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Designing Sound: How Music Elevates the Live Event Experience

Kono Vidovic December 15, 2017 40

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We are consistently exposed to music, whether we like it or not. In a lot of situations, we are not fully aware that we are consuming music. Here are some examples:

• We inadvertently listen to music when we watch movies and commercials or go to the supermarket.

• Playing the right tunes encourages certain behavior. For instance, playing love songs during a dating event can entice people to be more open to looking for a partner.

• The type of music we listen to can also alter how we perceive people. Music is sometimes played when introducing a speaker in a seminar. Playing classical music in the background while the presenter is approaching the stage gives the impression that the speaker is a sophisticated person.

• The type of music being played can also affect how fast or slow people move. For instance, fast-paced music can make people feel energized and encourage them to move around faster.

Although the concept of live events is normally associated with concerts and music festivals, it can also refer to parties, product launches, conferences, dating events and much more. Here are a few ways that music enhances the way we experience live events.

Designing Sound

Creates the Right Environment

Exhibits, fairs and similar events have lots of activity. There is a lot of movement, people talking, and music. The choice of music should complement the level of activity. Ultimately, the goal with playing music is to create a good vibe that invites people to go around and interact with other visitors. A playlist consisting of popular tunes can entice people to move around more and explore the different stalls. On the other hand, songs with slower tempos will encourage people to stay and participate in longer conversations.

For larger conferences, a live band or DJ may be hired to play in a small section of the venue. This offers visitors a space to mingle and enjoy. Depending on the event, you may also find a handful of stalls playing their own music to make them stand out and draw in the crowds.

Affects You Physiologically and Emotionally

The right combination of music and light can prompt a host of physiological and emotional responses. The goal for any event production company is to find the right mix of these two aspects and creating a memorable live event that moves people. Done correctly, people are more willing to attend the event, regardless of the ticket prices.

“Hamilton: An American Musical” is currently seen as one of the most expensive live entertainment events with tickets costing more than $1,000 each. Although the entire album can be purchased online for less than $20, there is something about seeing the performance and listening to the music live that still makes people want to grab their wallet.

Creates a Memorable Experience

Although piracy is making it more difficult for artists to make a living off record sales, technology is making it easier for people to consume music in other ways. Instead of buying albums, it is more common for people to stream music. But even with this digital shift, concerts are still very popular, even with younger generations of music lovers. Concerts and other live music events provide fans with an experience that cannot be replicated with any other channels.

Part of the reason involves music frequencies. With live events such as concerts, sound engineers have more freedom to play with this aspect. The lower the frequency, the stronger its effect on the body. As a result, your body can physically feel each note, whether it’s the artist hitting the drums, strumming the electric guitar or playing another instrument.

This type of live event offers people an opportunity to connect with their favorite artists. According to a study by Eventbrite, millennials also enjoy attending live music events where the artists have views similar to theirs. Concerts offer participants an escape. It is an avenue where music lovers can go meet other like-minded individuals and express themselves. The crowd, combined with the technical and creative aspects of music and light, are the things that can make this type of live event unique and memorable for music fans.

music studio

Hadi Al Rifai specializes in event management and audio engineering and holds a BA in business management from the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut. Before settling down in Dubai to manage Level Production, Mr. Rifai has worked with leading national and multinational event management organizations in the Middle East where he honed his AV production skills. Among the notable projects he has worked with are the X Factor and Baalbek Film Festival.

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