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Dirty Disco 530: Unraveling the Beats – A Deep Dive into the Latest House & Electronic Sounds.

Kono Vidovic December 17, 2023 141 13 5

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Welcome to another enthralling episode of Dirty Disco, the ultimate guide to the latest in electronic music. I’m Kono Vidovic, and in episode 530, we’re embarking on a rhythmic journey, blending the best of house, deep house, and nu disco. This isn’t just a podcast; it’s a celebration of electronic music, packed with deep knowledge and engaging content that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Featured Artists & Tracks in Dirty Disco 530.

Cody Currie EP cover art

Cody Currie & Mik – “Yes Bruv”:

From the “Cody Currie EP,” experience “Yes Bruv,” a track that resonates with Currie’s signature style of soulful and jazzy soundscapes. This EP marks a high point in his career, showcasing a blend of UK jazz and club influences, enriched by collaborations with artists like Stee Downes and Marlena Dae.

Crackazat - Be Real EP cover art

Crackazat – “Be Real”:

Crackazat’s “Be Real” EP is an immersive journey into the depths of South African-inspired grooves, blending jazz and deep house. The EP, featuring the tracks “Be Real” and “Busted,” exemplifies Crackazat‘s knack for creating soulful melodies and rhythmic basslines.

Nonduality. - Demiplane cover art

Nonduality – “Two Selves”: 

Nonduality’s INEXD011 offers an eclectic mix of quirky house music. “Two Selves” is one of three original tracks on this EP, accompanied by unique remixes that showcase Nonduality’s innovative approach to electronic music.

DJ Sneak - Back To Love EP cover art

DJ Sneak – “Back To Love”: 

DJ Sneak brings his classic house style to the forefront with “Back To Love.” Known for his chunky beats and vibrant arrangements, DJ Sneak continues to influence the house music scene, and this EP on Dam Swindle’s Heist Recordings is a testament to his enduring appeal.

Adelphi Music Factory - The Love Theory - cover art

Adelphi Music Factory – “The Love Theory”: 

Dive into “The Love Theory” by Adelphi Music Factory, an EP that merges uplifting house rhythms with soulful melodies. It’s a vibrant collection that showcases their ability to create music that not only moves the body but also touches the heart.

A-Link - Global Warning cover art

A-Link – “Global Warning”: 

A-Link’s “Global Warning” is an EP deeply rooted in environmental themes, blending nostalgic soundscapes with contemporary issues. It’s a thought-provoking project that combines jazzy chords and retro synths to create a unique auditory experience.

Manuel Darquart - The Del Sol EP cover art

Manuel Darquart – “The Del Sol”: 

“The Del Sol” by Manuel Darquart is a reflection of their deep house prowess, offering listeners a blend of laid-back grooves and sun-kissed melodies. This EP captures the essence of relaxed, beachside vibes, perfect for any electronic music enthusiast.

Each of these EPs contributes to the rich tapestry of Dirty Disco 530, making it a must-listen episode for fans of diverse and innovative electronic music. The episode is a celebration of the unique styles and sounds that define the contemporary electronic music landscape.

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Tracklist Highlights:

Dive into the heart of Dirty Disco 530 with a tracklist that’s been carefully curated to showcase the best in contemporary electronic music. This episode is a journey through a variety of styles and sounds, featuring both emerging talents and established names in the industry. Highlights of this week’s episode include:

  • Cody Currie’s Deep Melodies: Experience the smooth, jazz-infused deep house vibes of Cody Currie. His tracks from the “Cody Currie EP” bring a unique blend of soulful rhythms and jazzy beats, perfect for fans looking for depth and sophistication in their music.
  • Crackazat’s Bass-Driven Rhythms: Get lost in the entrancing grooves of Crackazat’s “Be Real” EP. Known for his ability to fuse deep house with jazz elements, Crackazat delivers a masterclass in rhythm and melody, driven by his signature bass lines.
  • Nonduality’s Innovative Sounds: Embark on a sonic adventure with Nonduality’s quirky and captivating house music from the INEXD011. This collection is a vibrant mix of original tracks and remixes that showcase Nonduality’s creativity and flair for the unconventional.
  • DJ Sneak’s Classic House Style: Groove to the timeless house beats of DJ Sneak with tracks from his “Back To Love” EP. DJ Sneak continues to impress with his chunky beats and high-energy arrangements, cementing his status as a house music legend.
  • Adelphi Music Factory’s Uplifting Tunes: Enjoy the soul-stirring house rhythms and melodies of Adelphi Music Factory’s “The Love Theory” EP. Their music is a celebration of life, unity, and the transformative power of sound.
  • A-Link’s Thoughtful Creations: Delve into the reflective and poignant sounds of A-Link’s “Global Warning” EP. With a focus on environmental themes, A-Link combines nostalgia with modern concerns to create a unique and immersive listening experience.
  • Manuel Darquart’s Relaxed Vibes: Chill out with the laid-back, sun-kissed melodies of Manuel Darquart’s “The Del Sol.” This EP captures the essence of relaxed, beachside vibes, perfect for winding down or lifting your spirits.

This tracklist is just a glimpse of what Dirty Disco 530 has to offer. Below, you’ll find the full list of tracks, each selected to provide you with an unparalleled electronic music experience. Join us on this journey through the diverse and dynamic world of house, deep house, and nu disco.

Full Dirty Disco 530 tracklist:

  1. Crackazat – Be Real
  2. Cody Currie/mik – Yes Bruv
  3. Manuel Darquart – Del Sol (Space Ghost Remix)
  4. DJ Sneak – Full Cycle
  5. Adelphi Music Factory – Things Are Gonna Get Better
  6. DJ Sneak – Love Can Make It Happen (Edit)
  7. Adelphi Music Factory – Where Has All The Love Gone?
  8. Cody Currie/Stee Downes/mik – Everynight
  9. Manuel Darquart – Jerry’s Song
  10. Crackazat – Busted
  11. Kasper Bjørke/El Agua Es Profunda – Andrea
  12. Kasper Bjørke/El Agua Es Profunda – Pau (Bella Boo Remix)
  13. Nonduality – Two Selves
  14. Galcher Lustwerk – Stimming
  15. Manuel Darquart – The Vibe
  16. A-Link – Deep Fresh Breath
  17. Adelphi Music Factory – The Miracle
  18. A-Link – A Society I Dreamed About
  19. A-Link – Green House Alert
  20. Tiger & Woods/’EM – License To Vibe
  21. DJ Sneak – Pockets
  22. Nonduality – Demiplane
  23. Galcher Lustwerk – Liberty, Oh!
  24. Adelphi Music Factory – More Than Words
  25. Tiger & Woods – Chicken Bone
  26. Ruff Stuff/Bress Underground – Something About It
  27. Ruff Stuff – Foundations
  28. Nonduality – Still Inside
  29. Leon Vynehall – Duofade

A few more words.

As we wrap up Dirty Disco 530, we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared through the realm of electronic music. Remember, it’s more than just sound; it’s a medium that connects us across boundaries. Stay tuned for more episodes where we continue to explore this diverse landscape. Keep dancing, dreaming, and loving the rhythm of life with Dirty Disco. Don’t forget to stay connected with us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts for your next dose of electronic euphoria!

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