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Dirty Disco 539: Urban Pulse & Electronic Beats in The Ultimate Hosted Music Journey!

Kono Vidovic February 23, 2024 108 10 5

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In the latest episode of Dirty Disco, host Kono Vidovic takes you on a sonic journey through the bustling streets and neon-lit nights of the urban landscape. Fresh off the studio, episode 539 is a meticulously crafted mix of urban grooves and electronic journeys, capturing the essence of city life and its dynamic soundtrack. With years of experience and an undying passion for electronic music, I’m thrilled to present a selection that epitomizes the rhythm of the city and the innovative spirit of electronic beats.

Welcome to Dirty Disco 539:

Dirty Disco has solidified its place as a go-to destination for electronic music lovers, known for its insightful commentary, exclusive tracks, and in-depth stories behind the music. This episode continues that tradition, showcasing a spectrum of sounds from the deep, emotive beats of Nebraska to the uplifting, electronic symphonies of Ascension and beyond.

This episode isn’t just another mix; it’s a voyage into the heart of electronic music’s evolution. Together, let’s embark on this exploration, discovering tracks poised to become new favorites and rekindling our love for the timeless anthems that feel like home.

Featured Artists & Tracks in Dirty Disco 539:

This episode of Dirty Disco proudly features a lineup that encapsulates the diversity and richness of electronic music. Here are a few highlights of this weeks episode that we also incorporated on the website with new reviews, and interviews.

Nebraska - Senza Parole including Track Talk

Nebraska: Dive into the masterful soundscapes of Nebraska with “Senza Parole”, showcasing his knack for blending storytelling with deep, resonant beats. This track is a journey through the layers of electronic music’s past and future, highlighting Nebraska’s innovative approach to sound. Read the full interview here.

Ascension Bringing Humanity Home EP cover art and review

Ascension: Experience the uplifting energy of Ascension’s “Bringing Humanity Home EP”, a collection that bridges emotional depth with electronic brilliance. It’s a testament to Ascension’s ability to craft tracks that resonate on a universal level, inviting listeners to find a piece of themselves within the music. Read the full review here.

Orlando Voorn - Essence of House Part 2

Orlando Voorn: Get lost in the groundbreaking beats of Orlando Voorn, whose latest releases continue to push the boundaries of electronic music. His unique blend of genres creates a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh, proving that true artistry lies in evolution.

Slowaxx Emoyeni (Shapes and Interfusions)

Slowaxx: Explore the intricate soundscapes of Slowaxx, an artist who paints with sound to create electronic masterpieces. “Shapes Interfusion” is a journey into the heart of what makes electronic music so captivating, highlighting Slowaxx’s ability to weave complex rhythms and melodies into a cohesive whole. Read the full story here.

Dirty Disco Tracklist 539:

The tracklist for episode 539 is a vibrant mix of urban rhythms and electronic innovation, reflecting the diversity of the city and the boundless creativity of electronic music.

  1. Pegasvs feat. MA.MOYO – (No) Peace
  2. Milan93 – Teddy’s Dream (Bonus Track)
  3. Slowaxx – Femmes
  4. Ascension – Sensual
  5. Mambele – Le Répondeur
  6. Slowaxx – No Secret
  7. Forbidden Fruit – What To Do
  8. Milan93 – Nelson’s String
  9. Pegasvs – Traffic Jam
  10. Diogo Strausz – Why Can’t We Be Together
  11. Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime (CV’s Raw Cut Remix)
  12. Billy Palmier – Atlantic Rollers
  13. Banku – Club
  14. Orlando Voorn – Freedom
  15. 8 Bit Society – Escape
  16. Aemone – Rain Dollaz
  17. Krewcial – DaYouth
  18. Slowaxx – Pantere Rosee
  19. Nebraska – Senza Parole
  20. Ascension – Bringing Humanity Home
  21. Toolate Groove – Away 4 A While
  22. Steve End – Miracle
  23. Ascension – Bringing Humanity Home (M.R.E. Remix)
  24. Danvers – YOU&ME (Juliet Mendoza Remix)
  25. Pawas & Sitara & Non Solo – Take Control (Johannes Klingebiel Remix)
  26. Diogo Strausz – Dança (JKriv Remix)
  27. Milan93 – Georgie Gets Jazzy
  28. Orlando Voorn – The Calling
  29. Slowaxx – Emoyeni

Wrapping up Dirty Disco 539:

As we close this episode, we reflect on the journey we’ve embarked on together, navigating through the urban landscapes and the myriad sounds that define them. Dirty Disco 539 is a homage to the vibrancy of city life and the transformative power of electronic music.

Thank you for joining me on this urban exploration, where each track offers a new perspective and every beat a story. Your passion for music fuels Dirty Disco, making it a space for discovery, inspiration, and connection.

Stay engaged with future episodes by following us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Delve deeper into our musical explorations at, where the journey through sound never ends.

Until our next adventure, keep the spirit of Dirty Disco alive with every play, pause, and rewind. Here’s to more musical explorations, more beats that unite us, and the endless dance of life.

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