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Dirty Bitcoin Radio 233 – With Kono Vidovic

Kono Vidovic October 16, 2017 46

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Music is beautiful, it connects people, it creates moments and feelings. Music is a real pleasure for the soul and mind. But even though how much i love to talk about music, there is more in life. So occasionally i stumble upon things in my life that i really would like to talk to you about. I also feel that Dirty Disco Radio is not only a musical journey where i play a lot of new electronic dance music that you can listen to. But it’s also place where we can talk and discuss other important matters with each other. That’s why i called this episode ‘Dirty Bitcoin Radio’ for a bit of fun and to refer what we are going to discuss.

Dirty Bitcoin Radio 233.

Only if there is enough demand on the cryptocurrencies subject from my Dirty Disco listeners. We can choose to discuss the subject more often. So let me know if you are interested in Crypto’s, but also let me know if you are totally not interested and don’t want me to talk about this, what could be the future of the financial system. Myself recently got into cryptocurrencies since a documentary about it totally woke me up. ‘Banking in Bitcoin’ was the name and depending on where you are in the world you can find this documentary on Netflix.

Some people believe that this new decentralized financial system will totally take-over the financial system that we know today which is owned and manipulated by banks and governments. With the Cryptocurrencies this will be no longer a fact. The way this system works is, that it is owned by the community, Which means that only the community in it’s whole can choose the direction of the different cryptocurrencies, which you might known as Bitcoins and Altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and so on.

The future looks bright and i strongly believe in it’s success. But there are some buts You never know which way this will go since there are a lot of people who are really pro crypto. But here are also a lot of people (with money) like the banks and governments that are very eager to see the coins disappear. As you can imagine. that when the crypto’s take over the banks lose the power over the people, since they do not own the money anymore.

The beauty of this right now is, that even Banks and governments don’t even know what is really going on right now. And all they can do is, learn, and see. Some of the Banks have created their own digital currency which looks like Bitcoins. But they do not use it for the public but for testing purposes within their own organization to see and learn about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins. Even several ministers from different countries are starting to ask questions and want to know the risk and benefits for their governments. But as it is all in child shoes and owned by the people (you and me) they only can participate in the same way that we do.

With this all there is a lot to talk about and as you can see i would love to chit chat more with you about crypto’s and Bitcoins. So hit me up through my email or social media like Facebook to get an conversation going. And we might just set up a real Bitcoin radio. 😉

Luckily this episode is not only about the new digital coins. There is also music to listen to. Check out the track-list right here below and hit me up if you have any questions.

Track list – Dirty Disco Radio 223.

Crackazat – Midnight in Sector Seven
Tom Trago – Harvest
Nicholas – Rara Lake
Gnork – One Point Two
Crackazat – Rainbow Fantasia
Crackazat – Holding You Close
KALK – Thank You Larry (DJ GJ Edit)
DJ Aakmael – Organik
Anthony Fade – Same Tune
Anthony Fade – Champagne Paradise
Jesse Rose – Pressure (Jackspot Remix)
Crackazat – Sundial
Kerri Chandler – Checkmate
Crackazat – Welcome Speech
Jesse Rose Ft Seven Davis Jr – Appreciate (S-Men Samba Magik remix)
Brame & Hamo – Clarence (Smooth mix)
Brame & Hamo – Hurt You
Tom Trago – Opulent (Within Mix)
Project Pablo – Is It Dry
Project Pablo – You Know
Project Pablo – No Sweat
Juju & Jordash – Herkie

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