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Dirty Disco 547: Rhythmic Revelations & Sonic Synergies – A Journey Through House and Nu Disco.

Kono Vidovic April 19, 2024 119 7 5

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Hello, music enthusiasts and rhythm seekers! Welcome to another episode of Dirty Disco, the ultimate destination for your electronic music cravings, hosted by myself, Kono Vidovic. In episode 547, we embark on a vibrant journey that navigates through the energetic pulses of house, the deep vibrations of deep house, and the playful beats of nu disco. Together, we will explore a universe of sounds, where each track is a celebration of the diversity and creativity of electronic music. Let’s dive into a playlist that’s not only entertaining but also inspiring, connecting us through the universal language of music.

Featured Artists & Tracks in Dirty Disco 547:

This week, we spotlight a selection of artists who bring freshness and dynamic energy to the electronic music scene:

  • 79.5 sets the mood with their track ‘B.D.F.Q.’ remixed by FSQ, a perfect example of how classic vibes can be transformed into modern anthems.
  • Nickelson follows up with ‘Slunksgiving’ and ‘Children Of Saturn,’ showcasing his ability to weave deep, soulful melodies into the fabric of nu disco.
  • Loz Goddard impresses with ‘Lullaby 2.0’ and ‘Sakura,’ tracks that blend soothing melodies with rhythmic beats, crafting soundscapes that are both relaxing and invigorating.
  • Fouk is known for their knack in crafting tracks that fuse funky beats with a smooth, laid-back style. Tracks like ‘Tapioca’ and ‘Coffee’ from this episode are quintessential Fouk, offering a deliciously groovy and effortlessly cool sound that enhances any playlist.
  • Doche has made significant waves recently, not just with his music but through a compelling interview where he shared insights into his creative process. His tracks ‘Dance’ featuring Carla Sceno and ‘Hit The Tracks’ featuring Sansy highlight his ability to create vibrant, club-ready beats that are both catchy and deeply emotional.
  • Hudson’s Choice brings a unique blend of deep and tech house to the fore. In a recent interview, they delved into the creative vision behind ‘Heavily Percussed,’ a track that embodies their distinctive style of intricate rhythms and deep, pulsing grooves that resonate well beyond the dance floor.

These artists exemplify the innovative spirit of Dirty Disco, each bringing their unique flavor to create a rich tapestry of sounds that not only define the edges of electronic music but also resonate deeply with our community. Their contributions ensure that each episode of Dirty Disco is not just a listening experience but a journey through the evolving landscape of electronic music.

Dirty Disco Full Tracklist 547:

Immerse yourself in the essence of electronic music with the complete tracklist for Episode 547, celebrating the innovative and the traditional in the genre:

  1. 9.5 – B.D.F.Q. (FSQ Remix)
  2. Nickelson – Slunksgiving
  3. Nickelson – Children Of Saturn
  4. Loz Goddard – Lullaby 2.0
  5. Kasper Koman – Loco Motif (Alex O’Rion Remix)
  6. Hudson’s Choice & Franc Spangler – Heavily Percussed [m]
  7. Alvaro Hylander – Conditional State (Original Mix)
  8. Doche ft. Carla Sceno – Dance (Extended)
  9. Loz Goddard – Sakura
  10. Lavan – Heard U Was A Freak
  11. Doche ft. Sansy – Hit The Tracks (Extended)
  12. Sgt Slick – White Treble Black Bass (Slick’s Discotizer ReCut Extended Mix)
  13. Sair Bashir – Dance Floor
  14. Kano – I’m Ready (Mousse T’s Special Edit)
  15. Doche ft. Kria McKenzie – This Feeling (Birdee Remix)
  16. 79.5 – Our Hearts Didn’t Go That Way (JKriv Remix)
  17. Peter Brown – Wanna Be In Love (Original Mix)
  18. Fouk – Tapioca
  19. Fouk – Coffee
  20. Lavan – Gwan Nasty
  21. Lavan – Tremendous
  22. A1 – Ici C’est Les Vacances (Jamaimoi Edit)
  23. Fouk – Abalone

Wrapping up Dirty Disco 547:

As we conclude episode 547, we don’t just celebrate the beats that have filled the past hours, but we cherish the connections these rhythms foster among us all. I’m Kono Vidovic, and it’s been a real pleasure to navigate you through this rich landscape where each track entertains and enlightens, enriching our collective musical journey.

Keep the conversation going by joining us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Dive deeper into the heart of the electronic music community through our website, where the rhythm never stops, and each discovery leads to more awe and wonder.

As we part ways today, carry the spirit of Dirty Disco with you. Let the diverse sounds you’ve encountered inspire you to explore, experience, and embrace the joys that music can bring into our lives. Remember, each beat isn’t just a noteβ€”it’s a call to unite under the universal groove that moves us.

Look forward to the magic that awaits in our next episode, where we will continue to break boundaries and build bridges with every track. Until then, let the essence of Dirty Disco resonate within you, igniting curiosity and guiding you towards the next beat of your heart’s adventure.

Here’s to the rhythms that guide us and the melodies that unite us. Until we meet again, keep dancing, keep dreaming, and keep discovering.

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