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Get Ready for Dirty Disco 495. A Musical Journey from Future Soul to Rave Vibes.

Kono Vidovic March 5, 2023 356 11 5

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This week, get ready for a musical journey through time and sound with the latest episode of Dirty Disco. Hosted by Kono Vidovic, this show features 23 new and forthcoming tracks ranging from electronic future soul to chill beats, deep house and more future-focused electronica. With 4 to the floor beats mixed with a 90’s house touch and rave vibe, this episode is sure to please.

Dirty Disco 495 includes.

Opening track “JVLY – ambien” sets the tone for a beautiful 2 hours of exciting music discovery. Then, we travel into the future soul sounds of Sweatson Klank’s latest EP Reverie, featuring tracks like “Pay Day”. Takuya Matsumoto brings us back in time with his Tape Is Rewound EP, an EP that we recently covered in an in-depth music review on our website.

From there we move into classic Nu Disco sounds with 40 Thieves’ Don’t Turn It Off (Session Victim Remix). Also featured are Jeff The Fool’s upbeat “Cowboy”, James Curd’s funky “One Day, One Day, One Day” and Ben Gomori’s groovy “DM Slide”. We also hear new music from Orlando Voorn on Dutch Heist Recordings label as well as Mr Fonk, Decent Rides, HATT.D and many more.

Dirty Disco 495 is sure to be one of our most eclectic episodes yet! Tune in now to experience a unique blend of styles taking you on a journey through time and sound.

The key benefits from listening to Dirty Disco.

• Hear the latest and greatest in electronic music

• Get an overview of new music from various genres

• Discover new artists and tracks you may not have heard before

• Enjoy a carefully curated mix that will keep you entertained

Here are some highlights from last week’s music reviews.

Electronic music lovers, you haven’t lived until you’ve read the recent reviews and publications on Dirty Disco. 🙂 From our insider picks of upcoming tracks that are set to dominate the charts, to our rundowns of past classics that changed the electronic music game forever, you’ll be absolutely thrilled by the content on offer. Don’t miss out on this jam-packed week of reviews and interviews, dive in for a unique chance to experience Dirty Disco’s take on electronic music’s best bops!

Super Yamba Band - Last Leap EP

Track talk with Super Yamba Band about their “Last Leap EP”.

The newest EP by Super Yamba Band takes us on a riveting journey back to their earliest days in the music scene. Last Leap EP gives listeners a glance at the creative energy that was buzzing around the band when they freshly arrived in Brooklyn and starts to unravel itself as they worked their way up, playing for packed crowds in Harlem’s African-music venues and DIY parties all around the city. If you feel up to being taken away on a compelling riffs-driven trip, then this 5-track release is just what you’ve been looking for! So why wait? Put your dancing shoes on, blast those tunes, and come along with Super Yamba Band as they share one of the most daring instrumental afrobeat albums that has seen these past few years.

phenomenal handclap band interview

Exclusive interview with the Phenomenal Handclap Band from New York.

If you’re all about the soul, groove and retro-funk sounds emanating from Brooklyn, then you’re probably already a fan of the Phenomenal Handclap Band. This nine-piece ensemble has been praised as one of NYC’s hottest acts on the music scene, with their unique sound captivating fans and critics alike. Their latest EP, Burning Bridges is no different, inviting listeners to let their guard down and drift away into their immersive sonic landscapes. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive look into this mysterious group, discussing inspirations, creative processes and the ins and outs of working with Razor-N-Tape record label. So dive in and explore our unforgettable interview with Phenomenal Handclap Band!

Takuya Matsumoto - Tape Is Rewound EP

Tape Is Rewound EP by Takuya Matsumoto on FINA Records.

Get ready for a sonic excursion that will get your groove going! With their latest release, FINA Records has tapped into the creative genius of Japanese veteran Takuya Matsumoto. His EP Tape Is Rewound is a masterclass in all things house music, from deep dives to tech-inspired and acid-tinged tunes. It’s an eclectic mix sure to please fans of any house genre – so sit back and let Titanya take you on a journey through his phenomenal sounds! Whether it’s a soulful melody or a thumping beat, this five-track record will have you wanting more. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience – it’s time to hit play and hear Tape Is Rewound!

A few final words.

We hope you enjoyed our episode and the incredible music featured this week! From Super Yamba Band’s Last Leap EP to the unforgettable interview with the Phenomenal Handclap Band from New York, it’s been a journey of eclectic styles that have taken us through time and sound. And let’s not forget Takuya Matsumoto’s Tape Is Rewound EP – a record that should not be missed. We can’t wait to see what the next week has in store for us, so make sure you come back for more music reviews and interviews from Dirty Disco!

Thanks for reading our review! We hope you enjoyed it and found some new music that tickles your fancy. Be sure to tune in every week for more awesome reviews and interviews from Dirty Disco, the best place for all things electronic music related! Until next time, happy listening!

Full tracklist of Dirty Disco 495.

  1. JVLY – ambten
  2. Sweatson Klank – Pay Day
  3. Sweatson Klank – One or My Friends
  4. Phonk D & Sascha Ciminiera – Talkin’ Bout The Blues
  5. Takuya Matsumoto – Tape Is Rewound
  6. Takuya Matsumoto – Selfless
  7. Ben Gomori – DM Slide
  8. James Curd – One Day, One Day, One Day
  9. Mr Fonk – Karen’s Piano (Johannes Albert remix)
  10. Damian Rausch – The Heat
  11. 40 Thieves Ft Qzen – Don’t Turn It Off (Session Victim Extended remix)
  12. Naux – Runauway
  13. James Curd – One Day, One Day, One Day (KX9000 Remix)
  14. Jesusdapnk & Ivonne Calvillo – Under Your Skin
  15. Orlando Voorn – Day by Day
  16. Decent Rides – Soulfever (Jesse Bro remix)
  17. Jesusdapnk & Ivonne Calvillo – On and On
  18. Sudden Moves – Long Time
  19. Soulidan – Nostalgic Happiness
  20. Jeff The Fool – Cowboy
  21. Lauti Mina – So Long
  22. Aerial Boy – Stellar Drift
  23. HATT.D – Every Day

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