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Dirty Disco 536: Amplifying Soulful House & Deep Vibes.

Kono Vidovic January 28, 2024 115 19 5

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Welcome to Dirty Disco 536.

Embark on a discerning musical odyssey with Dirty Disco 536, the culmination of over a decade of weekly mixes and podcasting excellence. I’m Kono Vidovic, your seasoned host with over 30 years of DJing experience, having graced stages across the globe. This episode is a testament to our commitment to bringing exclusive music to Dirty Disco, featuring tracks you won’t hear anywhere else, including early promos and unique releases.

In this week’s installment, we go beyond mere mixing to offer insightful interviews with the likes of Manakinz and Ezel & Rona Ray, delving into the minds of these groundbreaking artists. Dirty Disco has evolved into a significant influencing force in the music magazine world, attracting thousands of readers and listeners each month who trust us for the latest and most compelling narratives in the electronic music scene.

This episode represents a rich tapestry of global electronic music culture. We spotlight emerging trends, reflect on the historical evolution of electronic genres, and provide listeners with a taste of upcoming talents poised to shape the future of the industry. Our listeners are more than an audience; they’re a community of discerning music lovers, engaging in a shared experience that transcends geographical boundaries. Join us on Dirty Disco 536, where each track is a piece of a larger story, and every beat is a step on a journey through the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.

Featured Artists & Tracks in Dirty Disco 536

Episode 536 of Dirty Disco is not just a compilation of tracks; it’s a curated tapestry of deep, soulful, and evocative music. Each artist brings their unique flair, contributing to a diverse and rich listening experience. Let’s dive into some of the standout artists and their contributions:

  • Ezel & Rona Ray: Their ‘Take Me Home LP’ is more than an album; it’s a narrative of sound and emotion. This LP, released under the iconic Bayacou Records, is a journey through soulful beats and captivating stories. Each track from this duo is a piece of a larger, more profound story, making the entire LP an unforgettable sonic experience. Read the exclusive track talk on Take Me Home here.
  • Jason Hodges: Known for his infectious rhythms and masterful beats, Hodges represents the true spirit of deep house music. His tracks are a blend of rhythmic prowess and melodic mastery, creating an atmosphere that’s both energizing and deeply moving.
  • Elkka/John Carroll Kirby: Their track ‘Passionfruit’ adds a unique flavor to the mix, blending innovative electronic elements with a soulful touch.
  • Lex & Dennis Liber: Their collaboration on ‘No Time For Formalities’ showcases a fusion of dynamic beats and thought-provoking melodies, adding an eclectic edge to the episode.
  • Ray Okpara, Tekes, Dorian Chaves: Their ‘Rain Re-Edit’ stands out for its seamless blend of deep and tech house elements, creating a rhythmic landscape that’s both lush and invigorating.
  • Manakinz: The track ‘Demon Friendly (Clap Mix)’ from Manakinz introduces a playful yet profound element to the mix, showcasing their unique take on electronic music and their latest Model Citizenz Maxi EP which we talked to Max Raskin about and his favorite spots in Glasgow.

Each of these artists, along with the others featured in this episode, contributes to the overarching narrative of Dirty Disco 536. Their tracks are not just music; they are stories told through rhythm and melody, inviting the listener into a world of deep reflection and unbridled joy.

Dirty Disco Tracklist 536:

  1. Tell – Because I Love You
  2. Manakinz – Awrite
  3. Yonatan Rukhman – They Get It (Original Mix)
  4. Mirco B & Tony Deledda – I Wanna Change (ZaVen Dub version)
  5. Justnique – I’ve Asked Myself
  6. Lex – Without You
  7. Flashmob – Apocalypto (Original Mix)
  8. George FitzGerald – Gleams
  9. Justnique – Another Party Girl
  10. Ezel & Rona Ray – Nothing is What It Seems
  11. O’Flynn/Ahmed Fakroun – Soleil
  12. Ezel & Rona Ray – If I Am Being Real
  13. DJ Psychiatre – Faux Départ
  14. Heiko Voss – Talking man (Ada Mix)
  15. Casino Times – We Are One
  16. Derek Russo – Special Occasion
  17. Justnique – That Fever
  18. Mulholland/Tianna – Devil’s Ivy
  19. Manakinz – Demon Friendly (Clap Mix)
  20. Lex – Strip Town
  21. Ray Okpara, Tekes, Dorian Chaves – Rain Re-Edit
  22. Elkka/John Carroll Kirby – Passionfruit
  23. Lex & Dennis Liber – No Time For Formalities
  24. Ezel & Rona Ray – Somewhere (Intro)
  25. Jason Hodges & Joey Coco feat. Emerson Alexander – Valentino (JC’s Vocal Mix)

Wrapping up Dirty Disco 536.

As we draw the curtain on Dirty Disco 536, it’s time to look back on the rich tapestry we’ve traversed in the realms of soulful and deep house music. This episode stands as a vivid illustration of our journey, far surpassing the confines of a mere playlist. It’s been an auditory expedition, a vibrant celebration of the essence and soul that pulsates at the heart of electronic music. Our exploration of this diverse and dynamic genre is an ongoing narrative, one that we are excited to continue sharing with you in upcoming episodes.

I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you, our dedicated listeners, for joining us on this journey. Your enthusiasm and support fuel our passion and drive our quest to unearth the most captivating sounds in the electronic music universe. As we part ways, I encourage you to keep the rhythm of life resonating through Dirty Disco’s beats.

Don’t miss out on future episodes that promise to further enrich your musical landscape. Follow us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts to stay updated with the latest in electronic music. Your next auditory adventure awaits, and we’re excited to be the soundtrack to your exploration. Thank you for tuning in, and until next time, keep the spirit of Dirty Disco alive in your hearts and playlists.

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