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Dirty Disco 507: Your Ultimate Guide to Electrifying Beats and Positive Vibes in Electronic Music.

Kono Vidovic June 11, 2023 239 3 5

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Introduction: Embrace the Rhythm with Dirty Disco Radio

Are you a fan of electronic dance music (EDM), house music, or disco? Or perhaps a music enthusiast looking for a fresh, rhythmic experience? Look no further! Welcome to an in-depth exploration of Dirty Disco 507, one of the most buzzworthy music podcasts on the block. This blog post serves as your personal guide, offering insider insights into the captivating tracks and artists that make this episode a sonic journey into the realm of electronic music.

The Power of Electronic Dance Music in Dirty Disco 507.

Dirty Disco Radio, in its mesmerizing 507th episode, showcases the power of electronic music to the fullest. As a listener, you will be transported to a euphoric state of mind, experiencing emotions beyond words, and feeling a sense of unity that only music can bring. The episode takes off with the vibrant ‘All Night by Lack Of Afro, setting the energetic tone right from the start. Its groovy rhythm is infectious and representative of the quality beats that define this electronic music podcast.

Meet DJ Kono Vidovic: The Mastermind Behind Dirty Disco Radio.

If you’re new to Dirty Disco Radio, allow us to introduce DJ Kono Vidovic, the charismatic host and curator of this musical gem. With his inherent talent for blending beats, each episode is a unique experience, seamlessly merging different electronic music subgenres from house to deep disco and beyond.

Dirty Disco 507: A Curated Expedition into Music’s Hidden Gems.

Dirty Disco 507 is a carefully curated collection of tracks that provide a rich and diverse listening experience. The heart-thumping beats of ‘Club Soda to the soulful melodies of JB Edits, Bajazo, Roy Ford ,Quadrakey and other artists, each track is a chapter in this unforgettable musical journey. This episode is more than just a collection of beats; it’s a sonic adventure filled with positive vibes and electrifying rhythms that are hallmarks of electronic dance music.

Join the Dirty Disco Community: Discover, Dance, Repeat.

Dive into the Dirty Disco 507 experience now! Listen to the podcast, follow the beat, and let the music take over. Join the Dirty Disco community and share your experience with us and other music lovers. And remember, there’s a new Dirty Disco episode every week, so subscribe now to stay updated on the latest in the electronic music scene.

Dirty Disco tracklist.

  1. Lack Of Afro – All Night
  2. Leilah – Element
  3. North Satellite – Love Is On The One (Florian Blauensteiner Response)
  4. Club Soda – Gin Tonic (Studio Jam Edit)
  5. Nenor – Side Effect
  6. Red D – Dust King (CHARLES WEBSTER Remix)
  7. JB Edits – Stick In The Mud Guy
  8. JB Edits – Weakness For Your Sweetness
  9. Quadrakey – Moreless
  10. Nenor – Start It Up
  11. Nenor – Running Out
  12. Quadrakey – Two Reasons
  13. Quadrakey – Overnight
  14. Red D – Smoothness She Brings (Ft Reggie Dokes) (Kai Alce Remix)
  15. Bajazo – Alone With You
  16. JB Edits – Find Yourself Friends
  17. Discodumper & Noty – Believe
  18. Alex Preston – Loving You
  19. Bajazo – Do You Like That
  20. Roy Ford – Victoria’s Secrets (Instrumental)
  21. Club Soda – Basso e Batteria (Hill Lost Dub Mix)
  22. ZUSO – Aurora

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