Dirty Disco 516: Journey with Kono Vidovic through Sonic Landscapes of Tomorrow.

Kono Vidovic September 3, 2023 159 6 5

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Welcome back, musical explorers, to yet another edition of Dirty Disco. This is episode 516, where the rhythms tell tales and melodies ignite emotions. With Kono Vidovic steering the ship, it’s time for an exploration of the latest offerings in the world of electronic beats. Whether you’ve been a long-time resident of our Dirty Disco universe or you’ve just dropped by, brace yourself for a transformative musical adventure.

Setting the Tempo for Today’s Odyssey.

Dirty Disco 516 opens up a treasure trove of electronic music that defies the conventional. As we seek the perfect groove, we promise a line-up of tracks that will make your heart sync with the bass and your soul dance in joy.

Navigating Through the Sound Waves.

In this captivating episode, get ready to embark on a musical journey encompassing a wide range of genres and tantalizing beats. From vibrant tracks like Lemonade Baby‘s “Tints” to soulful renditions such as Jackie MOORE’s “Holding Back (Moplen Remix),” the tracklist offers an irresistible blend of infectious grooves and captivating melodies. Dive into the deeper side of electronic music with Cinthie’s “Time To F..” and let the fusion of Afrobeat elements and electronic sounds in Peter Matson, J Kriv & Samy Love’s “Ewesse Ye (Auntie Flo Remix)” transport you to entrancing musical landscapes.

Experience the nu-disco vibes of Fouk’s “Money (JKriv & Peter Matson Remix)” and the introspective ambiance of Cinthie’s “Tough Times.” Lose yourself in the mysterious atmospheres of Masupilami’s “Noctambulist” and let Tree Threes’ “Ever Present” bring you tranquility. Groove to the pulsating rhythms of Kolter’s “Meine Hihat” and immerse yourself in Tibi Dabo’s enchanting “Overture.” The tracklist also features tracks by Yesca, DJ Minx, Byron The Aquarius, Hamdi Ryder, Wooka, Teleseen, Robert James, Nosa Thing & Jacques Greene & Our. Get ready to be captivated by this diverse and dynamic musical journey.

The Dirty Disco Universe Awaits.

Hungry for more? Let the Dirty Disco Spotify playlist be your compass, directing you to uncharted lands of sonic joy. For stories and insights behind the beats, anchor yourself at, where music meets narratives, and artists come alive.

Exclusivity has a New Soundtrack.

For those craving a touch more exclusivity, the DJ-only mix awaits! Find your personal sound haven, with mixes tailor-made for true audiophiles, exclusively on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select. Here, at Dirty Disco, it’s not just about the tunes; it’s about being part of a thriving community that breathes music.

Echoes of Today, Anticipation for Tomorrow.

As the resonating beats of ‘Motown Swagger’ by Kolter wind down, we’re reminded of the beauty of this musical voyage. With each track, we’ve shared moments, created memories, and promised many more rhythmic rendezvous.

Your Beat, Our Rhythm.

Even as the last note fades, our musical bond remains intact. Engage with us on Instagram, share your feedback, or simply send a wave. Remember, in the pulsating world of Dirty Disco, you’re always amidst friends, beats, and endless grooves.

Dirty Disco 516 Tracklist.

  1. Lemonade Baby – Tints (Ft Kevin Collett)
  2. Jackie MOORE – Holding Back (Moplen Remix)
  3. Tree Threes – Get Down
  4. Cinthie – Time To F..
  5. Peter Matson, J Kriv & Samy Love – Ewesse Ye (Auntie Flo Remix)
  6. Gaoule Muziek – A ka Titine (Dam Swindle Remix)
  7. Fouk – Money (JKriv & Peter Matson Remix)
  8. Cinthie – Tough Times
  9. Masupilami – Noctambulist
  10. Tree Threes – Ever Present
  11. Kolter – Meine Hihat
  12. Kolter – Motown Swagger
  13. Tibi Dabo – Overture
  14. Yesca – On My Mind
  15. DJ Minx – A Walk In The Park (Soul Clap Remix)
  16. Byron The Aquarius – I Love Y (Kush Jones Remix)
  17. MarMar – You
  18. Hamdi Ryder – Foggy Sunrise
  19. Wooka – To RelaxxX
  20. Teleseen – Exposures (Black Loops Remix)
  21. Robert James – Planet (Tom Bulwer & Anna Wall Remix)
  22. Nosa Thing & Jacques Greene & Our – Too Close

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