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Dirty Disco 518: A Sonic Journey Beyond Limits: Unravel the Latest Beats in the Electronic Music Scene!

Kono Vidovic September 17, 2023 192 6 5

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Hello, beloved Dirty Disco aficionados and the global music community! Your host, Kono Vidovic, is back with another electrifying episode, promising to lead you through a kaleidoscope of soundscapes that blend the contemporary beats with timeless rhythms. Prepare to embark on a sonic journey that transcends borders, as we dive into Dirty Disco 518!

Dirty Disco 518: Your gateway to the pulse of today’s electronic beats

Step into the heart of the Dirty Disco 518 universe, where musical boundaries are pushed, and fresh rhythms are the norm. Kono Vidovic, your adept guide, unveils a carefully curated playlist, combining genres that bridge the modern with the classic, promising an auditory feast that resonates with your soul.

A voyage through musical layers

This week, we set the stage with the enthralling sounds of Berzinque’s “Riviera”, a track that effortlessly transports you to sun-kissed shores with its sun-soaked rhythms. As we traverse further, we stumble upon the magical collaboration of Jesusdapnk & Levy, who grace us with their masterpiece, “Mirage”. This journey through sound also showcases the captivating “Rough Sands” by Kai Alce, sweeping you off your feet and immersing you into a vibrant tapestry of electronic beats.

Hold on, as the journey doesn’t stop here. We have a phenomenal line-up featuring the intricate soundscapes of “Confusion”, beautifully remixed by Toribio, and the final gem “New Life Livin” by Kai Alce, a track embodying the spirit of renewal and fresh beginnings.

The Dirty Disco space awaits

Yearning for more? The Dirty Disco Spotify playlist serves as your golden ticket to a sonic utopia, steering you towards uncharted territories of musical euphoria. For deeper narratives and the stories that birthed these beats, navigate to, a haven where musical narratives take shape, and artists unfold their captivating journeys.

  • Nightmares on Wax - CLUB E.A.S.E. - #2
  • Naux on Frappe Parade Nauptiale
  • Kai Alce - New Life EP
  • Jayda G - Scars (Kerri Chandler Edit)
  • Janeret - Joy & Happiness cover

Exclusive community experiences

For the aficionados seeking an inner circle experience, we have something bespoke for you. Plunge into the DJ-only mix available on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select channels, a sanctuary of sounds handcrafted for the true connoisseurs of music. Being a part of the Dirty Disco community means immersing oneself in a vibrant ecosystem that breathes and evolves with the pulse of music.

Your weekly injection of positivity and rhythm

As we near the conclusion of this week’s odyssey, we remind you that the world is your dance floor, and each week, we unite to celebrate the joyous rhythm of life, one beat at a time. Engage with us on Instagram, share your thoughts, and join a tribe that revels in the happiness and unity that music fosters.

Dirty Disco 518 Tracklist

  1. Aura Safari – Disco Mantra
  2. George John – Strong Woman
  3. Nightmares on Wax – Whodunit
  4. Laroie – Why Don’t Ya (Hugo XL remix)
  5. Felipe Gordon – The Warehouse Beast
  6. Laroie – Friend Or Lover (Manuel Darquart Remix)
  7. Kai Alce – Strollin thru Barcelona
  8. Nightmares on Wax – 1More une
  9. Tilman – A Time To Shine
  10. Kai Alce – Slide It In
  11. Frits Wentink – Intentions
  12. Janeret – Fallin
  13. Jayda G – Scars (Kerri Chandler Edit)
  14. Tour-Maubourg & Bendrik – Elements Of House
  15. Naux – Let Your Jauy
  16. Naux – Jeez Car Destiny
  17. Berzinque – Riviera
  18. Jesusdapnk & Levy – Mirage
  19. Kai Alce – Rough Sands
  20. Laroie – Confusion (Toribio Remix)
  21. Kai Alce – New Life Livin

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