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Kono Vidovic September 17, 2018 397

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In our weekly radio show, we always combine a variety of electronic music tracks into a nice smooth DJ mix, for easy listening pleasure. Most of the time, the sound can be defined as Deep & Disco. In some episodes, the focus lies on the more Disco sound of music, and sometimes which happens to be the case in this episode. More on the Deep House sound. This is what defines Deep House radio music in Dirty Disco Radio 273.

Deep House Radio.

First of all, thank you for being here with me. It’s always good to have you here on my side, listening to a new episode. This week I’m bringin you the Deep House Radio sound in this 273rd episode of Dirty Disco.

The website is moved to another company.

Before we jump into the music, and see which releases you can expect in this music podcast. First, let me apologize for the website being offline again for a few days. There is good news though! After months of issues with my hosting provider. I finally managed to move the website away from them. To another web hosting company, which seems to work much better now. After the move there a few positive small changes noticeable.

The first big change is the website speed. Which improved a lot after moving the website. The other nice change is the music player that you can find across the website and in all blog posts. Like for example in all podcasts. Which you can use to listen to the music podcast episodes. What changed? Well before, the shows were not loaded fully in the player, and therefore every show would stop playing after a few minutes. Also scrolling through the show episode, wasn’t possible because of that.

Just by moving the website to another hosting provider. That now seems to work like a charm. You can now listen to the complete show by staying on the specified page. And you can even rewind or skip certain parts by scrolling and pressing on the music player beam.

Supported by:

Without donations, Dirty Disco couldn’t be what we are. It’s all thanks to you beautiful people. Last week our US-based friend from the show Robert Grosso. Supported us with a nice amount of Doge coins. I hear you thinking: Doge what? Indeed Doge Coins are a cryptocurrency that started out as a joke, but very fast became a crypto legend and backed by many with now a very big community surrounding the Dogecoin. Doge is now the fastest working crypto out there and holds a very unique technique that other crypto’s are jealous of.

You see you can even support Dirty Disco Radio with donating Cryptocurrencies like Doge, but we also accept, ETH, Bitcoin, Litecoin, MCO, ETC and many more. Just e-mail me if you want to contribute with some crypto coins. You can always use normal fiat as well, by going to our homepage and use the donation form just below the Dirty Disco main header.

This week in your Deep House Radio show.

This week it’s time for Dirty Disco Radio 273. That means we are already doing this 273 weeks in a row. Here’s what to expect: I have a few new releases that are also available on vinyl. We are featuring a few new album compilations, inclusing various artists. Below are a few featured releases and right under that you can find the full track-list of this episode.

Nachtbraker - When You Find A Stranger In The Alps

Nachtbraker – When You Find A Stranger In The Alps.

This debut album by the Dutch Nachtbraker, will be released on is very own Quartet Series Recordings label. The release date has been set to 1-10-2018. The album brings a variety of sounds that Nachtbraker defines. Expect House, Deep House, Breakbeats, Ambient and a bit of Chillhop as well. The album will be available as CD (Compact Disc) In Digital Format, and on a 2X 12″ vinyl sampler.

More info here.

Deep Love 2018

Deep Love 2018 – Dirt Crew Recordings.

Another record label where we saw a few releases by the above mentioned Nachtbraker on. Is the German-based Dirt Crew Recordings label. Every year they release their Deep Love compilation album. That features there latest and upcoming releases. This time get ready for Deep Love 2018, featuring music from artists like Ponty Mython, Ouer, Felix Leifur, Jaxx Madicine, Harry Wolfman, Lorenz Rhode and a few more. The release date is set for today. Which is the 17th of September 2018. The full album compilation will be available as a limited to 500 copies 2x 12″. And as a digital download.

More info here.

Studio Barnhus Volym 1

Studio Barnhus Volym 1.

The last and 3rd release that I’m featuring in this blog post and in this Deep House Radio music podcast. Which happens to be Dirty Disco 273. 😉 Is the recently released very first compilation album on the Swedish Studio Barnhus label. Titled ‘Studio Barnhus Volym 1’ This release contains a lot of Deep house music by artists like: Man Tear, Bella Boo & Paradise Alley, just to name a few.

More information.

Please use the links to all 3 featured releases, to find out more about them and to buy and support the music.

Dirty Disco Radio 273 – Track-list

  1. Eddie C – Atlantic Jam
  2. Eddie C – Ponderlings
  3. Man Tear – Night Fantastic
  4. Bella Boo – boyboy
  5. Paradise Alley – What Road
  6. An On Bast – Life In A Hammock
  7. Ponty Mython – It’s All Understood
  8. Local Artist – Dancer
  9. Ouer – Lost Mindset
  10. Lee Curtis Ft Desmond DSP Powell – Erotic Tendencies (Extended Club Mix)
  11. Kink – Leko (Session Victim Remix)
  12. Matthieu Faubourg – Scenario (Black Loops Remix)
  13. Kicks – Turn Off The Light
  14. Pierre Moritz – Nice To Meet You Julot
  15. Jesse Bru – Setup
  16. Matthieu Fraubourg – Yaret
  17. Mak & Pasteman – Feel It
  18. Mak & Pasteman – La Tiesta
  19. Nachtbraker – Flambo
  20. Nachtbraker – NSFW
  21. Nachtbraker – LOL
  22. Matthieu Fraubourg – Scenario
  23. Al Kassian – Solar
  24. Franck Roger – Ruffcut

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