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Dirty Disco 515: Dive Deep with Kono Vidovic into the Latest Sonic Waves.

Kono Vidovic August 27, 2023 160 5 5

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Welcome, audiophiles, to Dirty Disco 515, where every beat captures a moment, and every melody paints a picture! Your musical guide, Kono Vidovic, is back with a compilation that promises to lift your spirits and move your soul. Whether you’re a die-hard Dirty Disco aficionado or it’s your maiden voyage, prepare to be swept off your feet by an auditory tidal wave.

Embarking on a New Auditory Adventure.

Today’s episode encapsulates the sheer excitement of encountering fresh sounds and diving deep into the vast ocean of electronic music. It’s a passionate pursuit to find those tunes that resonate, make your heart race, and unleash the dancer within.

Synchronize with the Symphony.

Starting with the rhythmic allure of ‘Gavinco’, we journey through electronic mazes and house grooves from dynamic duos like ‘Major Lazer & Major Lazer Djz’ and reach the depths of soundscapes with ‘Disclosure’. As the tracklist unfolds, so does the intricate tapestry of sound – introducing artists that challenge conventions and pull you into their world.

Broaden Your Dirty Disco Vision.

There’s always more to explore! Our Spotify playlist is a musical map, guiding you to hidden territories of eargasmic delights. For a deeper dive into the stories, origins, and inspirations behind these tunes, make a pit-stop at It’s your key to a realm of artist interviews, in-depth reviews, and tales from the musical cosmos.

Embrace the Exclusive Essence.

Join the inner circle and get even closer to the heart of Dirty Disco. Access DJ-only mixes, and immerse yourself in curated sound experiences available exclusively on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select. With Dirty Disco, it’s not merely about the rhythm; it’s about belonging to a vibrant tribe that celebrates, shares, and grooves in unison.

A Melodic Sign-Off, Till Next Beat Drops.

As the echoes of DJ Cuddles’ ‘Can’t Give Up’ linger, let’s cherish the magic of music. Every track is a journey, every note a memory. In this vast universe of sound, it’s a privilege to be your guide and fellow traveler.

Stay Groovy, Stay Connected.

Though the playlist may end, our connection pulsates ever strong. Join the conversation on Instagram, share your musical musings, dance clips, or just drop a hello. In the bustling realm of Dirty Disco, you’re always amidst friends and rhythm.

Dirty Disco 515 Tracklist.

  1. Gavinco – Kalimba
  2. Gavinco – Funkula
  3. Major Lazer & Major Lazer Djz – Ngibambe (Jayda G Remix)
  4. Kapote – The Body Move
  5. August 42 – Da House
  6. Sound Support – Work 2 It
  7. Thomas Trax – Going On
  8. Sebastian Knight & Walt J – Save Me
  9. Fimiani & Bplan – Believe In Yourself
  10. Barbara Boing, Esa & Phil Mill – Brigada (Esa Club Dub)
  11. Gavinco  – Blanche
  12. Gavinco – Step Together
  13. Cody Currie – Cash (Dan Shake Remix)
  14. Soul Central – Strings Of Life Un Amore Supremo (Raw Mix Extended)
  15. Tony Quattro – I-95
  16. August 42 – Irene
  17. Carlo – Temores
  18. Carlo – Shuffle Fantasy
  19. Dj Cuddles – Double Plus
  20. DJ Cuddles – Hurtin’
  21. Disclosure – Observer Effect
  22. Kassian – The Machine (Third Son Remix)
  23. Byron The Aquarius – Roses to the OGS
  24. Byron The Aquarius – R E L A X A T I O N
  25. DJ Cuddles – Can’t Give Up

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