixes from FYI Chris and Finn is definitely worth checking out. In this episode, I’m playing you the FYI Chris remix on When U Go, and the original Running track. This is a wonderful EP to own as a vinyl. Check the vinyl here.

Youtube Music Reviews.

A lot of you might already notice it or heard me talking about it. But in this episode, I’m explaining again, that I started with something new in addition to the weekly music podcasts. I have been running a Dirty Disco Youtube channel for a couple of years, but I haven’t really done a lot of productive things with it so far. Except for uploading new music releases occasionally. The problem with uploading music that you don’t own copyrights to on Youtube. Is that sometimes music gets blocked or you even get warnings that finally can result in getting your account deleted.

Promoting music as a DJ.

Clearly this is not why i’m in the music business. As a DJ and music selector, you want to bring music and people together. I can do that by playing DJ set’s in clubs, on the radio like in my weekly music podcast. But the world is changed and selecting music for others to listen to as a good DJ does, is also possible through services like Spotify and Youtube among many others. So it’s very logic to create a Youtube channel where you provide a platform for new music to promote these tracks and appreciate the artists and labels that way. Unfortunately, not everybody has this very same mindset and therefor uploading music to Youtube is tricky sometimes.

Music Reviews.

Since I wanted to do more with music and also in the videos on the Dirty Disco Youtube channel. I decided to start doing Youtube music reviews on albums and EP’s. It can even be on a single track. But without playing them. All I do is reviewing a specific album that I very much like and or just came out. I walk you through the relevant information, like a bit of background on the artists, the labels. The tracks on the album and what I think of it.

So far I uploaded a few Youtube Music reviews, and I’m very curious in what you think of it. So please help me out with a bit of feedback so I can go on and improve myself making better reviews, with better audio and even video.

There is more to it.

Next, to music reviews, this channel is an extension of the weekly Dirty Disco music podcast. We can do much more than only reviews of music. Think of DJ and producer gear reviews, but once we get more subscribers and views on the video’s we can do interviews with artists. Go out and film on location, for example, events or in the studio’s to see how certain tracks are being made and much more… To get this all of the ground, I need your feedback, motivation and I need you to subscribe to the channel which you can do right here with the link I provided here below.

Check out the Dirty Disco Youtube channel here. Please subscribe if you want to stay updated on new videos.

Track-list – Dirty Disco Radio 274.

  1. Sune  – Miso Dreams
  2. Sune – A Girl Sitting In A Glass Wearing A Dress
  3. Sune – In The Clear
  4. Sune – Cream Cake
  5. Mytron & Ofofo – Midnight Drive
  6. Harry Wolfman – Campo Vlejo
  7. Harry Wolfman – Elysia Fields
  8. Vincenzo – 106 Downtown (Genius Of Time Remix)
  9. NicolA – Black Coffee
  10. Mytron & Ofofo – Eli’s Coming
  11. The Unhottest – We All We Be
  12. Chocky – Self Knowledge (Dub)
  13. James Dexter – Disco Deep
  14. Borrowed Identity – For You
  15. Girls of the Internet – Running
  16. James Dexter – 120
  17. C’est Moi – This Song (Dario D’Attis Remix)
  18. Girls of the Internet – When U Go (FYI Chris Remix)
  19. NicolA – Fancy (Weast Remix)
  20. Matthew Herbert – People That Make the Music
  21. Art Alfie – Like I Said
  22. Art Alfie – Bondkatten
  23. Joe Corti – Without You
  24. Waze & Odyssey – Shape (No Rules Remix)

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