Dirty Disco 521: DJ Milica’s Beat Odyssey Unveiled! ๐Ÿš€ Discover a Sonic Galaxy!

Kono Vidovic October 8, 2023 239 5 5

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Hello, esteemed Dirty Disco fans and our cherished global beat explorers! It’s your host, Kono Vidovic, back with another exhilarating chapter of our musical narrative. As we continue to ride the sonic waves from last week, brace yourselves for an episode brimming with rhythmic allure and electronic euphoria. Welcome to the pulsating heart of Dirty Disco 521!

Dirty Disco 521: A rhythmic voyage with DJ Milica.

The cosmos of Dirty Disco 521 is ripe for exploration! In this sphere, our musical thirst is quenched by the most innovative and captivating tunes the electronic scene has to offer. And this week, we have a very special guest to guide us through this auditory adventure, the versatile and passionate, DJ Milica. With a musical tale that spans from Vienna to the vibrant scenes of Ibiza and London, DJ Milica brings a fresh and invigorating touch to our Dirty Disco galaxy.

Navigating the beat spectrum. 

Our aural journey kicks off with the sophisticated beats of ‘New York To LA’ by Belamy, following which the dreamy tunes of Wantigga’s ‘Don’t Call’ embrace us. As we delve deeper, we are greeted by the mesmerizing rhythms of Intr0beatz with ‘Line’ and ‘Homage’, each track a testament to the boundless creativity within the electronic music realm.

But, as always, our voyage doesn’t stop there. We have a myriad of melodies to explore, each one a unique narrative, a distinct emotion encapsulated in rhythm. From the ethereal harmonies of ‘Angels (Crackazat Remix)’ by House Gospel Choir Ft Morgan to the groovy beats of James Jukeโ€™s ‘Something Like This’ and ‘Fantasy & Joy’, every track is a step further into the enthralling world of electronic music.

DJ Milica’s beat odyssey. 

As we transition into the second half of our episode, the decks are taken over by the incredible DJ Milica. Her special guest mix is a sonic delight, a palette of rhythmic hues that promise to keep you on your toes. Itโ€™s a tribute to the ceaseless explorations and the eternal love for beats that pulsate through the heart of Dirty Disco.

Engage with the Dirty Disco universe. 

Yearning for more? The Dirty Disco Spotify playlist is your portal to a realm of electronic wonders. For a more personal connection with the beats that move you, head over to, where every track unfolds a unique narrative.

Exclusive insights for the true aficionado. 

For those craving an extra layer of musical indulgence, venture into our DJ-only mix on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select channels. Become a pivotal part of the Dirty Disco cosmos, a realm that resonates with every beat, every rhythm, and every heart that cherishes the essence of music.

Final musings as we groove on. 

As we inch closer to the finale of this weekโ€™s episode, a gentle nudge: every beat, every melody is a dance of life. Week after week, we unite under the grand canopy of music, swaying to lifeโ€™s symphony. Engage with us on Instagram, radiate your energy, and be a beacon in this collective that revels in music’s unifying essence.

Dirty Disco 521 Tracklist. 

Hereโ€™s a glimpse into the musical treasures that await in Dirty Disco 521. From the nostalgic grooves of Kanoโ€™s ‘Iโ€™m Ready (FrscoEdits Groovy Mix)’ to the contemporary beats of Common Occupationโ€™s ‘Figurine’ and ‘Cala Nova’, every track is a rhythmic gem waiting to be discovered.

  1. Belamy – New York To LA
  2. Wantigga – Donโ€™t Call
  3. Intr0beatz – Line
  4. Intr0beatz – Homage
  5. House Gospel Choir Ft Morgan – Angels (Crackazat Remix)
  6. James Juke – Something Like This
  7. Tree Threes – Groove Swing
  8. James Juke – Fantasy & Joy
  9. Love Will Say No – Gonna Summer
  10. Common Occupation – Figurine
  11. Common Occupation – Cala Nova
  12. Klaus Benedek – Tombstone (Siggatunez feels the unknown Mix)
  13. Kano – Iโ€™m Ready (FrscoEdits Groovy Mix)

DJ Milica Guest mix for Dirty Disco.

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