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Dirty Disco 535: A Vibrant Fusion of Electronic Soundscapes.

Kono Vidovic January 21, 2024 96 14 5

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Welcome to Dirty Disco 535.

Welcome to another electrifying episode of Dirty Disco, the ultimate destination for electronic music enthusiasts. I’m Kono Vidovic, your host, DJ and guide, ready to take you on a two-hour journey through the latest in house, nu disco, and a rich array of electronic beats. Episode 535 is all about celebrating the diversity and creativity of the electronic music landscape, with a focus on delivering an experience that touches both heart and soul.

Featured artists & tracks in Dirty Disco 535.

  • Four Tet: Experience the ingenious fusion of organic and electronic sounds from Four Tet, a London-born prodigy who has been redefining electronic music since the late ’90s.
  • Patrick Holland: Get immersed in the intricate rhythms and emotive landscapes created by Patrick Holland, a name synonymous with deep and soulful electronic music.
  • Hidden Spheres: Dive into the deep grooves and soulful rhythms of Hidden Spheres, showcasing the essence of melodic electronic beats.

Tracklist highlights & exploration.

Episode 535 features an eclectic mix of tracks, each offering a unique glimpse into the vast world of contemporary electronic music. Highlights include the inventive and boundary-pushing sounds of Four Tet and the soul-stirring melodies of Patrick Holland.

Dirty Disco tracklist 535:

  1. Four Tet – Loved
  2. Patrick Holland – Blurry Trench
  3. Patrick Holland/Unknown Mobile – Photon
  4. Hidden Spheres – LUVR MAN
  5. Los Latidos – I Just Want U 2 Kno
  6. Los Latidos – Seeing Apparitions
  7. Fred P – Motion
  8. Demuir – Therapy PT 1 (The Dick U Need)
  9. Alexis Cabrera – All the time about the same
  10. TAUSTE – Love Worth
  11. Mans Glaeser & Basement Space – Hollywood Cole (Exploited)
  12. Route 8 – The Beloved – Sun Rising (Route 8’s Gentle Breaks Mix)
  13. Demuir – I Got A Gig (Original Mix)
  14. Joyce Muniz & Theus Mago – Balin Bali (Marvin & Guy Remix) (Exploited)
  15. Kolter – Hier lang, bitte !
  16. Alexis Cabrera – Alergias
  17. Patrick Holland/CFCF – Boot
  18. Jamie xx – It’s So Good
  19. Hidden Spheres – Get Lover (DJ Absolutely Shit Remix)
  20. Kolter – Search & Discover (Short Version)
  21. Enduro Disco – Building Up (Exploited)
  22. TAUSTE – Seen It All
  23. Ampersounds – I’m In Love With You (Club Mix)
  24. Patrick Holland – Hitherto
  25. Kolter – I Need a Fix (Short Version)
  26. Hidden Spheres – Get Lover
  27. Hidden Spheres – SO SXY
  28. James Curd – Sunday Queen (Vocal Mix)
  29. Patrick Holland – S Mobile
  30. NEAT – DYR (Exploited)
  31. Strandtuch – Highs & Lows

Wrapping up Dirty Disco 535.

As we wrap up Dirty Disco 535, we reflect on the rich tapestry of sounds and emotions we’ve experienced. This episode is more than just a playlist; it’s a gateway to the dynamic world of electronic music. Stay tuned for more episodes where we continue to explore and celebrate this diverse genre. Keep dancing, keep dreaming, and let the rhythm of life resonate with you through Dirty Disco. Don’t forget to follow us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts for your next electronic music adventure!

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