Dirty Disco 469 Music Podcast Episode Includes 23 New Captivating Tunes.

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It’s mixshow time again! The Dirty Disco 469 music podcast episode is now available, featuring 23 new captivating tunes for your listening pleasure. This week’s mix includes new tracks from Eddy Ramich & Roman Rauch, Mosaik Kollektif, Crackazat and more. If you’re looking for some new music to add to your playlist, you’ll definitely want to check out this episode. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

23 captivating new tunes in Dirty Disco 469.

In this installment of Dirty Disco is purely made out of promo’s with some ont he current time of recording already released and some may come out in the coming week(s). Make sure to check out your favorite new releases and support the artists. Here’s what’s to expect in this week episode.

Eddy Ramich & Roman Rauch - Dayglow (feat. Pete Josef)

Eddy Ramich & Roman Rauch – Dayglow (Ft Pete Josef) | Out on Sonar Kollektif.

As the summer rolls on and temperatures heat up, Eddy Ramich & Roman Rauch are here to provide the perfect soundtrack with their new EP featuring Pete Josef. Dayglow is a high-energy mix of house and electronica that will keep you moving all season long. With this release, the two producers have come together to create something truly special that should not be missed by any fan of electronic dance music.

Check out the full review here.

Mosaik Kollektif - Ritam EP

Mosaik Kollektif – Ritam EP | Out on Saturno Sound.

The Mosaik Kollektif – Ritam EP is a refined and fresh underground deep house gem EP, brought to you by the London Gevgelija-based duo. It was released on 15 July 22 via Saturno Sound, and it features three top-notch, well-produced, and laid-back deep house songs: Ritam, A House & Traffic.

Check out the EP review here.

5 Years of Barbecue Records

Barbecue 5 Years – Album Compilation.

Five years ago, Barbecue Records released its first album to the public. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they decided to put together a compilation of some of deep house’s best artists from all corners of the globe. This includes Simon Loucas, Takadoum, Stay Jaya & Scatter, and Blutch among many others. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, whether you’re lazing on the beach or getting ready for evening activities. This album will have something for everyone and is sure to get your groove on! So slip on your sunglasses and be prepared for a good time!

I wrote a full blog on the compilation here.

Crackazat - Demucha EP

Crackazat – Demucha EP | Heist Recordings.

We’re huge fans of anything Heist releases here at Dirty Disco, and we also love the productions from Swedish multi-instrumentalist Crackazat. So, a combination of these two means that without even listening to it, this must be something good!

Read and hear the full EP here.

YOSA - Rainbow EP

YOSA – The Rainbow EP | Dirt Crew Recordings.

YOSA returns to Dirt Crew Recordings for the first time in 10 years with his new EP, Rainbow. The title track is a pumping and uplifting deep groover that is perfect for any summer outdoor event. The second track, β€œThermae” has a more disco-fied feel and an irresistible bass line. On the remixes, we have a fairly new producer from Japan called mok who makes his official debut with this release. He has already produced a big collection of tracks but these two mixes are his first official outings.

2 free downloadable tracks.

Last but surely not least, this week’s podcast also includes two free downloadable tracks that you can find on the download page (where all the other free music is). The first one and show opening track this week is by Ohmfield – Darkness Deepens.

And the second free track is the end track in this selection and an edit of a remix on Disclosure’s You & Me done by Flume and then edited by Westend & Local Singles made available as a free download.

Dirty Disco Tracklist 469.

As always, you can find the complete track listing on Dirty Disco 469 here on our website. If you like what you hear, be sure to show your support by leaving a rating or review on iTunes and the other available platforms. I really appreciate it!

Until next time, happy listening!

Dirty Disco 469ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateFormat
OhmfieldOhmfieldDarkness DeepensFREE DLFREE DLTrack17-8-22DIG
Eddy Ramich & Roman Rauch - Dayglow (feat. Pete Josef)Eddy Ramich & Roman RauchDayglow Ft Pete JosefDayglowSonar KolletivEP19-8-22DIG
Eddy Ramich & Roman Rauch - Dayglow (feat. Pete Josef)Eddy Ramich & Roman RauchDayglow Ft Pete Josef (Shuya Okino & ROOT SOUL Remix)DayglowSonar KolletivEP19-8-22DIG
Crackazat - Demucha EPCrackazatWe KnowDemuchaHeist RecordingsEP26-8-22DIG & 12”
YOSA - Rainbow EPYOSARainbowRainbow EPDirt Crew RecordingsEP26-8-22DIG
YOSA - Rainbow EP - Dirty Disco 469YOSAThermaeRainbow EPDirt Crew RecordingsEP26-8-22DIG
Crackazat - Demucha EPCrackazatSargeDemuchaHeist RecordingsEP26-8-22DIG & 12”
Elado Edits Vol. 2 EP ReviewEladoBailaEdits Vol 2Razor N TapeEP26-8-22DIG & 12”
5 Years of Barbecue RecordsJan JanssenThe Softness Of EverythingBarbecue 5 YearsBarbecueLP9-9-22DIG
5 Years of Barbecue RecordsBlutchUn Amour InconditionnelBarbecue 5 YearsBarbecueLP9-9-22DIG
Mosaik Kollektif - Ritam EPMosaik KollektifA HouseRitam EPSaturno SoundEP15-7-22DIG
Mosaik Kollektif - Ritam EPMosaik KollektifTrafficRitam EPSaturno SoundEP15-7-22DIG
Crackazat - Demucha EPCrackazatDemuchaDemuchaHeist RecordingsEP26-8-22DIG & 12”
Jacky Mal - When U Comin BackJacky MalWhen U Comin Back (Andy Buchan Remix)When You Comin BackPuzzleProjectsMusicEP26-8-22DIG
Steve Robinson - Wanna BumpSteve RobinsonSteppin’ UpWanna Bump EPScream Soda RecordsEP19-8-22DIG
Jacky Mal - When U Comin BackJacky MalWhen U Comin BackWhen You Comin BackPuzzleProjectsMusicEP26-8-22DIG
Steve Robinson - Wanna BumpSteve RobinsonWanna BumpWanna Bump EPScream Soda RecordsEP19-8-22DIG
Marco Dassi - ButterheadMarco DassiButterheadSpaghetti Al SugoMiuraEP12-8-22DIG
Dalson - WolverineDalsonDiscoWolverineDalsonAudioEP19-8-22DIG
Luca Olivotto - Ahora ComprendoLuca OlivottoThe AnswerAhora ComprendotheBasement DiscosEP12-8-22DIG
Luca Olivotto - Ahora ComprendoLuca OlivottoAhora ComprendoAhora ComprendotheBasement DiscosEP12-8-22DIG
Kellit - Punch DrunkKellitElton SmoothiePunch DrunkMiuraEP26-8-22DIG
Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix) (Westend & Local Singles Edit) Dirty Disco 469DisclosureYou & Me (Flume Remix) (Westend x Local Singles Edit)FREE DLFREE DLTrack5-8-22DIG

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