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Dive into the Heartbeat of Electronic Music with Dirty Disco 526: Exclusive Artist Interviews & Unrivaled Beats!

Kono Vidovic November 12, 2023 185 10 5

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Welcome to Dirty Disco 526, where your host, Kono Vidovic, takes you on a two-hour journey into the depths of electronic music. This isn’t just any episode; it’s a celebration of sound, featuring exclusive interviews with some of the most innovative artists in the industry, like Third Attempt, Cosmonection, thatmanmonkz, Anna Cavazos and more and a curated selection of tracks that define the essence of house, deep house, and nu disco.

The Musical Tapestry of Episode 526.

Dirty Disco 526, a musical odyssey where the beats are as deep as the stories behind them. This week, Kono Vidovic brings you an electrifying mix that transcends the ordinary, blending the finest in house, deep house, and nu disco. But there’s more, immerse yourself in exclusive interviews with the trailblazers of the electronic music scene: Third Attempt, Cosmonection, David Schwartz, Anna Cavazos, and thatmanmonkz. Get ready to explore the soul of electronic music through the eyes of its most innovative artists, as they share the inspirations and aspirations that drive their craft. From the rhythmic depths of Third Attempt’s ‘Momentary Bliss’ to the eclectic vibrations of Cosmonection’s ‘Sunset Thoughts’ EP, this episode is a celebration of the vibrant tapestry of sounds that define our era. Join us on this journey of discovery, where each track is not just a tune but a story waiting to be told.

Exclusive Interviews: Unveiling the Artists’ World.

In this week’s episode of Dirty Disco 526, we delve deeper into the hearts and minds of some of the most influential figures in the electronic music scene.


David Schwartz: The Architect Behind Down Jazz Records: We kick off with an enlightening conversation with David Schwartz, the visionary founder of Down Jazz Records. David takes us through the evolution of the label and its unique approach to discovering and nurturing talent. He shares stories behind the creation of the ‘Rocket Love’ remix EP, a testament to the label’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Anna Cavazos: From NYC to Berlin, A Journey in Sound: Next, we connect with the versatile Anna Cavazos, whose journey between LA, NYC, and Berlin has shaped her into a multifaceted artist. As a DJ, producer, and vocalist, Anna discusses her evolution in the music scene and the experiences that have influenced her signature sound. Her insights into the global music community and her approach to blending genres provide a fascinating look into the life of a modern electronic music artist.

Anna Cavazos photo
thatmanmonkz - Shadeleaf album interview

thatmanmonkz: A Deep Dive into the Creative Process: Our conversation with thatmanmonkz offers a rare peek into the creative mind of one of deep house’s most influential figures. He discusses his latest album and his journey in the music industry, shedding light on the inspiration behind his work. thatmanmonkz’s reflections on the art of music production and his thoughts on the future of electronic music make for an unmissable segment for any music enthusiast.

Third Attempt: Crafting Soulful Electronic Beats: Our recent chat with Third Attempt takes us into the realm of soul-infused electronic music. We explore the making of his latest album, ‘Momentary Bliss’, which has been making waves for its innovative sound. Third Attempt shares the artistic influences that shape his music, from the soulful vibes of Detroit to the classic elements of 90’s boom bap. It’s a fascinating insight into how historical genres continue to influence modern electronic music.

Third Attempt
Cosmonection © Robin Delanoy (2)

Cosmonection: Melding Genres, Creating Masterpieces: Cosmonection, known for his ability to blend different musical styles, joins us to discuss his new full-length album, ‘You Should Have Been There’. He talks about the process of creating music that resonates on a global scale and his collaboration with Soren Lyann on the ‘Sunset Thoughts’ EP. This interview highlights how Cosmonection’s music transcends boundaries, combining balearic, deep, and afro house into a unique symphony of sounds.

These interviews not only provide exclusive content for our listeners but also serve as a source of inspiration and knowledge, showcasing the diverse and dynamic nature of the electronic music world. Join us in Dirty Disco 526 for these insightful conversations that bring you closer to the artists you love.

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Dirty Disco 526 tracklist.

  1. Third Attempt – Secret
  2. Third Attempt – Turbo
  3. thatmanmonkz ft. J.Gordon – Like to Feel (Your Eyes on Me)
  5. thatmanmonkz – Mmmm Hmmm
  6. thatmanmonkz ft. Dnae – Burnin Up (ft. Dnae) (DUCKTAPE DUB OUT)
  7. Third Attempt – Teach Me
  8. Third Attempt – Keep Your Head Up
  9. Anna Cavazos – Love Interlude (Original Mix)
  10. Dan Be & Mogan – Hundred Years’ Dance
  12. Son of Sound – T.Y.P.
  13. K. Anthony – SHELTER (thatmanmonkz DUB REMIX)
  14. Nightsteppaz ft Mr V – Inside The Warehouse (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
  15. Groove Boys Project, Fasme & Dusty Fingers – Drop The Beat
  16. Braga Circuit – Keep
  17. Justnique – Don’t Touch My Juno
  18. Pharcyde – Runnin (Loulou Players Extended Edit)
  19. Justnique – I Lady, We Could Have Been Together
  20. Justnique – Little L
  21. Ruff Stuff & Bress Underground – Something About It
  22. Son of Sound – All I Need feat. Garth
  23. Cosmonection & Soren – Bulles (radio embargo until 8th Sept)
  24. Bruce Leroys – By Your Side 10 Years (Aureum Remix)
  25. Son of Sound – The Key
  26. Pedro Khan; Max Fink – Sem Nome (Pedro Khan Remix)
  27. Cosmonection & Soren – Wakin’ Up With You (radio embargo until 6th Oct)
  28. NIKKI O – BIGGER (prod. thatmanmonkz)
  29. Baka G & Denyl Brook – Wavy
  30. Ruff Stuff & Bress Underground – Foundations

Conclusion: Carry the Beat Forward.

As we conclude Dirty Disco 526, we encourage you to carry these rhythms and stories into your daily life. Let the music inspire you, let the artist insights enlighten you, and let the beats move you. Join us next week for another episode of Dirty Disco, but until then, keep the volume up and let the good vibes resonate throughout your week.

Stay tuned, stay inspired, and most importantly, stay connected. Dirty Disco 526, where music isn’t just heard, it’s felt. See you on the dance floor of life!

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