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#326 | New Music from: Letherette | Caribou | Detroit Swindle | DJ Seinfeld & more…

Kono Vidovic October 21, 2019 716 1

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Dirty Disco music podcast episode #326 is here which includes and features new music from: Letherette’s newest album Brown Lounge Vol 5. Caribou is back with a new track ‘Home’. Detroit Swindle on their own imprint Heist Recordings with an energetic new EP. DJ Seinfeld bringing in his Parallax and much more so let’s dive in to it right away.

Dirty Disco #326.

Another installment filled with carefully selected music, and like always selected, curated and mixed by me ‘Kono Vidovic’. Every week i select new music for you to listen to and get inspired by, whether you’re a DJ or a music lover. In last weeks episode in reviewed HNNY’s new music album ‘Music is Nice‘ among other 25 new electronic music releases. This week it’s time for 26 tracks including a new album from Letherette with his Brown Lounge Vol 5. Caribou is back after a few years of absence under this moniker with a new track called ‘Home’. Straight from their home country Detroit Swindle are releasing a brand new EP ‘The Life Behind Things’ on their own Heist Recordings. DJ Seinfeld brings a few quality electronica tracks to the table and so much more great music why you should tune in with this episode.

Letherette - Brown Lounge Vol 5

Letherette –  Brown Lounge Vol 5.

If you like funky chopped up beats and breaks this one’s for you. You might know Letherette from his Mander House release the producer also likes to create beats and chop up samples in the most creative ways. With his Brown Lounge Vol 5 series on Wulf Recordings he is giving breaks and beats lovers much to listen to and enjoy. Therefore i added 4 tracks in this weeks episode that open the show up with a funk breakdown.

Caribou Home

Caribou – Home

If you listen to Dirty Disco a lot you know that i like to curate music from Caribou in my selections. You may also have noticed that for the last 5 years after his ‘Our Love’ release their wasn’t much new music under the Caribou moniker. That did not mean he wasn’t making any music, You see Caribou is just an alias from Dan Snaith who produces different kinds of music under different names. And for the last few years he has been very active as Daphni with a more electronic tech sound, where i have been playing a lot music from. 

With his new release ‘Home’ Caribou is finally back and bringing you a nice warm chopped up beat with sample vocals from Gloria Barnes and her same titles song, written by Bobby Dixon. The track brings in a summer feel and sounds very promising for his forthcoming music under the Caribou moniker. Next to his new music he also announced a new music tour. If you like the sound of Caribou make sure to check out the longest mixtape by Caribou with 1000 tracks.

Detroit Swindle - Life Behind Things

Detroit Swindle – Life Behind Things.

After their High Life album reviewed in this episode and just in time for this years summer the Dutch producers duo Detroit Swindle released the remixes album on High Life and a new EP on the Aus Music label. Now they are back with a brand new and energetic EP on their own Heist Recordings label based in Amsterdam The Netherlands. Their new EP ‘Life Behind Things’ brings in a couple of new tracks including the main title track and a track together with Lorenz Rhode ‘Music For Clubs’. I added both of these tracks in this week’s music selection and my favorite is definitely Detroit Swindle – Life Behind Things as it has a very strong energy level. Even though the track has similarities with the in 1973 released track ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ by Timmy Thomas and later covered by Sade as well. 

It’s a real Detroit Swindle original build around a set of switching organs tabs (Those that remind me of Timmy Thomas). With the added live percussion played by Chris Bruining from Mauskovic Danceband the energy totally opens up. Add the acid break and the jazzy organ solo by nobody less than Byron The Aquarius and you have a full swindled energetic groove going on. For real Detroit Swindle lovers here is a Detroit Swindle Free download

DJ Seinfeld - Parallax

DJ Seinfeld –  Paralax

Last but not least to mention in this music blog post is the new EP release by DJ Seinfeld on his own Young Ethics label. Parallax EP is the 3th and last EP released on the label in 2019. After the success of Galazy and Lillium this EP brings in the same quality music with 4 new tracks. The EP will be available as digital format, streaming and on vinyl for all you crate diggers out there.

2 Deep House Classics re-issued.

Next to a lot of new music release i often play classics from the old dusty vinyl box. This time there are two classic deep house EP’s included. One by Herbert on Accidental Jnr, and one by Frenchman Ringard on Dance Around 88.

Herbert – I Hadn’t Known.

According to Accidental Jnr this is their most requested EP to reissue. The original EP was released back in 1998 and taken from Herberts album ‘Around The House’. Now back in the live catalogue and available to order through online music shops like Juno & I included two of the dopest tracks in my mix for this week which is by the way also available as a DJ only mix. You can hear ‘I Hadn’t Know’ And ‘We All Need Love’ in my selection which are both two very dope and unique jazz inspired deep house groovers.

Ringard – Il Capitano.

The next classic from the old 12” box is Ringard – Il Capitano on his own Dance Around 88 label. This happens to be the second release on the French label which originally was released in 2014. A cool fact to know is that all music was recorded with live ‘one shot’ machines and inspired by his own vinyl collection he collected in 10 years. For this release he got inspired by old 12 inches in Acid, Old School, Deep & Techno House. 

Custom DJ Mixes and playlists.

Since i while i have been offering a new music ‘DJ’ service where i can make custom tailored DJ mixes and or playlist for businesses or private use. I have been doing this for a long time, but now i’m offering these services on my website as well. I also listed it on Fiverr as my first gig to see how that goes. Check out the Custom DJ mix service here on Fiverr. Or contact me directly for a customized DJ mix. All genres, sub-genres, styles and occasions / events are possible.

Episode #326 playlist

  1. Letherette – Junie
  2. Letherette – The Beak
  3. Caribou – Home
  4. Letherette – Skoll
  5. Letherette – Dippy Drunk
  6. Silvestre – Jumping Intro
  7. Oliver Verhaeghe – Right Thing to Decide
  8. Oliver Verhaeghe – Butterfly Effect
  9. Oliver Verhaeghe – Summer Night in Paris
  10. Ben Lee – Would You
  11. Herbert – I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard)
  12. Herbert – We All Need Love
  13. DMX Krew – Van Der Waals Interaction
  14. DJ Seinfeld – Right, What Time Do U Wanna Meet
  15. Javonntte – Romance
  16. Javonntte – Rock with It
  17. Detroit Swindle – The Life Behind Things
  18. Javonntte – Rock with It (Bwi-Bwi Remix)
  19. Detroit Swindle Ft Lorenz Rhode – Music For Clubs
  20. DMX Krew – It Might Have Been
  21. Mr. G – It’s like dat boo
  22. Ringard – Thirsty Panther
  23. Ringard – 1988
  24. DJ Seinfeld – Please Slow Down
  25. DJ Seinfeld – Xoul
  26. Rex The Dog – Experimental Housing (EJECA Remix)

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