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Dirty Disco 542: Riding the Euphoric Waves of Electronic Music

Kono Vidovic March 14, 2024 73 12 5

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Welcome back to Dirty Disco, your weekly escape into the world of electronic music with me, Kono Vidovic. In episode 542, we’re embarking on a euphoric journey across the soulful terrains of house, the deep rhythms of deep house, and the vibrant energy of nu-disco. This week’s mix is designed not just to entertain but to uplift and connect our global community through the universal language of music. Let’s dive into the soundscape of the electronic music world, where every beat is an invitation to explore and every melody a call to unite.

Featured Artists & Tracks in Dirty Disco 542:

This episode showcases a rich diversity within the electronic music scene, featuring talented artists like Antonin, Ray Monsieur, and Makèz. We explore tracks that encapsulate the essence of electronic music’s dynamic nature. Here are some highlights from this week’s selection:

  • Antonin – ‘Antonino’ (Kraak & Smaak Remix): Kickstarting our journey with sun-soaked melodies that promise a voyage into the heart of nu-disco. Read the interview with Antonin.
  • Ray Monsieur – ‘Forget’: Delving into the emotional depths of deep house, this track showcases the soulful side of electronic music. Read the full interview with Ray Monsieur.
  • Makèz – ‘Running from the Noise’ feat. Life on Planets: A vibrant collaboration that blends infectious beats with compelling lyrics, capturing the spirit of contemporary electronic music.

Additional Highlights:

  • G-Prod – ‘Moonlight’: A journey through ambient soundscapes and deep electronic rhythms, illustrating the genre’s capacity for introspection and euphoria.
  • Petals In Sound – After her Caipirinha EP release ‘Rhode To Nowhere’: An exploration of melodic deep house, with lush textures that evoke a sense of wanderlust and adventure.
  • Double B – ‘Silves Bound’: A track that merges classic house elements with modern sensibilities, perfect for the dance floor or a reflective moment alone.

Dirty Disco Full Tracklist 542:

Experience the full spectrum of electronic music with the complete tracklist from Episode 542. Each selection is meticulously chosen to showcase the breadth and depth of the genre, from the heart of house to the edges of electronic exploration:

  1. Billy Lo – Flavors
  2. NORTH SATELLITE – The Stars Are Ours
  3. Antonin – Antonino (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
  4. Stelka, Embadesoul – Pulse on the Finger (Original Mix)
  5. Next Generation – Bad for me (Manny Deep dub mix)
  6. Stelka, Oshkalish – Tremor (Original Mix)
  7. Makèz – Closer feat. AVA LAVÁ
  8. Max Sinàl – Waiting Ft Bianca Nieddu
  9. Drivetrain – The Moonlight
  10. Ray Monsieur – Forget
  11. G-Prod – Moonlight
  12. Petals In Sound – Rhode To Nowhere
  13. Cor.ece & Bad Colours – Say Yea
  14. Makèz – Running from the Noise feat. Life on Planets
  15. Billy Lo – Chill @ 2
  16. Billy Lo – Let Ur Body Werk
  17. Petals In Sound – Furusato
  18. Double B – Silves Bound
  19. Next Generation – Bad for me (Eddie Fowlkes Dub remix)
  20. Ray Monsieur – My Love
  21. Makèz – Gratitude
  22. Petals In Sound – Lido
  23. Petals In Sound – Rhode to Nowhere (Carlo Remix)
  24. Makèz – Midnight Time feat. AVA LAVÁ & Joey Hotwax
  25. Dombresky & Makinn – In My Room ft. SHELLS (VIP Extended Mix)
  26. Grace Bones – Not Necessary (Extended Mix)
  27. Ben Silver – I Feel Alright (Original Mix)

Closing up Dirty Disco 542:

Dirty Disco 542 has been a voyage through the euphoric waves of electronic music, celebrating the artists and tracks that bring us together and inspire our collective journey. This episode stands as a testament to the power of music to uplift, unite, and transcend boundaries.

Thank you for joining me, Kono Vidovic, on this journey. Your love for music is the heartbeat of Dirty Disco, making it more than just a podcast but a global community of electronic music enthusiasts. Let’s continue to explore, connect, and dance together, sharing the joy and unity that music brings into our lives.

Stay in the loop with upcoming episodes by following us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. For more insights and explorations into the world of electronic music, visit the page with the latest podcast episodes, where the beat goes on endlessly.

Until next time, keep the essence of Dirty Disco close to your soul, and let the rhythms guide you towards new horizons. Here’s to the endless adventure of life and the magical moments music creates among us all.

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