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Dirty Disco 512: Get Ready to Dance and Be Inspired | Last Show Before a Short Break.

Kono Vidovic July 23, 2023 249 6 5

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Welcome to another heart-thumping episode of Dirty Disco 512! Your host, Kono Vidovic, is here once again to help you navigate the deep and dynamic universe of electronic dance music. Are you ready to plunge into the summer heat with the freshest beats that radiate good vibes? Then you’re in the right place!

This episode is not just a collection of new dance music releases. It’s a journey through various beats and rhythms that inspire and motivate. Here at Dirty Disco, we believe in the uplifting power of music. So, get ready to ride this rhythmic wave of positivity and self-growth.

Shall we jump right in?

The groove is in the heart.

This episode starts off with the mesmerizing beats from Crackazat, setting the mood with their tracks “When We Last Met” and “I Need to Know”. As we continue, you’ll discover the irresistible rhythms of Reuben Vaun Smith, Laurence Guy, 6th Borough Project and others. Each track is an explosion of energy that will surely make you move.

Don’t forget, you can keep this party going with our Spotify playlist where these tunes, among others, await you. Feel free to add your own flavor and suggest tracks for us to include in the mix!

Delve deeper into the beat.

For a more immersive Dirty Disco experience, head over to our website There, you’ll find insightful interviews with artists, in-depth music reviews, and publications that’ll enrich your understanding of the tracks you hear in our episodes.

Join the conversation with dynamic artists such as Crackazat, Bell Towers, and Pablo Valentino. Hear their stories, understand their process, and get inspired by their passion for music. Also, don’t miss out on our top 10 lists curated by our featured artists and our detailed music reviews that peel back the layers of the newest releases.

Make Dirty Disco your own.

For our super fans, consider subscribing to Dirty Disco’s premium segment on Apple Podcasts or Mixcloud Select. Here, you’ll gain access to the DJ-only mixes of the show, get closer to the music you love, and support the artists and me, your host, Kono Vidovic.

Back to the dance floor.

As we dive back into the music, we’ll sway to the enchanting rhythms of Ricky Razu, Rick Wade, Workerz, and more. Each beat, each melody, is a new chapter in this sonic story we’re telling.

This episode ends with the intoxicating sounds of Andy Murphy & Gas Kempster’s “House Is The Religion”. But remember, even though we’re wrapping up this show, the music never stops. You can always replay our episodes or check out our DJ-only mixes available to our premium subscribers.

A brief pause for a summer holiday.

As we conclude Dirty Disco 512, I want to let you know that I will be taking a short break. Don’t worry though, the music will continue to play. You can explore the DJ-only mixes or replay our previous episodes. Trust me, there are plenty of rhythms to keep you dancing.

Show your love for Dirty Disco.

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Final Note.

Thank you for being part of Dirty Disco 512. I hope you had as much fun listening and dancing to these tracks as I did mixing them for you. Remember, keep the good vibes flowing, dance like nobody’s watching, and let the music inspire you. I’ll be back before you know it with more beats that’ll make you move. Until then, keep living the music!

Let’s stay connected! Follow me on Instagram, and let’s continue to grow together in our shared love for music. Keep the dance floor hot and remember to always live the music.

Dirty Disco 512 tracklist.

  1. Crackazat – When We Last Met
  2. Crackazat – I Need to Know
  3. Reuben Vaun Smith – Beams
  4. Laurence Guy – I’ve Been Much Too Distant For Most of My Life
  5. 6th Borough Project – Keep On
  6. Crackazat – Do You Think About Me
  7. Bell Towers – In A Loop
  8. Pablo Valentino – Rua De Cima Do Muro
  9. Reuben Vaun Smith – The Waxing Gibbous Moon
  10. Ricky Razu – Got Me Trippin’
  11. Ricky Razu – Deep Blue
  12. Rick Wade – Groove Head
  13. Rick Wade – No BS
  14. Workerz – Sweetness
  15. 6th Borough Project – Truth
  16. Workerz – Goin’ On
  17. Ricky Razu – Be There
  18. Laurence Guy – Scenes I See FT Miller Blue
  19. 6th Borough Project – Rhythm
  20. Luca Monteforte – Under The Influence
  21. Luca Monteforte – Present Day
  22. Luca Monteforte – Purple Vespa
  23. Laurence Guy – I Hate Futuristic Metropolises
  24. Sosandlow – Unchained (Craftsmanship Remix)
  25. Andy Murphy & Gas Kempster – House Is The Religion

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