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Dirty Disco 506: Electrifying Beats Meet Positive Vibes: An In-Depth Exploration.

Kono Vidovic June 4, 2023 367 3 5

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Welcome to the 506th episode of Dirty Disco Radio, where DJ and host Kono Vidovic curates a mesmerizing blend of electronic dance music. This blog post serves as your guide, offering insights into the featured tracks and artists that make this episode truly special. Get ready to dive into an enticing lineup that is sure to spark joy and an irresistible urge to dance.

The Power of Music

As we begin our journey with the bold and vibrant beats of ‘Do It’ by Jam City & Aiden, it’s worth reflecting on the power of music. This art form has the remarkable ability to transport us to places we’ve never been, evoke emotions that words fall short of, and unite us across cultures and continents.

Diving into the Tracks: ‘Do It’ and Beyond

The episode kicks off with the vibrant ‘Do It’ by Jam City & Aiden, a track that sets the energetic tone right from the start. Its groovy rhythm leads seamlessly into Kosmo Kint’s ‘Happy Ever After’, an idyllic tune that creates a euphoric atmosphere.

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Premium Membership and Custom DJ Mix Service

As we transition to the hypnotic sound of Kosmo Kint’s ‘Happy Ever After’, consider our premium Dirty Disco membership on Apple podcasts and Mixcloud Select. With this, you gain access to DJ-only mixes, adding an exclusive touch to your Dirty Disco experience. Kono Vidovic also offers a custom DJ mix service, providing personalized mixes for your unique taste.

From ‘Stations’ to ‘Mareas’: The Genius of Fernando

The Pete Herbert remix of Fernando’s ‘Stations’ creates a hypnotic sound experience, paving the way for the tantalizing beats of ‘Mareas’. These tracks showcase the versatility of Fernando’s sound, adding depth to the episode’s overall ambiance.

Dive Deeper into The Music World

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The Enigmatic Folamour

Folamour, renowned for his eclectic style, contributes several tracks to this episode. ‘Heartbroken’, featuring Khazali, tugs at the heartstrings with its poignant beats. ‘Manifesto’, featuring Jungle By Night, displays Folamour’s ability to create compelling narratives through his music. ‘Poundland Anthem’ ends on a high, eliciting a contagious urge to dance.

Booking Kono Vidovic: An Unforgettable Experience

Fancy a personalized music experience at your next event? You can book Kono Vidovic, an internationally acclaimed DJ, to play at your party. Be it an intimate gathering or a massive festival, Kono is ready to bring the magic of Dirty Disco to your doorstep.

Late-Night Magic with ‘Midnight’ and ‘Time 2 Get Deep’

As we transition into the later stages of the episode, ‘Midnight’ by Coflo and ‘Time 2 Get Deep’ by DJ Lookbook carry us into a more intimate sound atmosphere. Both tracks encapsulate the mystique of the night—a time when the world sleeps, and the DJs play.

Accessibility of Dirty Disco

Don’t miss out on any of our episodes. Dirty Disco is available on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple and Google Podcasts, and our website. Subscribe and ensure a constant supply of the finest electronic dance music.

Conclusion: From ‘Do It’ to ‘Suntune’

Our journey concludes with Nu Cleo’s soothing ‘Suntune’, the perfect ending to an exhilarating sonic exploration. Through 22 captivating tracks, Episode 506 encapsulates the spirit of Dirty Disco, vibrant, positive, and transcendent. Music is a universal language, and at Dirty Disco, we believe in spreading this language far and wide. We urge you to share our podcasts with your friends, family, and anyone who appreciates good music. Let them be a part of this incredible journey that is Dirty Disco. And remember – stay positive, stay healthy, and keep the music loud. Until the next episode, this is Dirty Disco Radio, signing off.

Dirty Disco 506 full tracklist.

  1. Jam City & Aiden – Do It
  2. Kosmo Kint – Happy Ever After
  3. Folamour – Heartbroken (Ft Khazali)
  4. Fernando – Stations (Pete Herbert remix)
  5. Fernando – Mareas
  6. Folamour – Freedom
  7. Jam City – Touch Me
  8. Gigi Testa – Echoes In The Sky
  9. Folamour – Manifesto (ft Jungle BY Night)
  10. Tooli – Peace and Love
  11. Krewcial – Wahała Dei
  12. Folamour – Fearless
  13. Coflo – Midnight
  14. Ortella – Needin’U
  15. Luca Olivotto – Just A Bit
  16. Folamour – Poundland Anthem
  17. Tooli – One Eyed Giant
  18. Reece Johnson – Watching’, Waiting
  19. Peter LC – M oody Pit
  20. DJ Lookbook – Time 2 Get Deep
  21. Sunny Galaxy – Choba
  22. Nu Cleo – Suntune

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