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Dirty Disco 520: The Resurgence of UK Garage Vibes!

Kono Vidovic October 1, 2023 179 4 5

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Hello, beloved Dirty Disco aficionados and the ever-passionate global music tribe! Kono Vidovic here, back with another electrifying episode. As we ride the waves of last week’s sonic journey, prepare yourself for an episode that marries the nostalgic beats of yesteryears with the invigorating rhythms of today. Step into the vibrant world of Dirty Disco 520!

Dirty Disco 520: The Revival of UK Garage’s Golden Era.

 The cosmos of Dirty Disco 520 awaits! In this realm, we never settle; we’re always on the hunt for the most groundbreaking and memorable tunes. Join me, Kono Vidovic, as I navigate you through a playlist that showcases our undying passion for the finest in electronic music.

Navigating the Sonic Currents. 

Our musical odyssey begins with the rediscovery of a UK Garage gem from South Street Records. The track, a collaboration between the underground legend Daryl B and the maestro MJ Cole, features the enchanting vocals of the queen of lovers rock, Carrol Thompson. This piece of UK Garage Gold was a sensation on stations like Kiss FM in its prime, and its re-release couldn’t be more timely with the resurgence of UKG in 2023.

But, as every Dirty Disco devotee knows, the voyage never truly ends. We have a universe of melodies to explore, including the captivating beats of the Wimbledon Funk Force, the allure of Tiffanys, and the raw, unfiltered moments of singing down the headphones in the studio.

The Dirty Disco Galaxy Invites You. 

Hungry for a deeper dive? The Dirty Disco Spotify playlist is your gateway, leading you through a maze of electronic marvels. For a more intimate connection with the beats, visit, where every track unravels its own story.

Exclusive Glimpses for the True Enthusiast.

For those yearning for that extra layer of exclusivity, delve into our DJ-only mix on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select channels. Become an integral part of the Dirty Disco universe, a realm that resonates with every beat, every rhythm, and every heart that cherishes music.

A Nudge to Groove, Ponder, and Celebrate As we near the climax of this week’s episode, a gentle reminder: every heartbeat, every breath, every moment is a dance. Week after week, we unite, swaying to the symphony of life. Engage with us on Instagram, radiate your energy, and be a beacon in this collective that rejoices in music’s unifying essence.

Dirty Disco 520 Tracklist.

  1. Sweatson Klank – Summer Sand
  2. Sweatson Klank – Stop Talking
  3. Sweatson Klank – Move Freely
  4. Asha Puthli – Lies (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
  5. K15 – Autumn
  6. Sweatson Klank – Stuck Inside Your Love
  7. Third Attempt – Soul, Body & Mind
  8. Sweatson Klank – Sweat’s Bounce
  9. Franc Sprangler – Dance The Funk
  10. Wajatta – Waiting For The Get Down
  11. Sweatson Klank – Not Alone
  12. Third Attempt – Keep Playing
  13. Eya Eya, Misc. Inc – Blue Hour
  14. Jorn Johansen – Use It
  15. Jorn Johansen Ft Kenny Summit – Know What I’m Saying
  16. Mosaik – Searching
  17. Martinou – Take Me There
  18. Supra House Sollectif – Better Days
  19. Supra House Collectif – Supra House
  20. Tree Threes – Groove Swing
  21. Coral O Connor – No Sweat
  22. LouLou PLayers – Don’t Tell Me
  23. Daryl B & MJ Cole – Too Late (Ft Carroll Thompson)
  24. T Sounds – Industrial Conversation
  25. Amy Dabbs – Eleven Eleven Twenty Two

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