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Dirty Disco 543: Harmonic Resonance in Electronic Landscapes.

Kono Vidovic March 22, 2024 54 7 5

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Welcome back to Dirty Disco, your weekly portal into the vibrant world of electronic music, with me, Kono Vidovic, as your guide. This week, in episode 543, we set sail on a harmonious voyage through the eclectic terrains of house, the immersive depths of deep house, and the luminous shores of nu-disco. Our journey is crafted to not only entertain but to uplift and connect our global community through the power of music. Together, let’s explore the rich soundscapes of the electronic music universe, where each rhythm invites discovery and every melody calls for unity.

Featured Artists & Tracks in Dirty Disco 543:

In this episode of Dirty Disco, we’re highlighting a selection of artists who bring depth, diversity, and innovation to the electronic music scene. Each track selected for episode 543 is not just a piece of music; it’s a story, an exploration, and a celebration of the vast landscapes of electronic sound. Let’s dive into the world of John Parm, A.B. Habibi, Four Tet, Sweatson Klank, Rafa Santos, Moonee, DJ Sneak, and raydadeepeR.

  • John Parm takes us on a journey that blends his rich musical heritage with contemporary electronic vibes. His work is a bold declaration of the transformative power of music, merging the beats of the Belgian electronic scene with his unique flavor. Read the full story here.
  • A.B. Habibi’s ‘Mother Africa’ is more than just a track; it’s a homage to roots and wings. Born from the heart of Tunisia and sculpted in the vibrant scene of Edinburgh, this piece embodies a seamless blend of cultural influences, inviting listeners on a voyage across continents. Read the track talk here.
  • Four Tet‘s contributions, known for their intricate layering and sonic exploration, showcase the boundless possibilities within electronic music. Tracks like ‘So Blue’ and ‘Three Drums’ offer a glimpse into the mind of a producer who sees music as an endless canvas for creativity.
  • Sweatson Klank brings a narrative-rich approach to electronic music, where every beat and melody has a purpose. His tracks, ‘To Girl, With Love’ and ‘Summer Chronicles’, encapsulate moments, memories, and the fleeting nature of time, all wrapped in lush soundscapes.
  • Rafa Santos stands out with his smooth, deep house rhythms that invite introspection and connection. His music, including ‘Smooth Jazz’ and ‘Where Is The Clubbing? (Franck Roger remix)’, blends the lines between the listener and the dance floor, creating a space where every beat matters.
  • Moonee’s ‘Abondance’ and ‘Balagne’ are radiant examples of nu-disco’s power to evoke joy and movement. His music is a reminder of the genre’s ability to bring light and energy into our lives, encouraging us to find happiness on the dance floor.
  • DJ Sneak’s tracks ‘Soft & Ruff’ and ‘Let it go’ are a masterclass in house music, echoing the roots of the genre while pushing towards new horizons. His music is a celebration of rhythm, life, and the unyielding spirit of the dance floor.
  • raydadeepeR’s ‘Ngiwe (Original Mix)’ delves into the depths of house music, offering a rich, emotive landscape that resonates with the soul. It’s a track that speaks to the heart of what it means to connect through music, crossing boundaries and bringing listeners together.

Episode 543 of Dirty Disco is a curated experience designed to showcase the depth and diversity within electronic music. Each artist and track brings something unique to the table, contributing to a broader narrative of innovation, exploration, and connection. Join us as we celebrate the stories, the beats, and the journeys of these talented artists, weaving together a tapestry of sounds that resonate with listeners around the globe.

Dirty Disco Full Tracklist 543:

Immerse yourself in the full spectrum of electronic music with Episode 543’s complete tracklist. Each track is chosen to reflect the genre’s rich diversity, from the core of house to the innovative edges of electronic exploration. Highlights include:

  1. Pugilist – Premonitions
  2. Four Tet – So Blue
  3. Four Tet – Loved
  4. Pugilist – Alignment
  5. Sweatson Klank – To Girl, With Love
  6. Sweatson Klank – Summer Chronicles
  7. Pugilist – Creme
  8. Four Tet – Three Drums
  9. Cecile – Sweetness 86
  10. Forbidden Fruit – What To Do
  11. In Flagranti – In the Silver White Box
  12. Toolate Groove – Away 4 A While
  13. A.B.HABIBI – Mother Africa
  14. raydadeepeR – Ngiwe (Original Mix)
  15. Billy Palmier – Atlantic Rollers
  16. Boiler Roux – Phoreva
  17. youANDme – PPPPP (Ian Pooley’s Deep Dub)
  18. Mercury – Sweetness
  19. Rafa Santos – Smooth Jazz
  20. Ede/Deckert/Sargland – Immer (Aaaron Remix)
  21. Rafa Santos – Where Is The Clubbing? (Franck Roger remix)
  22. Moonee – Abondance
  23. Moonee – Balagne
  24. DJ Dogg – Gravity Pressure Field (Frank’s Bone-afide Basement Mixx)
  25. Rafa Santos – Don´t Fool Me
  26. Filip Grönlund – Hold Me Like You Do (Original Mix)
  27. ToolBox – Do What I Do
  28. DJ Sneak – Soft & Ruff
  29. DJ Sneak – Let it go
  30. FAIDE/Fort Romeau – Every Day Apart (Fort Romeau Remix)
  31. Caius – Devotion
  32. Caius – This Little Love

Closing up Dirty Disco 543:

Episode 543 has been a journey through the harmonious resonance of electronic music, celebrating the diversity, innovation, and unity of the global music community. This episode is a testament to music’s power to uplift, unite, and transcend.

Thank you for joining me on this sonic adventure. Your passion for music fuels Dirty Disco, transforming it from a podcast into a worldwide community of electronic music lovers. Let’s continue to explore, connect, and dance together, sharing the joy and unity that music brings to our lives.

Stay updated with upcoming episodes by following us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Dive deeper into the electronic music scene on our website, where the rhythm never stops.

Until we meet again, hold the essence of Dirty Disco close to your heart, and let the beats guide you to new adventures. Cheers to the unending journey of life and the magical moments we share through music.

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