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Dirty Disco 513: A Post-Vacation Musical Odyssey.

Kono Vidovic August 13, 2023 262 6 5

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Welcome to Dirty Disco 513, where the beats are hotter than ever, and the vibes are irresistibly electric! Fresh from a soul-enriching vacation across France, Italy, and Belgium, I, Kono Vidovic, am back to whisk you away on another musical expedition. Whether you’ve been waiting eagerly or just stumbled upon us, this episode promises a rhythmic feast for the ears.

Rediscovering Rhythms.

Just as every journey brings new experiences, this episode is a curated blend of sounds inspired by my recent travels. Think of it as a musical postcard, bringing you the pulsating heartbeats of European dance floors. From the romantic alleyways of France to the vibrant piazzas of Italy, each track echoes a memory, a moment, a dance.

Step Into the Groove.

Kicking things off, we have ’49th & Main’ with their compelling tune ‘Call Me Back’. As we progress, you’ll be treated to the melodious symphonies of artists like ‘Belau’, ‘James Johnston’, ‘The Chemical Brothers’ and the ever-captivating ‘@hosiannahmusic’. By the time we reach ‘Romeo Louisa’s’ ‘Can’t Let You’, you’ll be immersed in a world where beats narrate stories, and melodies evoke emotions.

Deepen Your Dirty Disco Dive.

Your musical escapade doesn’t end here. For those yearning for more, our Spotify playlist is brimming with tracks that are waiting to be discovered. And if you’re intrigued by the tales behind the tunes, our website,, offers a treasure trove of artist interviews, in-depth reviews, and more.

Exclusivity at Its Best.

If you’re looking to get even closer to the Dirty Disco vibe, consider signing up for our premium segment on Apple Podcasts or Mixcloud Select. Revel in the DJ-only mixes and support the very essence of what makes Dirty Disco tick. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the community, the connection, and the shared passion.

Finishing on a High Note.

As we wrap up Dirty Disco 513, it’s a reminder that every ending is a new beginning. While I was away, I felt the universal language of music binding us all, no matter where we are. And as always, it’s a pleasure sharing this with you.

Stay in Touch.

The music might stop, but the conversation never does. Let’s keep the fire burning on Instagram. Share your thoughts, your dance moves, or simply tell me about your day. Remember, in the world of Dirty Disco, you’re never alone on the dance floor.

Dirty Disco 513 tracklist.

1. 49th & Main – Call Me Back

2. Belau ft Mulay – Home

3. James Johnston – Fade Away

4. Zeynep Erbay – Healer Whale (Marshall Watson Remix)

5. Lemonade Baby – Tints (Ft Kevin Collet)

6. The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (Paul Mond Flip)

7. Tasha Angela – Space and Time (Laroye Remix)

8. Processing Vessel – Crazy

9. Ben Gomori Ft Ally McMahon – Prelude in E

10. Discodumper & Noty – Brazilian Coffee

11. Finger Trips – What You Do

12. Ezra Collins – Hold On

13. Kayper – Wut Wut

14. Kornum – Habengut

15. Hosiannah – Bingo Flamingo

16. Hosiannah – If you own a cat you like it freaky

17. Hosiannah – Oh, you’re taller in real life

18. 49th & Main – Lovin’ You

19. Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Paul Mond Flip)

20. Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For LA (Paul Mond Flip)

21. LS14 – House Music

22. Ginko -Television Mixdown

23. Romeo Louisa – Find Your Strength

24. Roy Ford – I Go Out Alone (Feat Jacobs Morgan & Naloni) (Roy Ford VIP A)

25. Bress Underground – It’s House

26. Romeo Louisa – Can’t Let You

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