Dirty Disco 529: Your Ultimate Electronic Odyssey Awaits!

Kono Vidovic December 10, 2023 235 17 5

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Welcome to Dirty Disco 529, where Kono Vidovic curates a rhythmic journey through house, deep house, and nu disco. This episode is not just a playlist, but a celebration of electronic music as a lifestyle. Expect to explore a diverse array of sounds from notable artists like:

  • Philippa: A Berlin-based DJ from New Zealand, known for her innovative EP “There’s a Ghost in My Synthesizer” and her influential role in the New Zealand electronic scene.
  • Shiba San: The Parisian DJ who blends his French hip-hop roots with soulful house music, famous for the hit “Okay”.
  • Beatchuggers: Known for their 2000 hit “Forever Man (How Many Times)” featuring Eric Clapton, they bring a distinctive house style to the scene.
  • Discodumper & Noty: Artists who bring back the disco era with their recent track “Believe”, combining classic disco with modern house elements.
  • Justnique: The Milanese producer Niccolò Terranova showcases a unique fusion of Jazz, House, and Electronics in his “Don’t Touch My Juno EP”.
  • Sidi Bou Said: Their deep house and nu-disco styled release “Sidi Bou Said” reflects the underground electronic scene on Flankup Recordings.

Join us for a musical odyssey celebrating life, unity, and the transformative power of music in Dirty Disco 529.

City guide Berlin by Philippa

Artist Spotlight: Philippa

Philippa, also known as Philippa McIntyre, is a Berlin-based DJ and producer originally from New Zealand. She has been an influential figure in the New Zealand electronic music scene since the late ’90s and is known as one of the country’s first highly visible female artists in this genre. Before moving to Europe in 2013, Philippa headlined five national tours under her party banner Chicago Disco. Her focus has since shifted to music production, with recent releases like the EP “There’s a Ghost in My Synthesizer” on the UK’s Freerange Records. Philippa is also known for her work teaching at a respected Berlin arts institution while concurrently pursuing a Masters in Creative Music Production​​. She took us on a Berlin City trip to show her favorite hotspots.

Artist Spotlight: Shiba San.

Shiba San, originally a Parisian producer and DJ named Frédéric Poulet, is known for his bass-heavy tech-house style. He transitioned from a 15-year career in the French hip-hop scene to house music, drawing inspiration from Chicago house and infusing his hip-hop influence with the soul of house music. Shiba San gained significant recognition with his 2014 club hit “Okay” and has since become a fixture at dance festivals around the world. His work blends Chicago house, soul, and rap influences, creating a unique sound in the house music genre​​.

Beatchuggers - Forever Man cover art

Artist Spotlight: Beatchuggers.

Beatchuggers, led by Michael Linde, began as a DJ in Aalborg, Denmark, and later ventured into music production. They gained significant recognition in the year 2000 with the track “Forever Man (How Many Times)” featuring Eric Clapton. This track became a major dance hit after Clapton himself heard and approved it. Beatchuggers‘ distinct style, primarily in the house genre, has made a notable impact in the electronic music scene​​.

Artist Spotlight: Discodumper & Noty.

Discodumper & Noty are artists known for their work in the house music genre. They recently released a track titled “Believe,” which harks back to the glory days of the disco era. This release was through Kommandörr Music and came out on June 9, 2023. Their style seems to capture the essence of classic disco while infusing it with contemporary house music elements. For more details about their work and releases, you can visit their page on Beatport here​​.

Discodumper & Noty - 2 People Extended Cover Art

Artist Spotlight: Justinique.

Justnique, whose real name is Niccolò Terranova, is an Italian producer and artist from Milan. He debuted with the “Don’t Touch My Juno EP” on Apparel Music. This digital EP, comprising three tracks, showcases his unique blend of Jazz, House, and Electronics. Justnique has been noted for his ability to merge multiple production techniques, creating a distinctive brand of music. The EP demonstrates his musical talent and is a significant representation of his work in the house music genre. For more information, you can visit Justnique’s Bandcamp page here​​.

Artist Spotlight: Sidi Bou Said.

Sidi Bou Said is an electronic music project with a release titled “Sidi Bou Said” on Flankup Recordings, released on December 7, 2023. The project was written and produced by Paolo Russi & Marco Lanfranchi, arranged by Paolo Russi, mixed by Paolo Russi, and mastered by Roberto Carbonero. Executive production was done by Francesco Bellini and distributed by Basic Frame in Rome. The EP is characterized by deep house and nu-disco elements, reflecting an underground electronic music style. This release is a part of the Milan-based Flankup Recordings, known for specializing in underground and electronic house music and discovering new talents in this genre. For more details, you can visit their Bandcamp page here​​.

Sidi Bou Said on Flank Up

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Dirty Disco 529 tracklist:

  1. Virtual Reality – Plastic Dreams
  2. Virtual Reality – Hypnotic Behaviour
  3. Virtual Reality – Different Prospective
  4. Corazon de Melon – Got 2 Be
  5. EG – Right From Wrong
  6. EG – U Know What I Want
  7. Two Diopters – Outsider
  8. Mood Therapy featuring Belle Humble – Open our Eyes
  9. Mo’Cream – Look Around
  10. Beatchuggers – Forever Man (How Many Times?) Les Bisous Extended Remix
  11. Mo_ Funk – Sōsh _ Mōsh, ZHR
  12. Philippa – There It Is
  13. Justnique – Don’t Touch My Juno
  14. Philippa – Hold
  15. Yann Polewka – Circulation
  16. Mood Therapy featuring Belle Humble – If Only (Crimson Rework)
  17. Two Diopters – Mr. Rock
  18. Alex Preston – Dance Your Troubles Away (Extended Mix)
  19. Sidi Bou Said – El Haouaria (Byron The Aquarius Late Night dub)
  20. Ezel & Rona Ray – Nothing is What It Seems
  21. Niles Cooper – You Breathe My Air
  22. Scruscru & Guydee – After Noor
  23. Kikko Altieri – Transizion
  24. Shiba San – Are You Feeling This (Extended Mix)
  25. Pandhora – Elevation (Extended Mix)
  26. Moox – Throw Down
  27. Discodumper & Noty – Two People (Extended Version)
  28. Philippa – Latent Magic

Last few words on this weeks episode.

As we wrap up Dirty Disco 529, we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared. Music is more than just sound; it’s a medium that connects us across boundaries. Stay tuned for more episodes where we continue to explore the diverse landscape of electronic music. Keep dancing, dreaming, and loving the rhythm of life with Dirty Disco.

Remember to stay connected with us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, and don’t miss our next episode for another dose of electronic euphoria!

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