Dirty Disco 544: Navigating the Electrifying Currents of Electronic Music

Kono Vidovic March 28, 2024 67 7 5

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Welcome back to Dirty Disco, the weekly beacon for all things electronic, hosted by me, Kono Vidovic. This week, episode 544 unfolds as a riveting expedition across the electronic spectrum. From the foundational pulses of house to the radiant waves of nu-disco and into the pioneering sounds shaping the future of the genre, we embark on a mission to entertain, enlighten, and unite a global audience through the universal language of music. Together, let’s traverse the rich and diverse soundscapes of electronic music, where each beat is a step into a world of discovery and every harmony calls for collective celebration.

Featured Artists & Tracks in Dirty Disco 544:

This episode of Dirty Disco shines a spotlight on a select group of artists who are defining the essence and boundaries of electronic music today. Their contributions to episode 544 stand as milestones in a journey of musical innovation and exploration:

  • Crackazat takes us through a dynamic showcase of his talent with tracks like ‘Memory’, blending the intricate harmonies of jazz with the relentless pulse of house music.
  • Romare offers a deep dive into the textures of electronic sound with ‘Rising Sun’, weaving together a tapestry of cultural narratives and sonic landscapes.
  • Templé and his track ‘B3 The Tetrah’ lead us on a cosmic voyage, marrying the legacy of disco with the endless possibilities of techno. Read the interview about his Who You Are EP here.
  • Nonna Fab with ‘Party People’ serves as a vibrant reminder of electronic music’s power to evoke joy and unite dance floors across the globe.

Each artist and track featured in episode 544 contributes to the overarching narrative of Dirty Disco: a narrative that champions diversity, innovation, and the timeless appeal of electronic music. Join us as we celebrate these stories, beats, and journeys, piecing together a global mosaic of sound that resonates with listeners everywhere.

Dirty Disco Full Tracklist 544:

Dive into the full breadth of electronic music with Episode 544’s complete tracklist, reflecting the genre’s rich diversity and cutting-edge exploration. Highlights include:

  1. Crackazat – Memory
  2. Crackazat – After Party
  3. Romare – Rising Sun
  4. Romare – Dagger In The Mind
  5. Frank & Tony – Nobody Present Ever Stood So Still
  6. Frank & Tony/Lawrence – Too Poor for Movies, Too Tired for Love
  7. Templé – B3 The Tetrah
  8. LGF 014 Mosaik Kollektif – Twisted City M16 Bit
  9. Nonna Fab – Party People
  10. Soul Clap/Choosy Lover/Saucy Lady/Greg Paulus – Keep Reaching
  11. Larry Houl/Cosmique Monique – Nature Energy
  12. Mosaik Kollektif – Keep (De Gamma Re – Drums)
  13. Quadrakey – Head Over Heels
  14. Quadrakey – 2 Ways Out
  15. Larry Houl/Majuscule/Sae – Into The Void
  16. Mosaik Kollektif – Searching (Unreleased Dub)
  17. KID MARK – Jammin’
  18. Soul Clap/Life On Planets – Extravaganza
  19. Quadrakey – Yeah (Luca Olivotto Remix)
  20. Benjamin Fröhlich – A Few Steps (Earth Boys Remix)
  21. KID MARK – I Got That
  22. A1 Mosaik – You Make Me
  23. DJ Steaw – Close To U
  24. Javonntte – Look Deep Inside
  25. Tommaso Pizzelli – 60hz
  26. Javonntte – Let’s Just
  27. Tommaso Pizzelli – Get Deep

Each selection is curated to showcase the dynamic range of electronic music, from deep house’s introspective beats to nu-disco’s uplifting rhythms, affirming Dirty Disco’s commitment to exploring the full spectrum of the genre.

Closing up Dirty Disco 544:

Episode 544 stands as a testament to the enduring power and evolving nature of electronic music. It’s a celebration of the art form’s ability to bridge gaps, ignite joy, and foster a sense of global community. Thank you for joining me, Kono Vidovic, on this unforgettable journey through the sounds that define our times. Your enthusiasm for electronic music is the heartbeat of Dirty Disco, transforming it from a mere podcast into a thriving, worldwide collective.

Continue to journey with us by staying connected on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. For a deeper dive into the electronic music scene, share our website, where the rhythm never ends, and the exploration continues.

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Immerse yourself into a world where vibrant beats sync with the heart of nature at the Wild Wood Disco festival, an event celebrated for its enchanting forest setting and an unforgettable lineup of electronic music talent for example DJ Kitty which I had the pleasure to talk to. As the festival approaches, we want to give our dedicated Dirty Disco listeners something special to look forward to.

Win Tickets with Dirty Disco.

Stay tuned for future episodes as we edge closer to the Wild Wood Disco festival dates. Not only will we be providing the latest tracks and mixes to get you in the festival mood, but you’ll also have the chance to win tickets! That’s right, this is your opportunity to be part of the magic at no cost.

Make sure you’re following us on our audio platforms and keep an ear out during each episode for details on how you can enter the ticket giveaway. The rhythm of the woods awaits you. Let’s dive into the adventure together, where the exploration of electronic music never ends!

Until next time, keep the essence of Dirty Disco close to your soul, and let the music lead you to uncharted territories. Here’s to the endless adventure of life and the transformative moments we share through the universal language of music.

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