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Dirty Disco 524: Groove for a Cause – Dance, Dive & Support Charles!

Kono Vidovic October 29, 2023 235 9 5

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Dirty Disco 524.

Salutations, esteemed Dirty Disco devotees! Kono Vidovic here, returning once again to escort you on a musical escapade filled with invigorating beats and benevolent causes. As we gracefully shift from our prior sonic experience, prepare for an episode that’s not only a feast for your ears but also a chance to touch lives. Welcome to the heart of Dirty Disco 524, where beats meet benevolence!

Beats with purpose, support Charles.

Dirty Disco 524 isn’t just about grooving; it’s about giving. This week, we shine a spotlight on Charles, a beacon in our community who is currently facing homelessness. Your dance can make a difference. For every groove you make, consider extending a hand to help Charles find his footing again.

Our episode today transcends our typical sonic boundaries. Life’s unpredictable nature sometimes presents formidable challenges, and one of our own is weathering a tempest.

For years, our dance, joy, and communion through music have been our bond. Beyond beats, it’s the pulsating heart of every Dirty Disco devotee that crafts our unique rhythm.

A long-standing member, an integral part of us, is amidst an arduous phase. After battling prolonged illness, depression, and the distress of a crumbling marriage, he’s now amidst the chilling solitude of homelessness in Merced, California.

Though geographically dispersed, our collective spirit and ethos remain unyielding. Our strength? Unity, compassion, and an unwavering will to uplift.

I beckon our Dirty Disco family to rally. Every donation, however modest, can spark hope and tangible change. For those in Merced, extending shelter or companionship could be transformative.

Our beats bind us, but it’s our shared compassion that truly defines us. Let’s rally, affirming that Dirty Disco pulses not just with beats but with hearts in harmonious sync.

Donation details and avenues to assist are below. Let’s radiate love, upholding one of our own. Remain radiant, compassionate, and eternally bound by music.

Your support can shape lives. If you’re moved to contribute or offer help, reach out to

Monetary donations to assist Charles can be made through PayPal at Even if you can’t donate, spreading the word and sharing the episode can make a world of difference.

A Rhythmic voyage awaits.

Kickstart your musical immersion with the tantalizing sounds of Bella Boo’s ‘Heartbeat/Into The Night’. As always, every beat, rhythm, and mix is meticulously selected to uplift, inspire, and move you in ways only Dirty Disco knows how.

Deeper connections through music.

It’s more than just an auditory experience. Dive deeper into exclusive DJ mixes, intriguing artist interviews, and more on our Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select channels. But more importantly, dive deeper into our community’s heartbeat as we rally together for Charles.

Engage, support, and spread the word!

A sneak peek into what Dirty Disco 524 has to offer:

Dirty Disco 524 Tracklist.

  1. Bella Boo – Heartbeat/Into The Night
  2. Southbound Sounds – Educator (John Daly Remix)
  3. Barry Can’t Swim – Always Get Through To You
  4. Jack York – New Day – Radio Mix
  5. Bella Boo – Boo Moon
  6. Dam Swindle – That’s Right (Edit)
  7. Mura Masa – rise (feat. NADIAH)
  8. Knuckle G – Whisper From The Heart
  9. Prom Night – Back 2 Daydreaming
  10. Marc Brauner – Talk To Me
  11. Knuckle G – Distant Memory
  12. Pittsburgh Track Authority/Brandon Markell Holmes – Slide (Drum Mix)
  13. Boys’ Shorts – Tricks She Said
  14. 2fox Ft Liam Bailey & BB James – So Long
  15. Southbound Sounds – Educator
  16. Dam Swindle – Soul’s Lament (Edit)
  17. Boys’ Shorts – Wrapped In Memories
  18. Angel Lee Feat Hayley Smith – I Want
  19. LEFTI – Feel So Good (Extended Mix)
  20. Cherry Tooth – My Desire (Extended Mix)
  21. Knuckle G – Something For Your Afterparty
  22. Marc Brauner – City Hopper
  23. Saske – Bad Habit (Original Mix)
  24. Dam Swindle – Minor Fools (Edit)
  25. Saske – Sax Jam (Original Mix)
  26. Leftwing : Kody – Homework (Extended Mix)
  27. Barry Can’t Swim/somedeadbeat – Deadbeat Gospel

End conclusion.

As we journey through pulsating rhythms and elevating beats, remember, it’s not just about the music. It’s about the impact we can make together. Dive into Dirty Disco 524, dance with purpose, and be a beacon of hope and positivity.

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