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Free Music from Dirt Crew Recordings – Various Artists Selection 2018

Kono Vidovic January 4, 2019 173 1 5

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German based label Dirt Crew Recordings is without a doubt one of our favorite labels here at Dirty Disco. If you listen to our weekly music podcast frequently, you know that there is almost every week if not, bi-weekly a Dirt Crew release in our broadcast. We even did a special Dirt Crew podcast a few years ago.

2018 just came to an end, with already being a few days in 2019. Around this time every year, many record labels like to release their yearly compilations with tracks and artists they released.

Download Dirt Crew Recordings – Various Artist Selection 2018 for free.

Dirt Crew Recordings is one of them who likes to publish a various artists compilation by the end of the year. The beautiful thing of the fine people at Dirt Crew is that they are giving their annual album compilation away for free.

That’s right! Dirt Crew Recordings – Various Artist Selection 2018 is available for free. And you can download it right here. But why should you download this free music album?

Album compilation filled with great tracks from talented producers.

If you love broken beats, deep house music with a touch of disco and soul. Than the music releases from Dirt Crew will definitely trigger something in your soul. Their music is so divine and from high quality.

Producers like Ponty Mython, Harry Wolfman, Lorenz Rhode, The Revenge & Felix Leifur just to name a few. Are frequently releasing their new music on the imprint. A dope fact is that Dirt Drew also releases their music on Vinyl, which means you can get every release on a 12” as well. Check out our article on online crate digging and how to find great 12 inches.

Broken beats, Deep House with Dreamy Acid elements.

Tracks from the just mentioned artists are also on the free downloadable various artists selection 2018. Expect a selection of funky broken house beats, like Lorenz Rhode with his track Marakuja that includes dope cripsy synth stabs and a funky rolling bassline.. Deep house with a dreamy warm soulful layer from ‘Times Are Ruff – DF3’.

The Dirt Crew Recordings various artist selection 2018 brings a broad variety of sounds. If you love that deep house sound with elements of acid break house and dreamy electronica more. Than ‘Harry Wolfman – Space Cake’ will be your things.

For DJ’s and music lovers.

More acid elements and deep house with dreamy pads can be found in tracks like Ponty Mython – It’s All Understood, and Ouer – Lost Mindset to mention a few.

Whether you are a DJ or a house music lover. The Dirt Crew Recordings various artist selection 2018 will brings some quality music to your collection. That you can play digital or on your DJ turntable.

Check out the full Dirt Crew vinyl catalog here. And see if there are any interesting releases to add to your vinyl collection.

Free Download – Dirt Crew Recordings – Various Artist Selection 2018.

All you need to do is fill in your name and e-mail to receive a download link. If you can’t find the e-mail with link. Make sure to check your spam / unwanted mail inbox.

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