Defected presents The Record Room: Joey Negro

Defected presents The Record Room: Joey Negro

In the new Defected video series: Defected presents The Record Room, Defected records put’s the record collection of a well established artist in the spotlight and the story behind it.

In this episode you can take a peek in the big vinyl record collection of Joey Negro.

Joey Negro in normal life know as Dave Lee, is one of the worlds finest Disco, House crossover DJ’s and producers around. He looks disco, he breathes disco and eats disco and vinyl. Being successful for three decades with u huge pile of records only just on his name.

In the video Joey Negro talks about his vinyl collection and takes you through a selection of his thousands of vinyl records in his record room. All the way from Disco to soul, hip-hop and house records.

Just watch the video from Defected here above, enjoy and let us know your thoughts on this. Do you have a big ass record collection to and you want to share it, we would gladly give you the platform for this here on our site. just reach out through our contact form.

Joey Negro

Defected presents House Masters: Joey Negro, out 11.05.15.
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