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Experience the Vibrant Pulse of Dirty Disco 528: Unveiling Deep House & Nu Disco Treasures!

Kono Vidovic December 4, 2023 151 16 5

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Dive into the Dynamic Soundscape of Dirty Disco 528!

Hello, music enthusiasts and groove aficionados! Welcome to another episode of rhythmic discovery and sonic delight with Dirty Disco 528. I’m your curator and host, Kono Vidovic, here to guide you through a mesmerizing landscape of sound. Each week, we embark on a journey exploring the pulsating heart of electronic music, and this episode is no exception.

Today, I’ve lined up an electrifying array of tracks that will transport you through the vibrant realms of house, deep house, and nu disco. Picture this as more than just a podcast; it’s a musical expedition, carefully crafted to bring you a diverse range of beats, each resonating with its own unique story.

As we delve into this episode, expect a seamless two-hour DJ set, infused with the latest and most captivating tracks the electronic music scene has to offer. From the rhythmic depths of deep house to the energetic pulses of nu disco, every moment is designed to elevate your listening experience.

So, whether you’re tuning in from the bustling city streets, a tranquil countryside, or anywhere in between, let Dirty Disco 528 be your soundtrack. Embrace the beats, feel the rhythm, and let’s dive into this week’s dynamic soundscape together!

Connecting with Artists: Insights and Anecdotes:

One of the standout features of Dirty Disco is our dedication to sharing artist stories, bringing a personal touch to the beats we enjoy. In today’s episode, we get an intimate look at the journeys of several talented musicians.

We start with Manuel Sahagun, a prolific figure in the house music scene since the early 2000s. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Sahagun’s accidental foray into music production is as fascinating as his sound, imagine, his entire career sparked by mistakenly purchasing music software instead of a computer game! This serendipitous start led to a series of soulful, eclectic productions, blending old record samples with modern synths to create a timeless yet fresh sound.

But that’s just the beginning. We also explore the artistic path of Charles Vaughan. Known for his diverse sets that refuse to be pigeonholed into a single genre, Vaughan’s approach to DJing is a testament to his belief in the power of variety in music. His story reflects a commitment to breaking the monotony, something that resonates deeply in the world of electronic music.

Then, there’s the duo Blazers featured in ‘Southside,’ bringing a distinct flair to the nu disco scene. Their journey in music is marked by a passion for blending classic and contemporary elements, creating tracks that are both nostalgic and novel.

Each artist in today’s lineup, from Manuel Sahagun to Charles Vaughan and Blazers, brings a unique story to the table. It’s these narratives, these personal glimpses into their world, that make the tracks you hear on Dirty Disco more than just music, they’re chapters in the ongoing story of electronic music, each with its own flavor, history, and soul.

Engaging with the Dirty Disco Community:

Dirty Disco is more than a podcast; it’s a community. I invite you to join our exclusive member section on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select for special mixes. Let’s connect on Instagram and Facebook, and remember, the full tracklist is always available on www.dirtydiscoradio.com.

The Final Beat:

As we conclude Dirty Disco 528, I leave you with a sense of joy and anticipation. Music is a universal language, one that connects us, inspires us, and moves us. Stay tuned for the next episode, where we’ll continue to explore the ever-evolving world of electronic music.

Dirty Disco 528 Tracklist:

  1. Manuel Sahagun – Let It Go (Original Mix)
  2. Charles Vaughan – Martina Camargo – Aguila del Monte (CV’s Dubbed Out Acid Trip Edit
  3. Charles Vaughan – Ace – How Long (CVs Loving Mirror Ball Edit)
  4. Manuel Sahagun – Slow Shake (Original Mix)
  5. Blazers – Southside
  6. rawBeetz –  Got To Have It
  7. DJ Windows 7 –  Condesa
  8. Giacomo De Falco –  Nice People Around Me
  9. Manuel Sahagun – Far Out (Original Mix)
  10. Frank Fonema & Ciskoted – Show Me The Way (Extended Mix)
  11. Modern Machines – Diskovery (Extended Mix)
  12. Sondrio – Through The Fog
  13. Renote – Sizzling (Extended Mix) 
  14. Hott Like Detroit – I Can’t Believe It (Original Edit)
  15. Paul Rudder – Her Dream Road (Exploited)
  16. Sondrio – Flame
  17. Hott Like Detroit – Turned Back (Original Mix)
  18. Simon Hinter – Fridge Funk
  19. Mascott – Brûlante
  20. Man Without A Clue – Slowly Coming Down (original mix) [CLUELESS]
  21. Juliet Sikora – The Other Side (Extended Mix)
  22. Lemtom –  Namerakana
  23. Paul Rudder – Late Nights

Remember, each episode of Dirty Disco is a new adventure. Join us next week for episode 528, where the journey into the heart of electronic music continues. Keep the rhythm alive until then!

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Download now: Experience the Vibrant Pulse of Dirty Disco 528: Unveiling Deep House & Nu Disco Treasures!

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