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Dirty Disco 522: Unleashing Sonic Waves! Dive into the Rhythmic Deep!

Kono Vidovic October 15, 2023 120 3 5

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Dirty Disco 522.

Hello, beloved Dirty Disco aficionados and rhythm riders across the globe! It’s your dedicated host, Kono Vidovic, and I’m thrilled to navigate you through yet another electrifying episode of our shared musical saga. As we ride the sonic currents from our previous podcast DJ Mix journeys, prepare yourselves for an episode overflowing with rhythmic marvels and electronic bliss. Welcome to the pulsating core of Dirty Disco 522!

Navigating the Rhythmic Deep.

The universe of Dirty Disco 522 beckons for your exploration! In this realm, your craving for musical innovation is satisfied with the most enthralling and heart-pounding tracks the electronic scene proudly presents. This week, we’re voyaging through sonic seas, with waves of rhythms that promise to enchant your senses and invigorate your spirit.

Embarking on the Sonic Journey.

Our auditory expedition begins with the entrancing beats of ‘After The Beep’ by Sirens Of Lesbos, followed by the exhilarating ‘8 Billion Ft Bootsy Collins’. As we navigate further, we’re enveloped by the sweet symphony of ‘Sweet Harmony’, a testament to the unending creativity pulsing in every beat of the electronic music world.

But, as you well know, our journey doesn’t pause there. We have a galaxy of melodies to traverse, each narrating a unique story, each rhythm a distinct feeling. From the hypnotic allure of Squidgenini’s ‘All The Way (Charlie’s Hill Slow Dance Mix)’ to the vibrant energy of Vaudafunk’s ‘Gotta Keep On’, every track propels us deeper into the captivating universe of electronic music.

Sailing Through Sonic Waves.

As we sail into the latter half of our episode, we continue to ride the sonic waves, each track a new current steering us towards uncharted musical territories. It’s a celebration of our unending quest for rhythmic treasures and the perpetual passion for beats that resonate through the very soul of Dirty Disco.

Engage with the Dirty Disco Cosmos.

Craving more of this rhythmic richness? The Dirty Disco Spotify playlist is your gateway to endless electronic gems. For a deeper connection with the beats that animate you, venture over to, where every track unfolds into an extraordinary story.

Exclusive Insights for the Connoisseur.

For those yearning for an additional stratum of musical luxury, delve into our DJ-only mix on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select channels. Become an integral component of the Dirty Disco universe, a space that vibrates with every beat, every rhythm, and every heart that reveres the quintessence of music.

Concluding Reflections as We Groove Forward.

As we approach the conclusion of this week’s episode, a gentle reminder: every beat, every tune is a dance of existence. Week after week, we assemble under the vast expanse of music, moving to life’s harmonious orchestra. Engage with us on Instagram, radiate your vibrancy, and be a lighthouse in this community that basks in music’s unifying spirit.

Dirty Disco 522 Tracklist.

Here’s a sneak peek into the musical gems that lie in wait in Dirty Disco 522. From the serene vibes of Bernardo Mota’s ‘Blue Sun’ to the rhythmic ecstasy of Larry Quest’s ‘Pastille Day’, every track is a rhythmic jewel awaiting your discovery.

  1. Sirens Of Lesbos – After The Beep
  2. Sirens Of Lesbos – 8 Billion Ft Bootsy Collins
  3. Sirens Of Lesbos – Sweet Harmony
  4. Squidgenini – All The Way (Charlie’s Hill Slow Dance Mix)
  5. A Vision Of Panorama Ft Eiko Hara – Unconditional (DubVinylEdit)
  6. Barbara Boeing & Phil Mill – Brigada
  7. Gee Lane – Neon Beach
  8. Vaudafunk  – Gotta Keep On
  9. Vaudafunk – Promenade
  10. Giuseppe Scarano – 2404
  11. Vaudafunk – Plage Privee
  12. Bernardo Mota – Blue Sun
  13. DJ Merci – Another Love
  14. Little Lake – Guess Who’s Callin
  15. Stephane Deschezeaux – Life Is So Sweet
  16. Christopher Rau – One More Time
  17. Marc Brauner & Luca Olivotto – Hallo Hallo
  18. Marc Brauner – Many Times
  19. David Silver – Sweat
  20. Larry Quest – Pastille Day
  21. Useh – Aegaeis
  22. Ascension – Leave Me Alone (Gerwin Van Engelenburg Remix)
  23. Coco Cole – Typing… (Michael Cignarale’s M1 Remix)

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