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Dirty Disco 527: A Sonic Exploration of Electronic Beats and Artist Insights.

Kono Vidovic November 26, 2023 161 8 5

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Welcome to a new episode of auditory bliss, Dirty Disco 527. I’m your host, Kono Vidovic, ready to steer you through an eclectic blend of the finest electronic tunes. Today’s episode transcends the realms of a typical mix; it’s an immersive journey into the soul of house, deep house, and nu disco. Featuring tracks from the likes of Gallo, Fish Go Deep, and Ben Sun, each selection is not just a song but a story, rich in rhythm and deep in meaning. Join me as we delve into the creative depths of these genres, complemented by insightful narratives about the artists who are reshaping the electronic music landscape. Get ready for a journey that’s as enlightening as it is entertaining, right here in Dirty Disco 527.

The Musical Voyage of Episode 527:

In Dirty Disco 527, we embark on a musical odyssey that kicks off with Gallo‘s ‘Life on Preset,’ a masterpiece blending classic house with modern electronic vibes. Following this is the nuanced artistry of Fish Go Deep, an Irish duo renowned for their soulful deep house tracks ‘High Wire’ and ‘What I Mean By Beautiful,’ showcasing their decades of experience.

The journey progresses with EG’s ‘Interlude,’ from her Unexpected Journey EP where innovative sound design meets eclectic electronic styles, exemplifying the genre’s evolving nature. We then immerse in the afrobeat-electronic fusion of Bosq & Kaleta’s ‘Sonayon,’ a track that celebrates the harmony of diverse musical cultures.

Each piece in this episode highlights the rich diversity and creativity in the electronic music landscape, making Dirty Disco 527 a true exploration of sound.

Exclusive Insights: Behind the Scenes with Artists:

Dive deeper into Dirty Disco 527 with our exclusive interview segments, where we get up close and personal with some of the most visionary artists in the electronic music scene. Our first stop is an intimate conversation with Fish Go Deep. Here, they open up about their latest album, sharing the inspirations and stories that have shaped their distinctive sound. This Irish duo, pillars in the deep house world, offer insights into their creative journey and the evolving landscape of the Irish electronic scene.

Next, we connect with Gallo, discussing his latest EP. Gallo, known for his ability to blend emotive melodies with deep, resonating beats, reveals the process behind his latest work. This segment offers a glimpse into his artistic vision and the craftsmanship that goes into creating his immersive soundscapes.

We then feature a review on the debut EP by EG, a rising star in the electronic music world. This segment delves into the intricacies of EG’s work, highlighting the innovative techniques and unique soundscapes that mark EG’s entry into the electronic music arena.

Lastly, our journey takes us to an engaging interview with Bosq. Known for his vibrant fusion of global rhythms and electronic beats, Bosq shares the creative process behind his collaboration with Kaleta in ‘Sonayon.’ This interview sheds light on how different cultural influences and musical styles come together to create something truly unique in the world of electronic music.

These interviews and reviews do more than just showcase the artists’ works; they offer a window into the hearts and minds of these creators, providing an in-depth understanding of the passion and innovation driving contemporary electronic music.

Global Influences: The Reach of Modern Beats:

Dirty Disco 527 takes you beyond the studio, exploring how artists like Ben Sun and Foremost Poets influence and are influenced by global sounds. We examine their contributions to the London scene and beyond, showcasing how electronic music is a universal language that transcends borders.

Join the Dirty Disco Family:

Dirty Disco is more than a podcast; it’s a community of passionate music aficionados. We invite you to be part of our family. Connect with us on social media, share your thoughts on this episode, and engage with a global community that celebrates the unifying power of music.

Conclusion: The Rhythm of Life:

As Dirty Disco 527 comes to a close, let the beats and stories we shared inspire your everyday life. Carry the essence of these tunes and the wisdom of these artists with you. Music is more than sound; it’s a companion for all of life’s moments.

Dirty Disco 527 Tracklist:

  1. Gallo – Life on preset
  2. Fish Go Deep – High Wire
  3. Fish Go Deep – What I Mean By Beautiful
  4. EG – Interlude
  5. Bosq & Kaleta – Sonayon
  6. Moox – Throw Down
  7. Fish Go Deep – All In Everything
  8. Ben Sun – Shores Of Minds
  9. Ben Sun – Apex 
  10. EG – Right From Wrong
  11. Foremost Poets – Flowers In The Attic
  12. Moox – Five Roses
  13. Inner City – Reach (Syncia Digs Deeper Mix)
  14. Ben Gomori – Overstimulation Generation
  15. UC Beatz & Poppy – Fraise Des Bois
  16. Bosq & Kaleta – Meji Meji (Folamour Remix)
  17. EG feat. Mangabey – So Special
  18. Foremost Poets – Escape From Dubai
  19. Ben Gomori – Ur Mind Tho
  20. Scruscru & Guydee – After Noor
  21. Manuold – Ritual Manuold
  22. Peletronic – The Highest Chance feat. M Jane (Paradiso Rhythm Remix)
  23. EG – Then It Goes
  24. Shiba San – Are You Feeling This (Extended Mix)
  25. Yann Polewka – Circulation
  26. Peletronic – The Highest Chance feat. M Jane

Don’t just listen, feel the music. Join us again for Dirty Disco 528, but until then, keep the rhythm alive in your heart and soul. Dirty Disco 527, where every beat tells a story. See you in the rhythm of life!

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