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Dirty Disco 533 – Exploring the Depths of House and Electronic Music.

Kono Vidovic January 7, 2024 193 14

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Welcome to Dirty Disco 533, a vibrant episode where we delve deep into the heart of electronic music. I’m your host, Kono Vidovic, ready to guide you through an electrifying selection of house, deep house, and nu disco. In this episode, we celebrate the creativity and innovation in the electronic music scene, offering an immersive experience that will captivate you from the first beat.

Featured artists & tracks in Dirty Disco 533.

  • Benjamin Fröhlich: Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies of Benjamin Fröhlich, whose tracks blend deep house with a touch of nu disco, bringing a unique flavor to our sonic journey.
  • DJ Sneak: Dive into the classic house rhythms of DJ Sneak, a legend in the scene, known for his timeless grooves that resonate with fans of all ages.
  • Intr0beatz: Experience the innovative soundscapes of Intr0beatz, showcasing a blend of soulful and jazzy influences that redefine the boundaries of house music.
  • Glenn Davis: Discover the deep and soulful sounds of Glenn Davis, an artist who effortlessly combines elements of deep house with a distinctively smooth and emotive style, creating tracks that are both introspective and uplifting.
  • Tour-Maubourg: Embark on a journey with Tour-Maubourg’s music, characterized by its rich, organic soundscapes that weave together elements of balearic and deep house, offering a unique listening experience that is both relaxing and invigorating.
  • Cody Currie & Cor.Ece: Feel the fusion of energy and elegance in the collaborative works of Cody Currie and Cor.Ece, where jazz meets house in a delightful blend, creating an atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and playful.
  • Gene Tellem: Step into the world of Gene Tellem, where the deep house genre is infused with a creative twist, bringing fresh, rhythmic patterns and smooth textures that captivate and charm the listener.
  • Tom Haw: Get uplifted by the dynamic and driving beats of Tom Haw, whose approach to house music combines punchy rhythms with melodic overtones, creating tracks that are perfect for both reflective moments and dancefloor energy.
  • Poolhaus & Tristan Henry: Dive into the collaborative brilliance of Poolhaus and Tristan Henry, where electronic meets soul, resulting in tracks that are rich in texture and depth, perfect for those seeking a harmonious blend of melody and rhythm.
  • Carlo/Baloo: Explore the eclectic sounds of Carlo/Baloo, a duo known for their diverse approach to electronic music, blending elements of deep house, nu-disco, and a touch of the exotic, crafting soundscapes that are both intriguing and immersive.

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Tracklist highlights & exploration.

In Dirty Disco Episode 533, we embark on a harmonious journey through the ever-evolving world of electronic music. This episode is not just a mix but a carefully orchestrated symphony of diverse styles and sounds. We traverse the colorful landscape of house, deep house, and nu disco, each genre seamlessly flowing into the next, creating an immersive and dynamic auditory experience.

The melodic opening with Benjamin Fröhlich.

We begin our voyage with the enchanting melodies of Benjamin Fröhlich, whose tracks set the tone for the episode. His unique blend of deep house and nu disco serves as the perfect overture, introducing us to a world where rhythm and melody harmonize to create an atmosphere of euphoria and introspection.

The classic house grooves of DJ Sneak.

As we delve deeper into the mix, the timeless grooves of DJ Sneak take the spotlight. His classic house beats pay homage to the genre’s roots while injecting a dose of contemporary energy. This transition not only respects the foundations of house music but also showcases its enduring appeal and adaptability in today’s electronic music scene.

The soulful and jazzy rhythms of Intr0beatz.

Continuing our journey, Intr0beatz introduces a fresh perspective with his innovative beats. The blend of soulful and jazzy influences in his music adds a new dimension to the mix, illustrating the diversity and richness of house music. It’s a testament to the genre’s ability to evolve and incorporate various musical elements while maintaining its core essence.

A diverse musical landscape.

Throughout the episode, we navigate a diverse musical landscape. From the deep and soulful rhythms of Glenn Davis to the organic soundscapes of Tour-Maubourg, each artist contributes a distinct sound, enriching the overall tapestry of the mix. The jazz-house fusion of Cody Currie & Cor.Ece and the creative rhythms of Gene Tellem further diversify the selection, offering listeners a taste of the vast spectrum of contemporary electronic music.

The finale: A fusion of styles.

As the mix approaches its finale, we experience a fusion of styles that encapsulates the essence of Dirty Disco. The journey through various artists and genres culminates in a climactic blend of sounds, symbolizing the unity and creativity inherent in the electronic music community.

Conclusion: More than just a mix.

Dirty Disco 533 is more than just a mix; it’s a narrative told through music. It’s a journey through the heart and soul of house, deep house, and nu disco, where each track, artist, and genre plays a crucial role in crafting an unforgettable musical experience. This episode is a celebration of electronic music’s diversity, innovation, and enduring appeal, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the rhythmic pulse of modern soundscapes.

Dirty Disco tracklist 533:

  1. Benjamin Fröhlich – Dawn (Swoose Eternity Remix)
  2. Benjamin Fröhlich – As One (Extended Club Version)
  3. DJ Sneak – Love Can Make It Happen (Edit)
  4. Known Artist – El Ritmo Fatal (Club Mix)
  5. Tour-Maubourg – Destination
  6. Cody Currie/Cor.Ece – Hot Water
  7. Intr0beatz – Clare
  8. Gene Tellem – Distance
  9. Tom Haw – Movin’
  10. Intr0beatz – Illustrated Chords
  11. Glenn Davis – Space and Time
  12. A-Link – Deep Fresh Breath
  13. Benjamin Fröhlich – The Longest Night
  14. DJ Sneak – Pockets
  15. Glenn Davis – Party With Me
  16. MISIU – Doctor’s Orders
  17. Glenn Davis – Girl You Gotta (Mark Hand Remix)
  18. Tom Haw – Got To Have U
  19. Known Artist – El Ritmo Positivo (Club Mix)
  20. Poolhaus & Tristan Henry – Giving Soul (Extended Mix)
  21. Chasing Ghosts/Benjamin Fröhlich/Longhair – Ghosts
  22. Carlo/Baloo – Maracuja
  23. Intr0beatz – Those Eyes
  24. Benjamin Fröhlich – As One (Felice Remix)
  25. Known Artist – X83 (Jex Opolis Remix)
  26. Known Artist – I Need (Rosa Red Remix)
  27. Poolhaus – Scattabrain (Extended Mix)

Wrapping up Dirty Disco 533.

As we wrap up Dirty Disco 533, we reflect on the musical odyssey we’ve embarked upon. It’s more than just a playlist; it’s a celebration of the rich and evolving electronic music landscape. Stay tuned for more episodes where we continue to explore and honor this diverse musical world. Keep dancing, dreaming, and feeling the rhythm of life with Dirty Disco. Don’t forget to follow us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts for your next dose of electronic exhilaration!

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