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Dirty Disco 523: Dance Through Sonic Rainbows! Immerse in Rhythmic Bliss!

Kono Vidovic October 22, 2023 135 7 5

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Greetings, cherished Dirty Disco enthusiasts and beat-adventurers around the world! Your faithful host, Kono Vidovic, is back to guide you through another episode rich with rhythmic tales and sonic allure. As we transition from the sonic waves of our previous episode, brace yourselves for an episode imbued with rhythmic miracles and electronic joy. Welcome to the heart-pulsing realm of Dirty Disco 523!

Navigating the sonic spectrum.

The universe of Dirty Disco 523 is ripe for exploration! This week, we are venturing through a spectrum of sonic colors, with waves of rhythms guaranteed to enrapture your senses and rejuvenate your spirit.

Embarking on the sonic journey.

Our auditory adventure unfolds with the mysterious reverberations of Turner Club’s ‘Confusion’, setting the tone for a vibrant escapade into the vast landscapes of electronic music. Following this, the industrial rhythm of Rob Redford’s ‘Factory 2659’ encapsulates the essence of our shared love for beats that tell stories, each note a narrative, each beat an emotion.

Sailing through sonic rainbows.

As we sail deeper into the core of our episode, we continue to explore the endless horizons of electronic music. Each track is a new hue in our sonic rainbow, from the ethereal ‘Dreams’ by Soul Charge to the abstract reality of ‘Sensible Chaos’ by Jakob Apelian, every beat propels us further into the captivating domain of electronic music.

Engage with the Dirty Disco cosmos.

Desiring more of this rhythmic richness? The Dirty Disco Spotify playlist is your gateway to continuous electronic discoveries. For a deeper dive into the beats that move you, journey over to, where every track unfolds into a remarkable narrative waiting to be told.

Exclusive insights for the connoisseur.

For the aficionados seeking an additional layer of musical indulgence, venture into our DJ-only mix on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select channels. Become a pulsating part of the Dirty Disco universe, a space that resonates with every beat, every rhythm, and every heart that cherishes the essence of music.

Concluding reflections as we groove forward.

As we near the end of this week’s episode, a tender reminder: every beat, every tune is a dance of existence. Week after week, we gather under the vast canopy of music, swaying to life’s harmonious tunes. Engage with us on Instagram, radiate your enthusiasm, and be a luminary in this community that revels in the unity of music.

Dirty Disco 523 tracklist.

Here’s a glimpse into the rhythmic gems nestled in Dirty Disco 523. From the serene vibes of ‘Silhouette of Love’ by Turner Club to the rhythmic ecstasy of ‘Everybody Get Up’ by Sarkastic Smile, every track is a rhythmic voyage awaiting your exploration.

  1. Turner Club – Confusion
  2. Rob Redford – Factory 2659
  3. Soul Charge – ‘Dreams’ (More Vocal Mix)
  4. Turner Club – Silhouette of Love
  5. Specdub – Deep Sun (BDTom Remix)
  6. Alex Preston & Mo’Funk – Zone (Original Mix)
  7. Hiast – Soul Of Heaven (Original Mix)
  8. Jakob Apelian – Sensible Chaos
  9. Jakob Apelian – All My Dreams
  10. Jerk Boy & Nikolaa – Return to Base (Original Mix)
  11. Sarkastic Style-‘Sound For Your Soul’
  12. Anoesis – CYPHN06 – 02 – Anoesis – Callisto [m] 320
  13. Proppa – Always On Time (Extended Mix)
  14. Hiast – Dance For Love (Original Mix)
  15. Sarkastic Smile-‘Sarkastic Smile’
  16. Swingers – Velvet & Gold (Original Mix)
  17. Anoesis – Space Watch
  18. Sarkastic Smile-‘Set My Mind Free’
  19. Rob Redford – Makin Ends Meet
  20. Rob Redford – Rain In July
  21. Soul Charge – ‘Holding On’
  22. Sarkastic Smile-‘Everybody Get Up’

Your voyage into the vast expanses of electronic music awaits. Engage with Dirty Disco 523, discover new beats, feel the rhythm, and let the music color your world with endless sonic rainbows.

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