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Dirty Disco 519: The Pulse of Electronic Music Continues to Beat Strong! 

Kono Vidovic September 24, 2023 116 5 5

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Hello, dear Dirty Disco enthusiasts and the vibrant global music family! It’s Kono Vidovic here once again, presenting yet another scintillating episode. As we build upon the legacy of last week, gear up for an experience that blends the finest of the past with the pulsating beats of today. Welcome to the realm of Dirty Disco 519!

Dirty Disco 519: 

Immersion into Today’s Electrifying Rhythms The universe of Dirty Disco 519 beckons! Here, we continually push the boundaries of music, always seeking the freshest and most iconic sounds. Join me, Kono Vidovic, as I guide you through a playlist that’s a testament to our insatiable hunger for electronic excellence.

Highlighted music.

But, as every Dirty Disco enthusiast knows, the journey is endless. We have a galaxy of sounds ahead, including the melodious “First Sight” by Laroye and tracks that echo with both deep introspection and exuberant celebration.

The latest artists interviews.

Laroye - First Sight EP

Tom Laroye: A Musical Journey Revealed

Tom Laroye, the beloved French deep house producer, has captured the hearts of discerning dancefloors and radio airwaves with his mesmerizing deep house and afro house flavor. Now, he returns with his highly anticipated second release on Freerange Records, the captivating ‘First Sight’ EP. This remarkable body of work truly showcases Laroye’s unique musical vibe.

Join us as Tom Laroye takes us on a journey through his musical evolution, highlighting ten tracks that have served as milestones along his incredible path. Each track is a testament to Laroye’s talent and artistry, representing pivotal moments in his creative exploration.


ASHRR Unveils “Fizzy” from Upcoming Album, Featuring Hopetown Brown and Felix Dickinson

Los Angeles-based trio, ASHRR, is getting ready to offer a tantalizing preview of their forthcoming album with the release of “Fizzy.” This vibrant track not only features a collaboration with the acclaimed Hopetown Brown, also known as Scientist, but also receives a powerful remix from the talented Felix Dickinson. Their recent signing to the esteemed UK label, 20:20 Vision, under the leadership of Ralph Lawson, adds to the anticipation surrounding their musical journey.

In order to delve deeper into the creative essence of ASHRR, we invited the trio to share some significant music that has shaped their unique path. Join us on this musical odyssey as ASHRR unveils captivating melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and an extraordinary fusion of genres that define their artistic evolution. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of ASHRR and embark on a journey that is sure to captivate your senses.

Aura Safari

Aura Safari Presents: Island Dreams

Italian DJ and production collective, Aura Safari, makes a triumphant return with their highly anticipated second album, “Island Dreams,” released on the renowned Hell Yeah label. Embark on a vibrant and sun-soaked odyssey as Aura Safari takes you on a sonic journey through balmy Mediterranean evenings, sundown sessions, and mesmerizing analogue grooves. Allow yourself to be whisked away to a tropical paradise of blissful vibes and idyllic landscapes.

Meet the talented individuals who make up Aura Safari: Andrea Moretti, Lorenzo Lavoratori, Daniele Melloni, Nicholas Iammatteo, Lorenzo Francioli, Ruggero Bonucci, and Nicola Pitassio. Together, they weave a tapestry of sound that captures the essence of their musical prowess.

More Dirty Disco vibes.

Dirty Disco Universe Beckons Craving for an even more immersive experience? The Dirty Disco Spotify playlist extends an invitation, guiding you through a labyrinth of electronic wonders. Dive deeper into the narratives behind these beats at, where each track tells its unique tale.

Exclusive Insights for the Avid Listener For those desiring an exclusive touch, immerse yourself in our DJ-only mix on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select channels. Join the Dirty Disco community; become part of a living, breathing world that pulsates in harmony with the rhythm of the beats we cherish.

A Reminder to Dance, Reflect, and Rejoice As we approach the finale of this week’s episode, remember: every corner of the globe, every room in your home, is a dancefloor. Weekly, we come together, dancing to life’s rhythm, beat by beat. Connect with us on Instagram, share your vibes, and be part of a movement that celebrates the unifying power of music.

Dirty Disco 519 tracklist.

  1. Eli Escobar – Ocean Outro
  2. Eli Escobar – Intro
  3. Eli Escobar – Breeze
  4. Eli Escobar – Manhattan
  5. Four80East – Gonna Be Alright
  6. TipToes – It’s Only Love
  7. Eli Escobar – In My bones
  8. Eli Escobar – Down All Day
  9. Laroye – First Sight (Ft Javonntte)
  10. Orlando Voorn – Take My hand
  11. Laroye – Aku Dance
  12. TipToes – Food
  13. Tiptoes – Record Business
  14. Tiptoes – Call Me
  15. Floorplan – What You Need
  16. Eli Escobar – Something Inside Of Me
  17. Subjoi – Know You Better
  18. KX9000 – A Kiss
  19. Tree Threes – Love Vibration
  20. Tree Threes – Let Me Free
  21. Tiptoes – Brothers & Sisters
  22. Eli Escobar – He Loves Me
  23. Zoura DS – Who’s To Say
  24. Tree Threes – House Healed You
  25. Kerri Chandler & Dennis Quin – You Are In My System
  26. Bodysync – Get Up! (Ft Byron Stingily)

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