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Dirty Disco 541: Navigating the Pulse of Electronic Beats.

Kono Vidovic March 7, 2024 89 11 5

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Welcome back to Dirty Disco, the weekly electronic music voyage helmed by me, Kono Vidovic. This week’s episode, 541, promises an invigorating selection of beats that span the globe, from the energetic grooves of house to the deep, soulful vibes of nu disco and beyond. Dirty Disco 541 is crafted to not just entertain but to unite and inspire listeners through the transformative power of electronic music. Join us as we explore a world of sound, where every beat is a step on a journey to musical enlightenment.

Featured Artists & Tracks in Dirty Disco 541:

This episode’s lineup is a testament to the diverse and dynamic nature of the electronic music scene. Featuring artists like Max Essa, Dena Amy, and Bertie, we delve into tracks that range from atmospheric deep house to vibrant nu disco, showcasing the creativity and innovation that fuel this ever-evolving genre. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout tracks and artists featured in this week’s episode:

  • Max Essa & Eddie C – We Live In The Hills: Kicking off with a serene and introspective vibe, this track sets the tone for our journey, blending lush soundscapes with a laid-back groove. We also did an exclusive publication with Max as he showed us around in his hometown Tokyo in this city guide.
  • Dena Amy – Run (Extended Mix): Uplifting and energetic, Dena Amy’s extended mix of “Run” captivates with its deep basslines and emotive vocals, showcasing the power of vocal house music.
  • Bertie – Body: A foray into the more rhythmic and danceable aspects of electronic music, Bertie’s “Body” combines catchy beats with infectious melodies, perfect for getting listeners moving.

Additional Highlights:

  • Apparel Wax – MINI003A: Dive into the mystery and anonymity of Apparel Wax with MINI003A, a track that exemplifies the enigmatic allure of underground electronic music.
  • Tom Trago – All Right & Take a Chance: Explore the depths of electronic diversity with Tom Trago‘s contributions, offering a blend of soulful melodies and compelling rhythms that speak to the genre’s broad appeal.
  • Lawrence – The Swamp & House Violence – Eusthenopteron: These tracks introduce a darker, more contemplative side of electronic music, inviting listeners to explore the complex emotions and textures within the genre.

Dirty Disco Full Tracklist 541:

Embark on a curated exploration of electronic music with the full tracklist from Episode 541. Each track has been carefully selected to represent the spectrum of sounds within the electronic genre, from deep house to nu disco and everything in between.

  1. Max Essa & Eddie C – We Live In The Hills
  2. Max Essa & Eddie C – Melon Steppin
  3. Dena Amy – Run (Extended Mix)
  4. Max Essa & Eddie C – Sixth Bridge
  5. Max Essa & Eddie C – Save Me
  6. Bertie – Body
  7. Apparel Wax – MINI003A
  8. Tom Trago – All Right
  9. Tom Trago – Take a Chance
  10. Tom Trago – Hotballs FM
  11. Bertie – Motion
  12. Lawrence – The Swamp
  13. House Violence – Eusthenopteron
  14. House Violence – Lucy Time
  15. Angie Stone – Wish I Didn’t Miss You (Sgt Slick’s Discotizer ReCut)
  16. Bertie – Carabiner
  17. Fort Romeau – A Thousand Times At Night
  18. Luca Olivotto – Questions
  19. Bress Underground – Latimore
  20. Horsemen – Virtual Reality
  21. House Violence – Tats
  22. Reagan Grey – At Any Moment
  23. Hurlee – Take Me
  24. Bexxie – So Good (Extended Mix)
  25. Munky Fike – Cold Period
  26. Harrison BDP – Far Away (Alex Neri Remix)
  27. Paul Rudder – Lonely One

Closing up Dirty Disco 541:

As we wrap up this week’s episode, it’s clear that Dirty Disco 541 has taken us on a global journey through the heart of electronic music. This episode is a celebration of the beats that connect us, the artists who inspire us, and the global culture that electronic music embodies.

Thank you for joining me, Kono Vidovic, on this adventure. Your passion for music fuels Dirty Disco, making it a cornerstone for discovery and appreciation in the electronic music community. Let’s continue this journey together, celebrating the beats that unite us across borders and through the rhythms of life.

Stay connected for future episodes by following us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Dive deeper into the world of Dirty Disco on our website, where the journey through sound is infinite.

Until our next adventure, keep the spirit of Dirty Disco alive in your heart, and let the music lead you to new discoveries. Here’s to the endless dance of life and the unifying power of beats.

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